My Writing Playlists

Some days I write in silence, but most days I’m writing in a place with a lot of unwelcome, ambient noise, either at home or at a cafe, so I put headphones in and listen to music.  

I have a couple of playlists of my own making that I cycle through.  I pretty much exclusively listen to music without any words since I tend to memorize lyrics and that can be distracting while writing.

I write mostly dark/high fantasy so I draw most of my music for my playlists from movie scores and video game soundtracks.  I have a master playlist which is just a mix of a few movie scores and some video game music and a couple separate playlists of my favorite game soundtracks that have the ability to set a very certain mood for me while writing.

My master writing playlist:

My Pirates of the Caribbean playlist for my pirate novel, (teehee):

The Witcher games soundtrack playlist (for some reason I was unable to find music from the second game so it’s not as long as I would like it to be):

And an honorable mention, just because I love the games, even though I didn’t create the playlist:

Fable I, II, and III playlist:

One of my stranger ways of dealing with the occasional writer’s block

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m composing a score to go with the story (I can’t write music. At all. I can hear music in my head sometimes and put together compositions in my mind every once in a while, but I can’t write it down and I only read Alto Clef, so….)

And then, as if I were the composer, I make up fake track names to go with the fake score. Which is what @crazyfanatic97 and I ended up doing today for the sheer heck of it, for a three-part trilogy collaboration of ours that’s been in the works for like almost two years now. 
So this is my (completely, 100% fake) soundtrack for this project.

Disc One: Remembrance
Prologue/Old Wounds
2. Optimus Always Knew
3. Moving Out/Calling Home
4. Supremacy
5. Banner Protocol
6. This is Madness
7. Here’s Where Things Get Tricky
8. Heck of a Proposal
9. I’m Still Here
10. Binary System
11. What Now?
12. Hacked
13. She’s Not Talking
14. Another Lead
15. We Need a New Plan
16. Catching a (Sound)Wave
17. He’s Out Now
Bonus Track: Last Stand at the Oh No Corral

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