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top 5 movies

  • Mad Max: Fury Road (the pinnacle of visual storytelling, nothing will ever be as good or visceral as this movie)
  • The Lobster ( my fav colin farrell performance ever, also generally just so beautifully wierd you can’t help but love it)
  • Inception ( I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love this movie)
  • Hero (every single shot is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see on the big screen)
  • Atonement ( literal perfection on every level )

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Do you know the movie 'the road to El Dorado'? Because I thought, you know, maybe - Outlaws? With Jay as Tulio, Roy as Miguel and Kory as Chel? :D

I’ve watched the movie again with that AU in mind and it fits so well??? I took a million screenshots for reference so i might just do more :D

Marvel should pull a backwards Avengers with the Guardians of the Galaxy, after the team breaks off in GotG Vol. 3, they’re gonna get individual movies. Each movie can be a different genre too.

  • Gamora and Nebula can have a family road trip movie as they transfer their imprisoned father into another prison.
  • Peter can get an earth-bound adventure as he tries to settle down with his grandpa and his family but alien stuff interferes.
  • Rocket Raccoon and Groot can go back to their their swindler days, but they end up doing a heist to save the galaxy because they miss being heroes.
  • Drax and Mantis can have a romantic comedy in space.

Since I know there’s probably a fair amount of you out there who haven’t seen the first three Mad Max movies, I’m here to tell you a li’l secret about them:

All the people complaining about how Max “isn’t the main character” in Fury Road are big ol’ Fake Fanboys cause Max’s primary character trait in literally every movie is “I hate this, why is it happening, please leave me alone to brood in the desert in peace”. 

He’s much more the central focus of the plot in the first movie but in Road Warrior and Thunder Dome he basically just gets kidnapped or beat up by wankers in weird bondage outfits and spends the rest of the movie trying to leave as soon as possible while other people are like “please solve our absurd post-apocalyptic problems”.  There is not one single point where Max actively seeks out being a hero until it is forced upon him.  He ACTIVELY TELLS PEOPLE WHO ASK HIM FOR HELP to take a hike.

Mad Max himself would like nothing better than to never, ever, ever be the main character.

He would also like for people to stop stealing his fucking car.

An short interlude

to remind you how awesome a movie The Road to El Dorado is;

FUN FACT: while I was Vanarts we actually had an entire lesson in story writing focused around this movie. because it takes Tulio and Miguel ELEVEN MINUTES to get to the New World. And the entirety of the thime before that we spend it with them as characters to develop their relationship and how they bounce off each other.

We also had an entire discussion on how to establish long-lasting friendships without dialogue within a few seconds by focusing on how Tulio and Miguel give each other shit and shove each other around but how this is a sign of endearment more than antagonism because the other lets them get away with it and it’s obvious this is a common interaction.

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Also the established the entire mythology of the entire movie in the very first minute and a half doing away with almost any exposition needed when they reach the city. So we all know what’s going on and what’s at stake without any of the Mayan priests having to “As you know” it at each other

The intro leaves out the lines of the song “But all this was granted for only one millennium” though which is only on the soundtrack. A bit of a mistake because this actually explains why the priest and chief are so eager to please Tulio and Miguel. They’re trying to stop them from smiting the city into oblivion by proving themselves to the gods.

Not that it matters because the chief figures out Miquel and Tulio are just mortal men and just decides not to rat them out because they’re a positive influence on the city.