Very rare!

I was tagged by the awesome @tylerssposeys <33

1. Favorite colour: Mint green

2. Favorite songs: Everything from Tatiana Manaois, Dodie Clark and Taylor Swift

3. Favorite bands:  Twenty One Pilots 

4. Fictional place in which I would reside: Idek, I’d say Beacon Hills but I wouldn’t last two seconds there

5. Gender: Female

6. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff

8. Birthday: December 19th

9. Places I want to go: Pretty much wherever my internet friends live :)  

10. Places I’ve been to:  Florida, Paris, Spain, Greece and Finland

11. Currently studying/working: I graduated last year, but not working yet 

12. Shows I really like: Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, Faking It, The Fosters

13. Current lockscreen/wallpaper: Both my lock screen & home screen are Crystal from her new movie, Too Late 

14. Why did I choose my URL: No real reason, i’m thinking of changing it soon too

15. Are there people from this website I’d like to meet: Way too many people @tylerssposeys @teenwolves-ahead @theo-baeken @beta-banshees @lovely-lahey @sun-moon-mantra @obrienswolf @adriannahobrien09 @mrseyeoftiger just to name a few 

16. Salty or Sweet: Sweeet, definitely

17. Last book I read: Unspeakable - Abbie Rushton

18. Favorite online shopping site: Amazon, Ebay and Etsy

19. Favorite movie: The Last Five Years, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, Letters To Juliet, Valentines Day

20. What did I want to be when I grew up: It has always been a doctor/nurse and probably always will be 

I tag: @teenwolves-ahead @theo-baeken @beta-banshees @lovely-lahey @obrienswolf @adriannahobrien09