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Welp everyone this is what I did for Towel Day! Pleasant animated pixel draws of the main cast of the series. I haven’t made animated gifs for a LONG time and this was fun to do. (Also I am aware that they’re all moving at different rates from each other, that was intentional.) The designs are based on a cross between the TV show, the movie, general popular headcanons on what these characters should look like, and just how I randomly decided to draw them.

If you want to use these like as one of those pictures on the background of your blog or something, absolutely go right ahead. The only thing I ask is that if someone asks you where they came from, just please don’t say you made them.

Under the cut there’s links to still versions of these as well as links to where I decided to post them individually because I could.

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Magic: the Gathering


Dirk gently


some other anime i guess? (DanganRonpa, Ao no Ex, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, mp100, opm, death note)

Wakfu + Dofus

Overwatch + Other blizz content


Rooster Teeth (RvB + RWBY + Camp Camp + that sort of stuff)

Critical Role

Skulduggery Pleasant (does that still exist??)

Red dwarf

Father Ted

Monty python


aussi des memes francophones ce serait nice en ce jour d’élections

My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and that I am therefore excused from saving universes.

Ford Prefect (the bestestestest of all characters in any story in the world IMO) in “Life, the Universe and everything” by Douglas Adams.

I’m still waiting for the right moment to quote this at someone who really can’t expect me to save the universe for him/her.

Usually I just go with “I would love to stay and help, … only I’m not going to,” (which is another quote by Ford Prefect, same book)


One last Towel Day related post: this is the copy of the book I bought at my middle school book fair in 1996. It has been highlighted and notated extensively and gone all over the place with me. I “lost” it for a few years (my parents put it with their books facing spine-in and I tore the world apart looking for it), but I got it back and it’s crazy to look at how much it’s been through with me. In addition to those first TDS tickets, there are four concert tickets, a Rent ticket, and another movie ticket. The one pictured is, of course, the opening midnight showing of the H2G2 movie.

~*~meeeeeeem-or-ies~*~ and all that

PSA - TOWEL DAY - Thursday 25th May

Towel Day is a worldwide celebration of the work of Douglas Adams. It’s held every year on the 25th of May, and 2017 is no exception! 

Across the globe, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans will carry their towel in homage to the man’s most well known work. The Dirk Gently novels have been the ‘and also…’ to Douglas’ H2G2 work, but with the 2016 series sparking off new life and a new fandom and a new, more fantastic cast of characters, we should all make sure that Dirk Gently is not forgotten amongst the bathrobes and Vogons.