movie: high school musical 2

Stick to the status quo in the Great Hall of Hogwarts

A gryffindor who would rather bake than play quidditch

A Ravenclaw who would rather dance than study

A Hufflepuff who would rather play classical music than chill by the kitchen

And finally, Draco Malfoy being very angry because THIS IS NOT WHAT HE WANTS

so I was looking at promo photos for HSM 3 for research reasons

lovely picture, right? I remember seeing this on advertisements.

now look at Chad … 

what a lovely pose for a lovely character. he was a great friend to troy. but wait … 



look, I understand that hands can be a lot paler than the face, what with the more exposure to the sun that the face gets in comparison to the hands. 

but i’m pretty sure the discrepancy is not THAT glaring.

how did I not notice as a kid?
and who did they photoshop corbin bleu’s face onto?

someone explain this to me - how has no one caught this?

Ryan & Chad: Basically give a handjob to a baseball bat together before singing a song that includes the line “I’ll show you how I swing” & involves a lot of bending over before ultimately switching entire outfits with each other between scenes.
Disney: Just sports-loving bros swapping clothes.

Steve Rogers: Entire multi-film personal story arc motivated by his love for and devotion to Bucky.
Disney: Just dudes being pals.

Baze Malbus: Recites what are essentially Jedi wedding vows to the dying Chirrut Imwe before doing a suicide run at the Stormtroopers.
Disney: Just guys being dudes.

live-action!LeFou: Sings the exact same ‘Gaston’ song that was in the animated original, & ultimately has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of dancing with another man.
Disney: We are so proud to have our first openly gay character!


[my favorite movies] 2/∞