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four miles of fields and forests and wildflowers and hills and sunshine and birds singing and bugs crawling and this sweet babe singin and talkin on my back and another sweet babe wiggling and kickin in my belly. and then we shared a sandwich and a chocolate milk and talked about our fav animals. quality time at its finest 👌🏼

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Hi! Could you please explain something? English is not my native language and I don't understand the "alien baby baby mama" joke. Does it mean that Gillian (=Scully) is William's mother? Or did he mean it like "my friend and my (alien) baby's mother"? And anyway, why didn't he just say "alien baby's mother"? Why two baby's? I'm just very confused.

I’m going to direct you to this post :)

Arrow 5x23 - 04/18/17 - Actors on set...

Baby Mama was spotted on location. Somehow she’s also at Lian Yu.

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If she’s there William must be in play. We sort of figured that because the show was mentioning the kid a lot.

I’m not happy about this. You know me I’ve told it more than once already. Baby Mama drama in Season 4 was dreadful, I do not need a reedition.

William kidnap is a bit “been there done that”. I would rather they would leave the kid safe, out of harm’s way, and in the background. But I think in these last episodes I’m going to find out a new side to Arrow writers, they are stubborn about the storylines they want, if at first it’s a complete fail, try again. They are doing it with Olicity break up (explaining it again because we didn’t understand it the first time around… yeah right. FYI we did it was a poorly written plot twist), they are doing it with Baby Mama drama.

Unless Baby Mama is in the girfriend Oliver took from Simon / Adrian all those years ago, that would make the story kind of interesting and new in a way, I’m not all that excited to see her back.

Sidenote: Arrow Writers you don’t read tumblr posts (I think) but if you are going to be like “they didn’t get it as we wanted to let’s do it again” I must warn you I draw the line at Baby Mama drama (and only because William is Oliver’s kid), that’s the line. Over that line there’s the lights of Billy and Snoozen, I don’t need reenactments. There’s one thing in life I’ve learn along time ago, the more you tamper with sh*! the more it smells and it’s not roses.

Good luck with Baby Mama drama I’ll do my best to ignore her blackmailing face. Yes she’s a blackmailer to me. The demand she made wasn’t against Oliver it was against Oliver relationship with his significant other. She feared for William because the Oliver she knew was Ollie? But the demand she made wasn’t “against” Ollie it was against the prospect of William having a family with his dad, one she wasn’t a part of. Am I reaching? I don’t think so, she must have known her demand would ruin the relationship Oliver had and still wouldn’t keep Oliver away from William, so protecting William wasn’t the only thing in her mind IMO. I respect you all don’t agree but that’s how I see it she’s a selfish mother who was in fact thinking about herself and her fear that William would have a family that she wasn’t a part of.

I don’t know why… but yesterday and today I feel extra tired. Sleep has been as per usual.

Cassidy had her 2 month check up. She now weighs 11 pounds. She has a little umbilical hernia that should go away when she builds her abs.

I haven’t did my daily workout today or yesterday. Meh. Sleepy Michela don’t care.

Cassey from Blogilates is doing a 6 week workout challenge starting Sunday… I think I’ll follow it. Maybe start a diet bet at the same time. @goodlifewithgoodlife said she was interested in trying it too.