movie: hairspray

Musicals Explained

Heathers: I don’t actually want to kill everyone
Dear Evan Hansen: Why you always lyin’?
Hamilton: Smart kid’s life falls apart 
Hairspray: I wanna dance on TV, but only if there’s no segregation
Wicked: Society made me “evil”
Phantom of the Opera: How to Stalk a Singer and Haunt an Opera House: for Dummies
Les Miserables: Life, man, just, life 
Fiddler on the Roof: Fuck society, I’ll marry who I want!

Why does everyone obsess over Grease when Hairspray exists? Don’t get me wrong, I love Grease. I do. But I hate it’s message. Sandy falls for someone and when things aren’t working out she changes everything about herself for him. But Tracy. Tracy falls head over heals for Link, and she never for a second thinks about changing who she is. Even when things go a bit sideways with Link. She remains herself and he still is in love with her. That’s a much better message. Like give Hairspray some love people!!!