movie: 2012

Just like Wall Street, only richer.

This satirical map illustrated an article published on March 4, 2012 in the New York Times Magazine which argues that London had “surpassed” Wall Street as a center of global finance, primarily because of excessive American financial regulation. New York is shown beset by the “Thicket of Tough Rules” and “Litigious Hordes,” as “Clouds of Paperwork” threaten. London sits in a “Sea of Simple Systems” and the “Bay of Better Banking,” under the “Friendly Financial Skies” of Europe.

YEMEN. Zinjibar. July 2012. Mohammed Absullah Al-Walid (left), 24, deputy commander of the town’s ‘Popular Committee’ with his fighters. Popular Committees–armed groups of citizens who rose against al-Qaeda–were key to the Yemeni government’s ability to reclaim Abyan province.

Photograph: Yuri Kozyrev/NOOR for TIME

Five years on can we admit a few things about the Marc Webb reboot?

a) It was too soon

b) It was unnecesarry

c) They should’ve just recast and thereby done a soft reboot

d) It was a shite rendition of Peter Parker’s origin and his pre-Spider-Man self (why is he clearly coded as a hipster/obviously altruistic/has the attention of Gwen before he becomes Spider-Man as is supposed to be an ostracized nerd)

e) The retroactive Raimi movies hate was despicable and shallow and the equivalent of saying “Ugh, that colour is soooooo last year!” 

f) Dennis Leary was a shitty Captain Stacy because he was just Dennis Leary

g) Emma Stone was basically playing herself. Which is to say a charming actress to watch but still basically herself, not some groundbreaking performance

h) Emma Stone Gwen wasn’t revolutionary. She did nothing in the movie that Agent Peggy Carter or Pepper Potts, or Black Widow hadn’t done in movies which preceded ASM 2012

i) This movie is one of the single biggest contributors to the unearned bad reputation and bashing Mary Jane gets

j) That parents subplot was literally never interesting

k) That Spider-Man costume is fugly

l) Between the Gwen>MJ wars, the Raimi/Webb, Maguire/Garfield/Holland wars, the morons to shout “NOT ANOTHER ORIGIN STORY!” about the MCU Spider-Man, the lead in to what may well be the most disrespectful Spidey movie ever if the trailers are to be believed, and the “IT SHOULD BE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILES! HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN BORING PETER PARKER!” bullshit, the Spider-Man fandom would’ve been better off if these at best mediocre Spider-Man movies never existed.

i’m starting to think the world actually DID end in 2012. that seems like when things stopped even trying to make sense.

maybe this is purgatory. why not? everything going on right now makes about as much sense as the last 3 seasons of Lost.