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Does your little shipper heart ever just burn??

Mine does. I just watched this movie from back in like, 2008 called The Secret of Moonacre. First off, I want to live in a palace and be a princess. But one that is allowed to be off in her own corner, and the palace must have secret tunnels and doors. 

But so my shipping problem, these two families have hated each other for 5,000 moons. They tried to bring the families together when Loveday and the uncle fell in love but they failed. So naturally when the next Moon princess comes she must break the curse or they’ll all be killed. So she shows up, yada yada ya. One of the boys from the De Noir clan is her age. Actually, he reached ultimate creeper status when he showed up for her father’s funeral and stood behind a tree. But that was kinda adorable if it weren’t for the fact that he was trying to kill her. Later on, after she’s had visions and knows where the pearls that will break the curse are, she needs help from someone who knows the forrest. He knows the forrest. She ventures into the woods with the rabbit that he trapped on her first day in Moonacre. When the rabbit is trapped again Robin (the De Noir boy) waits for her to come out and save him. Instead she traps him, he drops his daggar, and she makes him promise to listen to her story. 

Basically, he agrees to help her. On the way his father (head of the De Noirs) catches him. They hold Robin back and keep looking for Maria. Robin breaks free and finds his dad about to kill Maria. He holds his daggar up to his father. HIS OWN FATHER. And then runs off with Maria to find the pearls. Yada, yada, ya more stuff happens. She has to trow the pearls into the ocean to break the curse. After multiple tries they attach to her and she just jumps off the cliff into the ocean. He runs to the edge screaming her name as her uncle, close friend, and others stand beside. And by far one of the most adorable moments when she comes back she says “Robin, were you worried about me?”

My shipping heart. 

They didn’t end together in the movie because the characters were like, 12? And her uncle and his older sister got married. However, I wouldn’t be to worried about that because the two family clans haven’t talked to each other in 5,000 moons so they obviously married family.

But why couldn’t they be together?????

Can I say Robin is attractive?? Is that weird???

I’m gonna go with no it’s not weird.

Side note, Augustus Prew, who played Robin was in Charlie St Cloud. I kid you not, he was in it. 

Kay, I’m gonna stop this now. I’m falling in love with this british actor that is way older than me. I’ll be leaving now.

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Just try a little. Open your eyes and you will see what I can see. And if you’ve ever wondered what happens when a person close to you is taken too soon-and it’s always too soon- you may find others truths here, truths that may break the grip of sadness in your life, that may set you free from guilt, that may even bring you back to this world from wherever you’re hiding. And then you will never feel alone.
—  Charlie St. Cloud