movie: dear frankie


DEAR FRANKIE, 2004, dir. Shona Auerbach

Emily Mortimer is one of those actresses I wish got the attention she deserves - she is the anchor in a fantastic cast which keeps this tender melodrama from being too much. Jack McElhone is wonderful as the title character, and it’s so nice to see a film with a central deaf character that isn’t about deafness being a burden or a marker for Someone Special. It’s also really nice to see Gerard Butler in a movie like this - he really is very good in it.

Beautiful cinematography, beautiful location shooting in Scotland. Emily Mortimer’s is a very real and relatable character who engages in one of my favorite movie dance scenes.


30 Days of Gerard Butler

Day 005.  Favorite Character Role.

The Stranger (Dear Frankie)

I remember hearing so many good things about this movie that I knew I had to own it before I had even watched it.  Needless to say, anytime anyone has said anything about Gerry’s acting, I just tell them that they should see this movie.  Everyone’s superb in it, to be honest.  And the story will tug at your heartstrings.  I love a lot of is characters (mostly all of them), but this was the best acted, and most heartwarming.