movie: holes

Heh heh heh, let me just sliiiiide this your way qwq)/)

Basic info in the pic above…

But… Meh..

So far, in this au, they’re aliiive and accompanied with their partner, Chara (Patches), trying to find a simple way to save Asriel (Azzie)

Hshshkklkms uhhh

Why they fell: They had been trying to commit suicide

How many routes: since they’re with “Patches,” this should be their seventh time in the underground, by now

Mercy or Genocide: they started genocide, not that long ago, but, they’re a passifist by heart

Cinnamon or BScotch: BScotch

They don’t self harm, the cuts are from Flowey… (//cough cough// even if they tried to commit, they wouldn’t do it that way

Why they tried to commit?: “it’s personal”

They’re guud buds w/ everyone in the underground.

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