Frances Kray nee Shea.

The Tragic Bride.

  • Historical rp.
  • Adaptable to Legend film rp but the verse is subject to change as we see more of Frances’ portrayal in the movie.
  • Multi verse. Particular about shipping but open to it.
  • Age 20+
  • Five years rp experience. Two on tumblr.

Minho running the maze with Thomas those first few times. Getting lost in his head, following his mental map of today’s pattern. Looking for changes, focusing on which turns to take. On the steady push of his legs. Watching his breathing, his speed. Senses alert in a way they only were when running the maze.

Hearing the footfalls of his companion not quite matching his own, noticing him falling behind and shouting over his shoulder.

“Come on, Ben! Keep up!”

Then being so shocked at himself his legs just stop. Minho feels like a bucket of ice cold water got dropped on him, and he stands frozen there for a few seconds. Breathing heavily, staring ahead.

Until he feels Thomas’ hand on his shoulder “Minho? You okay?”

Minho snaps himself out of it and brushes Thomas’ hand off. “M’ fine” he says, and starts jogging before Thomas has the chance to say anything else.

“Let’s go, Greenie!” he calls back. “We’re wasting daylight.”

He felt the weight of his slip for the rest of the run. But it’s alright. It was always hard to remember at the beginning. That Ben was now just another name he had to forget.

But it’s alright.

It’s how it worked in the Glade, they didn’t mourn the dead. He’d have to be more careful, that’s all. So, it’s alright.

He’s forgotten plenty of other names before.

(movie thread) "Trust my Rage."

Loki sat back on his throne. Yes HIS throne. Thor was a fool to give up this right. His lost is Loki’s gain. He never gets tired of fooling his brother. He like to believe his acting skills are just that great, but let’s be honest. Thor is just that dence. Now there is nothing that can stop him. Still something was bothering him. Why would his brother give up all this for the humans? What makes them better than all this? He needed to find out. He got off the throne and was about to go to Midgard when he stopped himself. 

There was no way he could go as he is now. If Thor knows he was still alive he would cause more trouble than he is worth. Loki smirked as an idea came to him. With a wave of his arm he now took the form of the Lady Sif.

“Let us play some more brother.” He smirked and with that he mad his way to the gate.


Not a headcanon, but I wanted to talk about two scenes from VoDT. While the movie itself was a major disappointment for me, especially in terms of Edmund’s character, I like that they kept one aspect I feel is very him.

The first scene (on left), Lucy goes missing because she’s kidnapped by the Dufflepuds. Edmund is very panicked. If you think about it, this is the first time in the Pevensies coming to Narnia that Edmund is the oldest sibling. I’m sure that Lucy and Edmund went places together in the Golden Age. But he always had Peter and Susan back home. If anything happened, he knew they would help–they would take care of him. In VoDT, Lucy goes missing and his siblings are in an entirely different world altogether. Edmund feels the need to protect his sister at all costs, but he feels like he just failed. He gets panicked.

Second Scene (on right), Eustace is turned into a dragon. Right before, When he thinks Eustace is dead, Edmund puts all the blame on himself. He wants to be like Peter, a responsible, strong leader, but he can’t. This scene happens directly after Deathwater in which Edmund “confesses” that he feels like a second fiddle, and for once he wants to feel in charge. Snapping out of it, his cousin is missing or dead. Think of the massive amount of guilt he’s feeling. And like an Edmund thing to do, he expresses his relief that Eustace isn’t dead by a bit of humor. First time in Narnia alone and he nearly loses two of his family members.

This probably would have been a great character arch in the movie if they would’ve scripted a scene or two developing it more. But I just wanted to rant.

Tbh, I’m still not over the whole ‘Go North’ thing in BoFA. I keep looking at my poster map of Middle-earth and I just scratch my head and go ‘Thranduil, wtf?!’ What were you trying to accomplish here other than sending Legolas to his death? Why were you-? I don’t… 

‘Go South, Legolas, to Rohan and Gondor’ 
‘Go West, Legolas, to Rivendell, the Shire, and the places the Dunedain frequent.’ 
‘Go North, Legolas, to death and dragon fire.’ 
‘Go East, Legolas, to the unknown.’ 

You literally had two options, out of four, that would send him to some relative safety. And you chose one of the two CERTAIN DEATH options? What is wrong with you? 

Were the writers just looking at the map upside down or what? How did this even fucking happen?

Does no one in Middle-earth know how to tell direction?! Thorin couldn’t even find his way to Bilbo’s fucking house, when Gandalf put a mark on it, and Bag End isn’t exactly easy to overlook, if you know what I mean. Frodo didn’t bother looking at any maps while he was in Rivendell waiting until they could begin their journey, and had to ask Gandalf which way Mordor was before they even made it out of the valley. Thranduil’s sending Legolas off to his death when he’s really trying to do the opposite. And Sam and Frodo spent a while going around in circles. 

These fucking guys. I can’t!