movie: into the fire

Okay but can you imagine fourth year Harry just feeling these sharp pangs of jealousy in his chest whenever he sees Cho and Cedric near each other, because he knows something’s up. So naturally he figures, ‘I must have a crush on Cho.’ He decides to risk it and asks her to the Yule Ball. When she says no, he’s surprised to find that it doesn’t bother her that much, but then she mentions that someone already asked her. His stomach clenches for some bizarre reason, and he asks who. “Cedric,” she says, and there’s that jealously again. Must be a delayed reaction, right? Of course. He pushes the feeling aside and resignedly asks Parvati to the Ball. She’s beautiful, but he can’t seem to stay focused. His eyes keep sliding over to the nearby pair of Cho and Cedric. Cho is pretty too, but he hardly registers this. He keeps glancing at Cedric, with his wavy brown hair and carefree grin. Harry knew already that Cedric was more muscular than a typical Seeker, but it inexplicably struck him then that the older boy, with his perfectly smooth dress robes and confident posture and that damn /smile/, looked like someone out of a Muggle fairy tale- a prince or a knight. He doesn’t understand what makes him think this any better than he understands the butterflies in his stomach. 'Must be Cho,’ he thought again. 'I’m jealous of Cedric. I wish I looked like him.’ But it didn’t feel quite right. He tries not to think about it. A few days later, he’s crossing the bridge with Ron and Hermione when again they cross paths with Cedric. This time, Cho is nowhere to be seen. Harry doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand the pressure in his chest or the way he flushes automatically or the way his eyes automatically flick toward the Hufflepuff’s lips. Cedric leans in close. Too close, Merlin, too close. Harry can feel the faintest wisp of Cedric’s breath on his cheek, and Harry doesn’t understand this crazy urge to lurch forward and do… something. And then, with that godforsaken grin on his face- this time, just for Harry- Cedric says quietly, “You know the Prefect’s bathroom on the third floor? Not a bad place for a bath.” And suddenly, Harry understands perfectly.

Mariane, of my heart,
How it beats for you still
Beyond each shattered part,
Yet it beats for you still.
At the dawn,
Wrongs we suffered,
Inflicted at will.
They were written on seams
Of a heart that still beams,
How it beams for you, Mariane,
Still. Do not mourn, Mariane,
for a love that has passed
Or the world born before we began
For the walls they have built
To hold secrets won’t last.
They’ll not silence our voice, Mariane.
And in each shattered part of a broken man’s soul,
There’s a shard, holding hope unfulfilled.
Seize it now, Liberty!
It will guide our way home.
Through the night’s darkest sky, light will spill.
Seize it now. Smash the chain.
Find the pride, past the shame.
Take my hand, speak my name.
Tear down wall after wall.
Split the sky, feel the rain…
Heed my cry, hear my call.
Rise again, Mariane,
I will fight for you still.
Rise again.
I will fight for you still.
Rise again.
—  X Company: Into The Fire