movie: ender's game

if the ender's game kids had a tumblr
  • peter wiggin: lots of historical pictures. always adds commentaries on the posts instead of the tags.desperate to be tumblr famous.
  • valentine wiggin: very nice with all of her followers.has more followers than peter who often asks her for promo.
  • ender wiggin: doesn't like to draw much attention but does because of his talents with graphics. often gets anon hate because of being a third.
  • alai: hipster blog that has an autoplay with relaxing music on it. always add salaam at everything he writes.
  • petra: lots of angry rants [added by rabbit-army]
  • bean: doesn't have a tumblr, he prefers to hack someone else's
  • bernard: the one who sends anon hate but forget to click on anon sometimes
  • bonzo: blogs a lot in spanish and posts a lot of selfies.
  • dink: lots of original writing/content that's a lot of alternate history/historical speculation, half legitimate and half nonsense conspiracy bunk and you never know which is which [added by petrabrokanian]
  • rose the nose : dicks
  • add more characters if you want and edit any of them if you feel to : )
Y todo se reduce a esto: en el momento en que entiendo verdaderamente a mi enemigo, en el momento en el que le entiendo lo suficientemente bien como para derrotarle, entonces, en ese preciso instante, también le quiero. Creo que es imposible entender realmente a alguien, saber lo que quiere, saber lo que cree, y no amarle como se ama a sí mismo. Y entonces, en ese preciso momento, cuando le quiero..
- Le vences.
Por un momento, no tuvo miedo de que la entendiera.
-No, no lo entiendes. Le destruyo. Hago que le resulte imposible volver a hacerme daño. Lo trituro más y más hasta que no existe.
—  El juego de Ender. Orson Scott Card

I’ve been thinking and going through Enderverse tags and such and I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I just don’t understand. I don’t understand how Orson Scott Card wrote the Ender books. For me, they are so obviously spreading a message of acceptance and understanding for all people. So how can someone who promotes this universal understanding, extends it not only to all humans but also to alien races/raman, in his writing be so bigoted, so homophobic and racist (from what I’ve hear/read) in real life? Honestly, the facts don’t add up. Why would you write something you don’t believe in, write it so powerfully and truthfully? Does he have multiple personalities? Have we been looking at the right person all this time? Did he even write the books at all? Someone needs to speak for him, I don’t care if he isn’t dead, because, really, I don’t understand this.


O my son Absalom,” Bean said softly, knowing for the first time the kind of anguish that could tear such words from a man’s mouth. “My son, my son Absalom. Would God I could die for thee, O Absalom, my son. My sons!”

He had paraphrased it a little, but God would understand. Or if he didn’t, Sister Carlotta would.