movie: balto


balto 2 wolves, theres a lot wrong here.

stop giving wolves square clubfeet. its true wolves have proportionally larger feet than dogs dogs have dainty compact toes kind of like mittens

these are the feet of a husky

these are wolf feet. note the biggest reason they look so big is the toes are splayed out, and how flat they can get. the final knuckle does not stop at a 90 degree angle like in the cartoon, frankly the wolves in balto look like they have lion feet.

next the faces are horrible. from a character standpoint they’re boring and uninspired, anatomically they are also shit. they did make the ears small which is correct, but wolves don’t have pointy ears, they have rounded ears.

here are wolf ears (left) next to an agouti husky’s ears (right). also notice wolf ears are well furred on the insides, and are pointing more outwards while dog ears will point up.

next up, it looks like a minimal effort was kind of made, but their faces are still too blocky. wolves don’t have a wedge shaped stop

finally, their chests are too broad. wolves look very lanky compared to dogs, their chests are much more narrow.

My original plan was for Jim to transform into Balto, but I abondoned that idea simply because I liked just Balto better. :P But this is also one of those “what TB would look like if I had the time to edit everyhting like I want it” kinda thing. Jim’s clothes and piercing (and eye color) would still remain the same even after a transformation. :D

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