movie: chronicles of narnia

WOW I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH ABOUT SUSAN PEVENSIE I have combined into one post all y’all’s thoughts because I don’t wanna spam you.

from anon 1:
i also had a massive crush on susan when i read the books as little, i dont remember the whole reasons (or if it true or not) but it was because she was the calm one and she supported lucy almost right away (contrary to the movie, which i sort of hated because she was a real b*tch) and the archery thing didn’t hurt to imagine

from anon 2:
I think I just always connected w/ Susan more. She did archery which I loved in school, I thought her dresses were amazing, & she’s an older sister. As an older sister myself I can relate to her trying to keep the family safe & together & making the most of the situation. She’s logical & skeptical & those are good qualities to have. I was super jealous of Prince Caspian who got to kiss her. And she’s good with horseback riding!

from @charis-chan​:
Aca-excuse me! Susan Pensive is the most crush-able of them all! She’s beauty, she is grace and she’ll put an arrow through your face. But, really, she’s like the one that got it worse and the one that at the end of the day got lost, so I at least relates to that. She’s also the most regal one… just saying.

from @avidreaderffn​:
I feel really bad about Susan Pevensie. She made different (not necessarily wrong) life decisions and ended up missing out on an entire other world

basically I LOVE YOU ALL

So I think maybe i thought she was boring because i read the books when i was so young (and i’m so old there was no movie) that i identified with lucy. my wife said last night when i asked her 
[me: hey, can i talk to you for a few minutes?
her: uhhh okay.
me: what are your thoughts on Susan Pevensie?
her: uh wtf i thought something bad was happening.] 
that lucy and edmund seemed like the kids to her and susan and peter seemed like the parents, so she was always less interested in the two of them because she was a kid and wanted to read about kids. and that was totally it for me too!

so because there was no visual susan to see, and because lucy was so spunky and young and misunderstood and i too was spunky and young and misunderstood, i completely missed all the cool shit apparently i could have been crushing on.

also um @charis-chan​ “She’s beauty, she is grace and she’ll put an arrow through your face.” made me SPIT OUT LOUD.

so now i gotta take a poll:

1. How old were you when you read the books for the first time?

2. Did you see the movie (a) before you read the books, (b) soon after you read, © much later, (d) never, (e) only seen the movie, never read the books

Okay but I just imagine the Pevensies going to their respective schools after Prince Caspian, and it doesn’t take the other kids long to notice something is…off about them.
There’s something rough in the edges of Peter that the worst of the other boys keep getting cut on. Something powerful and confident. He was always likable, the shining golden child that the school trots out as a perfect example to incoming students, but now he is strong, he has emerged from the countryside a leader. He stands up to bullies, he always has, but he’s more eager to get into a fight these days than to talk them down. He’s a strong hand and quick word, but there’s power to back it up this time.
There’s something in the way Susan tilts her head that makes her seem like a woman. The way she carries herself high and tall, the proud line of her shoulders as she walks down the hall that makes some lable her to high and mighty for her own good. The world doesn’t know what to do with queens, and that’s what Susan seems to be these days.
There’s something dark lurking in Edmund that makes the other boys uneasy. Something wild and untamed in the now quiet boy. He no longer gets into fights, no longer bullies or mocks the others. In fact, he’s taken to stopping fights, to pushing back against his former friends when they try to take things to far. His roomate claims he wakes screaming from nightmares sometimes, and the stillness of his presence belies the intensity of his eyes.
There’s something burning in Lucy that wasn’t before. All the teachers comment on it. There’s something loud and cheerful in the girl who used to be quiet, and she makes friends even faster than before, pulled in by her captivating orbit. She spins fantastic tales, and is scolded for having her head in the clouds. She tells her tales of magical kingdoms as if she were really there, and gets sad sometimes, as if she misses the people who were never there.

Everyone agrees that something happened to the Pevensie children in the country, but they never talk about it. The adults eventually just chalk it up to the war, and almost forget about the strange children that populatetd their classrooms, until they read about the tragedy in the paper. Then they remember. And they never forget.

female awesome meme: [2/10] female characters in movies
 susan pevensie (chronicles of narnia)

and susan grew into a tall and gracious woman, with black hair that fell almost to her feet, and the kings of the countries beyond the sea began to send ambassadors asking for her hand in marriage. and she was called susan the gentle.

Okay, Netflix. Now, I want Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick Chronicles, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and Hannibal Season 4.
—  my greedy ass after finishing the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events 
SOOO...given that the Truest Believer is named Lucy...

The truest believer is named lucy and she has a book with a apple tree in it. There was an apple tree in The Magician’s Nephew

And a world was destroyed in that book also. 

Can we safely say this is happening?

And this is the Season 7 villain????