movie: halloween



Tomorrow the 24 hour non-stop Gremlins 2 call in show is coming. No breaks. No sleep. Just Gremlins. Please check it out guys!

The signs when watching a horror movie...

Aries: Says “OMG” whenever someone gets killed

Taurus: Eats popcorn and hides behind the bowl

Gemini: Is bored so tries to scare everyone every chance they get

Cancer: Peeks up from their blanket every once and awhile

Leo: Yells at the screen telling the victim where to hide (as if they could hear them)

Virgo: Is scared but pretends they’re not

Libra: Falls asleep

Scorpio: Jumps at every sound

Sagittarius: Laughs whenever someone gets killed

Capricorn: Keeps going to the kitchen to get snacks (to avoid getting scared)

Aquarius: Also yells at the screen but suggests different ways that the killer could have killed their victim

Pisces: Blank face (isn’t scared at all)