movie: harry potter

albus potter vs the sorting hat
  • Albus Potter:not slytherin, not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:*groans*
  • Sorting hat:omg not you too
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:you know I'm getting real tired of this shit
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:you sound just like your father
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:I shouldn't have listened to him either
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:I'm not making the same mistake twice
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not slytherin...
  • Sorting hat:oh just shut your trap
  • Albus Potter:...not slytherin, not-
  • Sorting hat:SLYTHERIN!
  • Albus Potter:bollocks. ( >д<)
  • Remus:You don’t get it! I use my shampoo until I run out! And then I fill it with water and shake it up and use it until that runs out. I cut open my toothpaste tubes and scrape out the sides to use it all. I’m poor, James! I’m poor.
  • James:Well, I’m not exactly rich either.
  • Remus:Oh, trust me, you’re rich.
  • James:Is it cause I have a horse? Because he’s old.
The one reason you shouldn't support new HP

Now if you don’t care, okay. Go ahead and support it. But the new Harry Potter is literally the pinnacle of white appropriation.

But, you say, but Alicyn! It’s not! She’s honoring Native Americans!

No she isn’t. And let’s go over why.
-She isn’t using any creatures real name, she’s using English or made up names.
- She isn’t using any creatures real origin story.
- She is attributing each houses discovery to a white man. (I wanna kind remind ppl the Spanish and French were also in America.)
- Some of these creatures have sacred colors or names associated with them and they do not correlate to the colors JK Rowling chose.
- In fact, no Native American was consulted or asked and when they found out, the community was very barefaced about their outrage.

So Alicyn what can I do?

-Don’t go see that movie that she’s making.
-Don’t get sorted in the new houses.
-Spread the real stories of these creatures instead of the white washed version.
-Encourage people not to make fan fiction based on it.

But Alicyn! I don’t want to do those things.

Well, that’s fine too. But be aware that you are an active participant in the erasure of several cultures.


Part of the Second Order of the Phoenix

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Scorpius: Then the slimy git just walks away.

Draco: *Rolls eyes*

Scorpius: So I try to get his attention by climbing in a tree- 

Draco: *grabbing book from side table*

Scorpius: Oh and you’ll never guess what he said to me today in potions!-

Draco: *Brings book up to head*

Scorpius: Perfect little Potter.

Draco: *hits himself with book repeatedly*

Lucius: Karma’s a bitch.