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  • richie: you’re giving me a sticker.
  • eddie: not just a sticker. it's a sticker of a kitty saying, “me-wow.”
  • richie: i’m not a preschooler.
  • eddie: fine, i’ll take it back.
  • richie: i earned this. back off!
Before I loved you, ch.4

Pairing: Reddie with minor billverly, benverly & stenbrough 

Chapters: 4/?

Word count: 4K

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Tags:  slow burn, friends to lovers, mentoins of: child abuse, self-harm & suicide, also underage drinking, smoking & drug use, suicide attempt & abuse.


“What’s a soulmate?”

In a world where you feel every single touch of pain your soulmate does, Eddie Kaspbrak grows up being afraid to meet his and tries everything in his power to stop it. Including signing himself as a Ghost Mark, so that his soulmate won’t be able to find him unless they literally bump on each other on the street.

“It’s like a best friend but more”

In a world where same-sex soulmates are highly discriminated Richie Tozier is excited to meet his. He has grown up with parents who didn’t find their soulmates and so he believes that soulmate is the only way a person can be happy.

“A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever”

In a world where same-sex soulmates are almost pushed to get a Separation, Eddie Kaspbrak keeps every single flyer his mother gives him that advertises it. He grows up afraid of his soulmate.

“But no matter what happens, you’ll always love them”

In a world where everyone is born with a soulmate, has been created a fucked up system, that doesn’t guarantee a happy ending

“Nothing can ever change that”

March, 2004

“Are you sure?”, the woman behind the desk asked, but Eddie couldn’t raise his eyes to meet hers. He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was still holding and closed his eyes. He knew this was the right thing to do, but now that he was actually here, it turned out to be so much harder than he’d originally thought. He glanced around the lobby, it was busy with people even though it was barely nine in the morning. The dim lamps were shedding warm light across the cold tile floors and Eddie tried his best to ignore all the lovey-dovey people who were getting their letters. But he couldn’t help but be afraid. Afraid that this was a huge mistake, afraid that he’d regret it later. He took another deep breath, but still he couldn’t answer.

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  • stan: last Christmas, i gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away . ♪♫
  • bill: *smiles at him*
  • stan: this year, to save it from tears,
  • stan: *takes bill's hand* i’ll give it to someone special. ♪♫ ❤
  • eddie: we’re still in NOVEMBER!
Justice League Movie Non Spoiler Review

Multiverse Rates this movie an 8.5 out of 10 Reasoning Below

Justice League is a movie where the critics have you scared to take a chance to go see, especially when the bar they are using to compare it to is Batman V Superman. However DC is pushing an invocative to improve on the mistakes they have made from the past.

Hence the improvement shown when we saw Wonder Women a lighter tone filled with comic book references with a story almost copied exactly from the comics. Which is why we praised Wonder Women for nailing what you would initially expect from a DC Comics live action movie.

Now that Justice League is released people are wondering if they are going to drive the movie from the same principals as Wonder Woman. We here at Multiverse after watching the movie can honestly say yes they did! After all the movie was made for us comic book fans, as the whole stories is based of the New 52 Justice League “Origin“ written by Geoff Johns whom had a hand in making the movie. 

There were some slight variations from the comic, but none too big which would ruin the point of the story. The movie itself felt like you were watching a live action comic book, as the fast pace cuts they were forced to make by warner brothers to shorten the movie were done exactly like the transitions from the comics. Something the critics disliked which made the direction of the movie hard to follow for them, We at Multiverse were able to follow the story without any confusion. 

As for the tone of this movie, It was much lighter and had subtle but effective comedy to lighten up the darker times in the scene. We liked the universes direction slowly becoming lighter with every movie as we literally watch hope be reborn in this movie.

Each character made us excited to see their own individual movies with how well they interoperated the iconic heroes we know and love. Ezra Miller’ s interpretation of The Flash was well done bringing a enthusiastic hopeful kid with powers of the Speed Force and created a unique yet effective personality for the Scarlet Speedster. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman interpretation was a tough orphan who helped others that appreciated his help and ignored his responsibilities to his thrown. Ray Fishers Cyborg starts as the woo is me type but is inspired by wonder women to be they hopeful hero we all know and love in the comics. 

This movie is full of great Easter eggs both comic and fan. CGI was much better that critics gave it credit for, and the acting was solid. If you are going to watch it in theaters stay after all the credits for 2 additional cut scenes. We for one are excited to watch the directors cut because we know more than 30 minutes have been cut due to Warner Brothers 2 hour movie request for more showings. We feel the additional 30+ minutes with improve our rating even higher than 8.5 out of 10. 

In conclusion, go see Justice League it is way more than worth watching my comic book friends!

anonymous asked:

Do you think Raven Branwen will have like Severus Snape or Uchiha Itachi kind of redemption arc?

I have absolutely no idea who Uchiha Itachi is, but for Severus Snape… he spent more than half of his life sulking because Lily didn’t want to date him and eventually died getting bitten by a snake. I don’t know which part of his story would apply to Raven here. Secretly working for Ozpin the entire time? Changing sides because she wants to protect Taiyang? 

Reasons why the Harry Potter movies really messed up the Marauders

- Let’s start with the most obvious point : their age.

All actors who play characters from the Marauders’ era are way too old. Lily and James died at the age of 21 but in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Geraldine Somerville and Adrian Rawlins were respectively 34 and 41 years old.

Having older actors play Harry’s parents totally negates the fact that they were just kids when they died (and also that they were just kids when they had Harry, and considering that they were in the middle of a war, Harry was most certainly an accident, but let’s not get into that right now). It makes their death less tragic, plus it’s just not accurate ok.

These guys are also way too old

Anyone who attended Hogwarts at the same time as James and Lily would have been in their 30s during Harry’s years. That’s just not the case of Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis and Timothy Spall. Again, the whole tragedy of their lives revolves around the fact that they never got to grow old (or even to grow up in Sirius’ case, but again, that’s another issue/theory). Snape was only 38 when he died, but Alan Rickman was 65 in Deathly Hallows part 2. Now, I love Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Snape as much as the next person, but this age thing still bothers me a lot.

- Another very obvious point : Lily’s eyes

I mean, how do you even screw up so badly? How many times is it mentioned that Lily had green eyes, just like Harry’s? First of all, neither Harry nor the various actresses who played Lily had green eyes, but they hired an actress to play young Lily whose eyes didn’t even match Daniel Radcliffe’s?

I know the fandom has been talking about this for ages, and we should all have moved on by now, but it’s such an important part of the story, I don’t think I can ever get over it.

- On to point number 3 : THIS

James Potter was indeed on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but certainly not in 1970, as he attended Hogwarts from 1971 to 1979, and as a Chaser, NOT a Seeker.

- Should we even talk about this?

First of all, those two actors look nothing alike, and second of all, there is no way in hell that this is what James Potter looked like. Everything, from his hair (James is supposed to have dark, messy hair) to his face is off. I don’t know who that is but it’s not James Potter.

- Now, onto a less obvious point : the Marauder’s Map.

I’m sure we all have wondered, at some point or another, why the hell Fred and George never noticed Peter Pettigrew on the map. After all, the name would have been following Percy, and then Ron around all the time.

Well, I do have a theory as to why Peter’s name would not have appeared on the map, but the movies ruined that.

Let me explain. In the movie, Harry sees Peter Pettigrew’s name on the map, but in the book, the only person who sees Peter’s name is Remus.

My theory is that the Marauders, when they made the map, made it so that no one could see their names on it, other than the Marauders themselves. That way, if it fell into the wrong hands (say, a professor’s, or Snape’s), that person couldn’t use it to know their whereabouts. But the other Marauders could see their friends’ names so they always knew where to find each other.

That would explain why Remus was able to see Peter on the map, but Fred and George never noticed the man who literally slept in the same bed as their brother.

Again, since Harry sees Peter on the map in the movie, that theory can no longer be applied, and the plot hole remains.

- Finally, my last, and most important point :

The Marauders’ story is literally NEVER talked about in the movies?? Nowhere does it say that Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were in fact Remus, Peter, Sirius and James. Nowhere does it say that THEY were the Marauders. Nowhere does it say how or why they became animagi. They don’t talk about the Prank, or why the Whomping Willow was planted, or where the Shrieking Shack got its reputation as a haunted house. Why is Harry’s Patronus a stag? Who tf knows. Someone who never read the books would probably be very confused about the whole Marauders thing, because there. is. literally. nothing. about. them. in. the. movies.

(I’m mad.)