movie: getaway


Workshop Paris X Nairone

Okay I have a mighty need to share.

Skids and Getaway headcanon, very silly as usual.

One day, Getaway shows up in his altmode. He acts like usual, mingles, chats with people, annoys Swerve or Riptide, even gets a ticket (can this be a thing? even on spaceship? pleeease?) for driving too fast in corridors. It’s all - in his vehicle mode. He even asks to press the elevator buttons for him.

People get curious and ask him: what happened?

Getaway deflects.

People insist. They want to know. They ran out of stories for the Insider. Nautica worriedly asks if he is ok, maybe it’s t-cog dysfunction? (the others start snickering at that)

Getaway, irritated, finally transforms in bipedal mode. He stands on wobbly legs. His thighs and crotchplates are ALL covered in blue scratches. He says: “You have prohibited me from talking about what Skids and I were doing last night, BUT SINCE YOU ASKED-”