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I was the dirty talk Eddie an in, and a request of you don't mine. Thank you :)

Okay! Don’t feel like doing a full blown smut lol So here’s this thing.

Imagine: Eddie K talking dirty to you.

“You are so full of shit.”

Eddie’s laugh rang loudly through the truck, mixing with the sound of the wind flying by as he drove along the dirt road towards your house. He kept stealing glances your way, biting his lip as he looked you over. There was no doubt the cowboy was attracted to you, that much was clear. He never even tried to hide it actually, any chance he got to remind you had badly he wanted you he took it.

“Don’t be so fuckin’ stuck up, darlin’.”

You scoffed at him, crossing your arms as you stared out the dash. Sometimes, his rodeo attitude was annoying, and yet all the more charming.

“Stop staring…”

With a pout you sank deeper into the seat, blushing when you realized his eyes were still on you.

“You know what?”


Eddie smirked, fixing his hat on his head as he looked back towards the road.

“I think you like me.”

As if he couldn’t get any more arrogant, you thought. Like him? He was a jerk of a man, who teased you relentlessly, and just because he was handsome as hell didn’t mean you wanted him.

“Oh yeah, Eddie. I’m so madly in love with you. You figured it out.”

At that he stopped the truck abruptly, putting the brake and turning towards you with a huge grin. As if he knew more about your feelings than you did.

“You really wanna play pretend, honey?”

He scooted closer to you, playing with the fallen strands of hair on your shoulder.

“I don’t know-”

“Shut it, sweetheart. This little good girl act don’t mean fuckin’ shit to me. If you hated me as much as you pretend to, you wouldn’t be here in my truck right now. You wouldn’t call me in the middle of the fuckin’ night whining about this or that.”

Your eyes widened at his words, and you felt your stomach tighten in embarrassment as he chuckled at you. It’s not like you tried to stay away from him, but you didn’t mean to actually build on this friendship of yours. Eddie was a very outgoing man, loud, and quite frankly the opposite of you. Despite all that, you were drawn to the bad boy, and there was no way around that.


Eddie slid even closer, closing the distance between your bodies as he leaned over and whispered into your ear. His breath was hot against the skin of your neck, and you shivered under his sensual voice.

“What’s it gonna be, darlin’? You gonna keep on pretendin’ or we gonna get a bit more acquainted with one another?”


Your breath was caught in your throat, body completely useless as it reacted to Eddie’s presence. You felt the heat building in the pit of your stomach, thighs clenching together to steady the ache you began to feel. But, there wasn’t much else to say, especially when he tilted his head, lips softly brushing your cheek.


“Mmm, see that? That’s the way I want you to say my name from now on. All hot and bothered…”

He dipped his tongue out, tracing your ear as he pulled you into his lap. “You find it exciting don’t you? When daddy starts to take control.”

His words echoed in your mind, a soft whimper escaping your parted lips as he slid a hand up your thigh, cupping you between your legs.


He kissed along your neck, nipping roughly at your warm skin. The sound of you moaning his name was more than enough to get him going, and he was hellbent on having you right here in his truck.

“You want daddy to fuck you, baby?”

“Y-Yes…please…that feels so good…”

His palm pressed into your sex, rubbing down gently, stimulating your clit and making you far too wet for this cowboy.

“That’s more fuckin’ like it, darlin’.”


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Daddy Eddie : fire meet gasoline ❤️

Okkkkkay~ ❤️

~Fire meet gasoline~

“You’re everything that’s wrong for me, Eddie.”

The cowboy chuckled at your words, taking a long drag from his cigarette before pointing it towards you. “You’ve been watching those damn romance movies again, ain’t ya darlin’?”

“Shut up.”

You playfully threw a pillow at him, sprawling yourself across the bed as you snuggled into the blanket. It had been a few days since you both hit the road, moving to the next town over on a whim. Somewhere deep down you knew it was a terrible idea. You were both young and in love, but these were the moments you felt invincible. Next to Eddie, everything felt possible.

“Aw, did daddy hurt your feelings?”

Eddie dabbed the end of his cigarette against the ash tray, rising from his chair and quickly toppling over you on the bed. You screamed when his weight fell on you, making you giggle and squirm as he tried to remove the blanket from around you. In your haste to move away you tangled yourself in the sheets, making it easy for him to pin you down.

“You make this so easy, sweetheart.”

You grumbled out in defeat, smiling up at him as he leaned down to kiss you. But, as he grew close you wiggled out of his grasp, grabbing his hat and placing it on your own head. With a defiant smirk you stared up at him, biting your lip when he raised his eyebrow at you.

“Got a little fight in you tonight, huh, darlin’?”

Eddie tipped the hat up over your eyes, chuckling at how big it looked on you. But, he couldn’t deny how cute you were then, smiling up at him and giggling softly as he drew nearer. Something about you always drove him mad, making every part of his body ache for you in ways that’d make even the devil blush.


“Hm, darlin’?”

He ran his hand over your cheek, playing with a strand of your hair as he smiled down at you. He wanted to swoop in and kiss you, let you know just how badly he wanted that pretty ass of yours right now, but he let you get your words in.

“Do you love me?”

He scoffed at your question, rolling his eyes before he kissed your cheek. “The hell do you think?”

You swatted at his arm, laughing when he persisted and tried to kiss you some more. But, you pushed at his face angling your own away as he overpowered you. “You’re such an idiot.”

“Yeah, but you find me exciting anyway.”


Short but sweet. It’s what came to me. ❤️

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Daddy Eddie and Are You Lonesome Tonight

For all of these works I recommend listening to the song while you read. Unless, you’re like me and can’t focus with sounds all around lol Either way enjoy! (I suggest the Elvis or Norah Jones version)


~Are you lonesome tonight?~

You laid down on your bed, the mattress dipping softly under your weight. The day had been so long, it almost dragged and all you wanted to do was sleep and hopefully not wake up for another week. With an exhausted sigh you fell back against your many pillows, staring up at the blank ceiling with a dead expression. Everything seemed to be crashing down on you, from work to school, and even to your boyfriend.

“That idiot…”

Eddie had been causing some trouble lately, mainly for you. The cowboy took it upon himself to try and solve all your problems by threatening the very people who could fix them in the first place. Had a cut in work hours? Eddie was there to threaten the manager. Had a problem with a professor? Eddie was in the dean’s office making threats. It just didn’t seem to end, and while you were grateful for such a protective boyfriend, he didn’t seem to quite understand the issue before him. You knew he had a rough childhood, and an even rougher time as an adult. Until you came along that is.

Truth be told, you never expected him to clean up his act when you started dating. Yet, here you were now, a year later and he was clean. There was still some things he needed fixing on, mainly his behavior towards those who made your days miserable. You understood his need to help you, he was always very protective, but sometimes a little too much. That’s what led to your current predicament with him. Earlier today you both had argued over his altercation with your manager. Eddie wasn’t violent by any means, but waltzing into your work with that aggressive look in his eye wasn’t exactly great for you either. Needless to say, you had dragged him out, easily enough but that wasn’t the point anymore. Yes, your manager was a complete sleaze, but you needed this job. Last thing you wanted was to drop out because you couldn’t afford it anymore.


You reached for a pillow, throwing it over your face and trying your best not to lose it and scream bloody murder.

As you steadied your breathing, the muffled sounds of music captured your attention, and with the slowest of movements you slid the pillow down your face. Peeking over it, as if that would aid your concentration, you looked around the room wondering if it was coming from inside the house. But, the music only grew, and the sound of tires on gravel made you sit up. You looked towards your window, the lights of a vehicle flashing against the panes and creating a bright blanket of light over your room.

“What the hell….”

With cautious steps you neared your window, leaning forward just a bit to peer outside. And as soon as you caught sight of his truck you rolled your eyes, the temptation to throw your tv out the window and onto his truck growing stronger by the minute. But, with the patience of all the gods, you sucked in a deep breath and opened your window.


The cowboy was leaning against his truck, holding his arms out in greeting as he spoke.

“Hey, darlin’!”

How he managed to act so casual was even more infuriating.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Eddie seemed mildly hurt by your words, but he shook them off, smiling wider before turning around and reaching through his window and grabbing his guitar. He fixed the strings for a second, every so often glancing up at you and winking. When he seemed satisfied enough, he turned the music in his truck up, the familiar sounds of Elvis swimming through the air.

“Eddie…” You warned, rubbing your face with your hands as the cowboy began to strum at his guitar. He began walking forward, humming for a few seconds before belting out the lyrics in his, irritatingly charming, southern drawl.

“Are you lonesome tonight….do you miss me tonight…”

He smiled up at you, swaying slightly to his own singing. You had to admit, this entire show was more than heartwarming, but giving into him wasn’t something you wanted to do just yet. When he realized you hadn’t succumbed to his charms, he sang louder, kneeling down on the ground.

“Are you sorry we drifted apaaaaart. Does your memory stray, to a bright summer day….”

With every intention to shut your window, you grabbed the edge of it, trying to get him to see how serious you were. But, he didn’t seem to believe you. In fact, he was probably wise to think so because you didn’t have it in you to shut him out like that. Not when he sang to you like some old romantic hero in a novel.

Eddie removed his hat, holding it over his heart as he continued to serenade you.

“When I kissed you and called you sweetheart!”

As he finished his words, your neighbor opened their front door, screaming at him to shut up and something about it being two in the morning. You couldn’t help but laugh, covering your mouth as you snickered. Eddie just glared at the old man, waving him off and screaming out a ‘fuck off’ before he turned back to you.

“Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?”

He whistled the last half, chuckling when you shook your head with a smile. He remained kneeled on the ground, awaiting your forgiveness like some punished puppy. With a sigh, you leaned over your window, resting your chin in your palms.

“Alright, come on up cowboy.”


Hope ya liked!!! ❤️