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ok but it actually makes me me angry how our appreciation for den's "wind beneath my wings" speech will never be enough. I mean we witnessed an actual, serious macdennis breakup. I mean it was MAC who wanted to leave and he was basically tired of den's shit and how he was "just complimenting himself" like mac wasn't living with this bastard for decades already? like he doesn't know him?! we're talking about mac's pure, slow-burnt love towards dennis and how den managed to make him stay.

I KNOW right?!!! That was flat out a Grand Romantic Gesture and I still can’t believe that happened. And they had broken up once before too!! Like we didn’t get one, but TWO legitimate breakups, with subsequent make-up scenes that are stereotypically traditional make-up tropes from movies/tv (singing/heartfelt confession in public, and a 3rd party interfering and reuniting them)… really makes you think