movie: into the fire


“Thank you for these three years!”

Thank you so much to starjem​ ​for uploading the video (in HD!!) and giving me permission to make gifs!  ♡( ◡‿◡ )
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Eddie and Richie’s relationship confuses the absolute hell out of everyone who sees them because they can go from sickeningly adorable and affectionate to ‘I will kill you and everyone you love’ in about .06 seconds and with no apparent warning to an outside observer.

From their own perspective it only makes slightly more sense - they’ll be making out and complimenting each other and kissing one another’s freckles but then Richie’s hair will fall forward and tickle Eddie and he’ll squirm and accidentally knee Richie in the stomach, and then Richie starts tickling him more for revenge and then Eddie all but kicks him ass over tea kettle off the couch and grabs a pillow screaming “It’s a war now, motherfucker!” 


Asking Alexandria Release New Single with Danny Worsnop


Hey guys !

The FX short i’ve been working out with Jade, Louis, Simon and Léa is finally online !