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I accidentally liveblogged my fanfiction experience tonight.

10:23 - I just found a Devil Wears Prada AU where Miranda is a pharaoh and Andy is a Cretan princess sent to marry the pharaoh and god I hope it’s well written because that wins the game.

10:25 - Jesus Christ, the first chapter is historical context and an explanation of research credentials. This cannot fail.

10:35 - The Egyptian names are all researched and this is hardcore I am geeking out over the amount of research this writer has done.

10:47 - Ask me how Egyptian kings got married because I fucking know this shit now.

11:11 - (After re-reading the first ‘chapter’) Dear lord, she’s an Egyptologist. And she’s using her powers for femslash.

I settle on another track. “The total amount of time your assistants spend on coffee alone is insane.”
Miranda makes a study of her hands, frowning at them as she clenches and unclenches them. “I suppose it is,” she concedes.

“What happened to wanting to argue?” My eyebrows furrow into a knot. Miranda is deflated. The short, unsuccessful what-if game has sapped her. I’m a fool for ever bringing that up.

“I changed my mind. Let’s just lie here, shall we?”

Miranda turns into me, a long ghost of a sigh escaping from her.


He’s gone! Somebody fill me in! WHY IS HE GONE?!
I’m gonna miss seeing his excellence cross my dash. I know he’ll never see this, so instead I’ll just send my wish for his happiness and good fortune out into the universe and hope they make their way to him.

fic: Show Me Where It Hurts

Fandom: DWP
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1850
Summary: She really shouldn’t want to laugh, but now that she knows Miranda’s fine, the thought Miranda’s got a bruised ass runs through her mind and she only barely manages to stifle a giggle.

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I’m kind of really all about this, actually