movie: flight


Just some impeccably captured balls-to-the-wall F-18 action from the 2017 Wings Over Illawarra Airshow!

Then the greenhouse tended to me while I tended to it. Then the car got fixed it was the brakes again and their brakes and their brakes all at the same time because the brakes seem to be going because we seem to be going.

Before the walk while watching the crows before the bend in the road where the bayberry grows while thinking through the anger while kicking a pebble after letting go of the stone in my chest after feeling somewhat better while taking note the grasses are changing colour before noticing something about flight what exactly the wings move like or open like valves. Moving or opening. Angles and air it was cloudy but I could see.

  • time Six professional wingsuit jumpers witnessed #solareclipse2017from 14,000 feet above Madras, Ore., on Aug. 21, a stunt they claim is the first of its kind. The Great American Eclipse began in Oregon before following a path of totality that ended in South Carolina. Video footage captured by OutsideTV shows the group at jump time—10:18 a.m. local time, or 30 seconds before the eclipse reached totality—and then traveling at a speed of 150 mph through a darkening sky as the eclipse progressed. “This jump will be remembered forever and will go down in the record books,” one jumper wrote on Instagram, adding that it was an “intense moment.” Video source: OutsideTV

It’s time for me to head up to the airport once again! I can’t wait to be in Ohio already. Like I stated in a while, I won’t be able to draw on my tablet, but I sure will update things such as traditional drawing and reply to some ask while I will be gone. But expect me to be far less active over here while I’ll be visiting my friend.

See you guys later !


Radial Twilight by Jonathan Derden - Jetwash Images
Via Flickr:
A beautiful Cessna 195 on floats takes in a spectacular Alaskan sunset