movie: ferngully


Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted, and Hexxus the very spirit of destruction rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed. Many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most think, they didn’t survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature that I was able to trap Hexxus inside an enchanted tree and saved FernGully.

I’m gonna talk about the villain Hexxus from Ferngully for a minute, and why he was portrayed the way he was.

The reason Hexxus’ song was so raunchy and sexual as opposed to something more sinister or scary is because he’s the kind of being that “seduces” humans into using him and creating things that help him thrive. He appeals to our senses with what he has to offer (industry, technology, transportation, etc), but his sugar-coated words and charming disposition blinds us to how his actions are affecting the rest of the world, which happens to be the part we don’t often inhabit and, therefore, don’t care about as much despite how important it actually is to our way of life. We are literally in lust with the things Hexxus provides us, even if he’s simply the excess that results from usage of machines and oil-fueled operations. Because later on things could take a turn for the worst and when that finally happens…

It makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?