So I thought I might make a Netflix zombie movie reclist. It contains all sorts of different types of zombie films, so there is something for every occasion. By no means is it super extensive, but these are some of my personal favs, and at the very least they provide material for one wild movie marathon.

  • Fido: This movie is strangely cute for a zombie movie but don’t let that turn you away because it’s extremely enjoyable. It takes place in the 50’s. A company called Zomcom has come up with technology that can domesticate zombies, letting the rich and elite use them as slaves. This movies follows a young boy who befriends his family’s new zombie slave.
  • I Sell the Dead: An interesting take on zombies that involves two grave robbers in the 1800’s. Think Shaun of the Dead meets Sleepy Hollow. Awesome, right? Yes. It is. Also Ron Perlman. Seriously. I love this movie.
  • Cockneys Vs. Zombies: A group of kids try robbing a bank the same day the zombie virus happens to spread through London. This movie has So Many things that I love in it including humor, heart, and asskicking old people.
  • Zombibi (Kill Zombie!): A dutch film (yes subtitled). Like the aforementioned Cockneys Vs. Zombies, this movie has a lot of humorous moments and some good gore moments, just ignore the green blood. I laughed a lot, even when I didn’t understand the regional references. A fun film.
  • Pontypool: Okay, this isn’t technically a zombie movie–it’s more of an infection movie, but the “creatures” are zombie-like enough I’m willing to include it here (because I really love it). It is centered on a shock jock narrating the spread of the virus while stuck in his radio booth. Super intriguing and a bit eerie.
  • Night of the Living Dead: Obviously a classic, had to put on the list for Romero reasons. Sometimes I take for granted that not everyone has actually seen this movie. Re-invented the zombie, and the zombie genre as we know it. Supremely important.
  • Day of the Dead: Another must-see Romero classic. A bunch of asshole soldier dudes and one seriously badass lady.
  • Dead Snow: Norwegian film. Classic cabin in the middle of nowhere scenario except with nazi zombies…really fast, strong and smart nazi zombies….basically everyone’s worst nightmare. Also has some humorous moments. This movie gets quite gory. Subtitled.
  • Night of the Creeps: 80’s teen movie combined with zombies. What else matters in life, honestly.
  • Deadheads: I contemplated not putting this on the list, because this movie is objectively so bad, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I love it so much and I can’t explain why. It’s a zombie romcom (yes, you read that correctly). The lead character is a zombie (who, due to an experimental drug, can walk/talk/exist like a human being) on a mission to reunite with his ex-girlfriend. I cannot reiterate enough how bad (but simultaneously good) this movie is. Just don’t take it too seriously.
  • Doc of the Dead: This is a documentary about zombie culture as a whole, and is super interesting. It talks about the history of zombies and how they’ve evolved over the years. Includes interviews/testimonials from some of the greats, such as: George Romero, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Max Brooks, Tom Savini, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, etc., etc.
  • ParaNorman: Another one I wasn’t sure if I should include, only because it’s not typically what someone might imagine when they think of a zombie movie, but fuck you this is one of my favorite films and it has zombies and it’s on netflix so it’s going on the list. Super cute, funny, and full of heart, it is very important to me, and is perfect if you want something that isn’t too dark/complicated and/or want something that has zombies and is still appropriate for younger kids. You never know.
  • The Returned: This isn’t your typical zombie gorefest, it’s more of a political/medical drama/thriller. Basically after the zombie outbreak, treatment was developed that lets those infected live like fully functioning human beings as long as they take their dose every day. Well shit goes down, doses run low, there are “anti-returned” groups killing the infected, etc. etc. This is a really great film, but it’s super depressing, like it legit made me cry but I also love it.