the other day i saw a tweet by some man that was like “so what if men just started remaking all the iconic female comedies with all male casts?” and legit my first thought was “uh, yeah, sure, go ahead”

and then i thought a little harder and like, there are a few, but – you couldn’t realistically do that? because here’s the thing: historically, comedies with majority-female casts have been about characters in specifically gendered situations, or have only worked plot-wise because of gender roles. like – 9 to 5. the first wives club. clueless. legally blonde. mean girls. bridesmaids. like, sure, you COULD make all-male versions of those, but they’re going to bear almost zero resemblance to the original story, because those stories are specifically GENDERED stories.

whereas the reason why you can make a movie like ghostbusters with an all female cast is because the conceit is universal, since there was no reason to justify them being all men in the first place. male stories are universal. female stories are “about women.”

so, like, men: if you want to steal all the iconic female comedies and remake them, have at it! good luck with that! you’re not going to get very far. 


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