movie: a bag of hammers


“A bag of hammers” was really good. I just wished the 2 guys kissed at least once.  But they didn’t explore that because both of them were straight. I’m sure there would be some people that say “why do you have to make everything gay”. Well I usually like to put myself in a movie if I see myself in it, emotionally joined with who I am today. Of course it’s 2 guys just raising a kid. And of course I want a husband and kids also. I just hope that my whole life doesn’t go by without it happening. I’m going to make it happen.

By the way…Jason Ritter was so hot.


We all get a bag of hammers, you know what i mean? I mean, whether it’s being poor or catching cancer. Divorce. Losing your brother. Losing your mother. You know what I mean, Kelsey? It’s… well, but, the thing is… t-the thing is, is what you do with these hammers when you get ‘em. Cause that’s what shows you what kind of a man you are. Even if you’re not ready to be one yet.

A Bag of Hammers

7 Great Independent Films on Netflix

My boy chrisfanning93 asked for some Indie movie suggestions. I took his request too seriously and pulled a few from my master list (btw I’m a nerd with a master list) of favorites.

1. Short Term 12

 In my opinion, Short Term 12 is everything an indie movie should be. Writer/director Destin Cretton is talented (he went to my school!) and Brie Larson is killer.

2. Blue Like Jazz

It was blacklisted in a lot of Christian media for ‘straddling’ the line between faith based and non-faith based film with qualities like swearing, a homosexual major character, and a resolution that doesn’t involved God granting everyone’s prayers like a genie. So it’s like real life.

3. Fargo

Favorite Coen Brothers film by far. Everything gets crazier by the minute and it’s all perfectly constructed chaos.

4. It’s a Disaster

Kind of a sucker for Julia Stiles movies, and I don’t know why. It’s a Disaster is funny, unexpected, and it’s set in Austin (home state pride what).

5. A Bag of Hammers

I try not to, but I literally judged a book by it’s cover and didn’t watch this for the longest time because the poster is lame. I’m glad I saw the error of my ways.

6. Robot & Frank

I’m looking forward to a future where we have sick robits like Robot. Robot & Frank is great if you’re looking for a dose of originality, heartfelt…ed…ness?, and the Phil Collinsy sounds of Francis and the Lights.

7. The Brass Teapot

7. A story fit for the Twilight Zone, the Brass Teapot follows the dissolution of a young couples relationship due to a magical teapot that makes them money every time they hurt each other. I feel like I don’t need to say more.