Sebastian, what happened?

I was at Tony’s birthday party and did what you told me to. And O'Connor was there. I stood up to him and acted crazy.

You’re face…

He punched me, and then throw me into a puddle. And then hit me again. He didn’t care that I was crazy. It didn’t worked, I’ve tried.

I gotta call your mom come fetch ya.

No! Wally you have to take me home. Take me home, Wally.

Sebastian, why did you come here?

Because I thought you would be proud of me.

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Is there any actual not ironic good movies starring Kirk Cameron?

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one. Even “Like Father Like Son” from the 80s was one of the worst body switch movies.

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Freaky Friday was such a weird movie. Imagine if people could switch bodies in real life. What if I switched bodies with (male friend)? How weird would that be? I... definitely wouldn't like it at all not one bit... why am I thinking about it so much?

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"this movie wasn't necessary why even show him as sympathetic at all just to twist it at the end???" have any of these people never seen a movie with a bait-and-switch in the plot?? they don't get how fucking effective that shit is in story telling?? sure there are times it's not executed the best but still it's not like that's a new OR a cheaply used tool in story telling, if anything the point hits you harder because it's not where the story seemed to be leading GODDAMN

THIS. The whole point of the twist is that it’s a TWIST. There’ll be people nodding along agreeing, feeling sad for Darren, and then BAM it’s all a scam. The people who agree with Darren feel cheated, and they learn that their views are wrong. This is what storytelling is, this is a very effect device. No point in arguing with people that don’t even want to watch the video they’re criticizing.

I was reading a movie magazine we got from the theater a while back and apparently Jane isn’t going to be in Thor 3? And a different actress has been cast to play Thor’s “new girlfriend”? :( Aw man, Jane was probably my favorite part of the Thor movies. I know she wasn’t as interesting or well-liked as, say, Natasha or Wanda, but I always thought she was cute and funny. I liked how she was just an ordinary person who got mixed up in all the adventure but reacted to it with so much curiosity and wonder. (Plus, I might be biased because Natalie Portman). I wouldn’t mind so much if she just wasn’t in it, but I hate when movie characters just switch love interests between movies. It makes them look very shallow, and cheapens the former relationship.

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Ooh woops got a little ahead of myself anon who sent 6 and 10 for Jop squad could I please get 6 for Switch, sorry and thanks

No problem fam! It was all a bit sudden, my bad! ^-^

6:  What kind of media would (or does) your character consume? This includes books, tv shows, video games, and movies.

Switch would have extremely varied taste in music, books and movies such. At first this would be something entirely deliberate - he didn’t really want anyone figuring him out from the music and stuff he listens to/watches. But then it’s just because he genuinely enjoys things all across the genre board. Although there have been times when this happens as he’s reading something weird to get out of his ‘comfort zone:”

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6 characters: Big Bud Dean, Ram, Kurt, JD, Heather Duke, Heather Chandler

I know what you did this is so terrible

Cliff- okay I can’t differentiate between kurt and ram from the top of my head bc the movie and musical switched their roles so it always messes me up ???? But I think in the musical Kurt is the one who is the biggest dick of the two so kurt
Kiss- Duke
Marry- JD this is not gonna end well my man
Fire- Big bud bc he deserves it I hate him sO MUCH
Blanket- movie chandler bc in he movie she actually had some p good characterization before the drano yknow
Roomate- Ram…. well if I’m married to JD this might not be that bad considering I can’t stand either of the jocks

Thanks for asking !!!!

the amount of mood whiplash in the transformers movie is astounding

scene just switched from seeing your autobot faves burn from the inside out and megatron executing ironhide point-blank to the 80s ‘Dare’ montage feat Hot Rod and that one kid

After watching the new Ghostbusters today I’ve finally realized why men have such a big problem with this movie. The new Ghostbusters takes the format for an average mainstream movie but switches all the gender roles. Instead of a main cast of strong male heroes saving women with their bravery and masculinity, it’s a main cast of women who are all strong, smart, brave, and independent. Instead of a sexy but dumb token female receptionist, now it’s a sexy but dumb token male receptionist. All the arguments that men have against this movie are the exact arguments that people have had over male dominated movies that have been the norm for so long. Now that a big blockbuster film is showing women being powerful, beautiful, smart, and independent while all saving the day without a man to take care of them, guys can’t handle it. A lot of men can’t handle the fact that women can be strong without them. To them, women are just things that they can enhance their ego and masculinity with. Now I know how to make a lot of guys mad, show them some women being humans and being successful without men in their lives.

Bayverse 1 doesn’t feel like a transformers movie until like 1 hour in??? Fucking horrendous pacing. There’s about 30 minutes worth of random scenes that could be cut and a scene that would’ve been better later in the movie, switched with another scene.
If I was good at editing video I’d totally try to do it myself, but sadly I can’t, but I genuinely believe that if the pacing issues were fixed the movie would be much much more tolerable and much more entertaining cuz while it has bad characterization (and racism and sexism) it has cool fight scenes.
Also too much bumblebee not enough every other bot (especially Starscream)

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Hey, on your Aladdin Spanish Vocabulary post you said that you've been watching a lot of movies in Spanish lately. How have you been watching Disney movies in Spanish? Is there a free website, or what? Just wondering :)

I haven’t been using a website, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere, maybe on YouTube. What I’ve been doing is using the DVDs. If you go to the main menu and then go to set up it should have the option to switch the language to Spanish or French or sometimes even Portuguese. Some of my older DVDs don’t have this option, but I believe all my newer ones do (this goes for non Disney movies too). I also know a lot of shows and movies on Netflix can be switched to Spanish as well.