movie: getaway

I think I finally know how I want Rodimus getting back to the Lost Light will go. For sure this time. No promises I don’t change my mind.

I want the mutineers to be beset by something only the people they exiled could have dealt with. And right in their darkest hour Rodimus and Co. show up. They take care of it. Brainstorm and Nautica head off to make sure the ship is functioning. Ratchet takes anyone with medical experience to help the wounded. And Rodimus is so mad he flames on. He gets so hot that his footsteps are slagging the ground and no one can touch him.

The whole way there Magnus, and Drift, and Megatron are trying to reason with him. Calm him down. He won’t even speak to them. He kicks a door open and finds Getaway. Getaway, being the little shit he is tries to fire on Rodimus but he gets the gun shot out of his hands.

He’s face to face with him now. Starting to beg. Rodimus reaches out to him…and grabs him by the Badge. Crushing it and turning it into slag, dripping around his fingers before he passes out from depleting his energy keeping his flames active for so long.

Drift makes sure Getaway doesn’t try anything else, while Magnus picks up Rodimus, and Megatron is amazed he didn’t kill him.