movie theatre

  • I came here alone and you came here alone so why not make this a movie date?
  • We both ran out of the theater at the same time during a horror film are you as embarrassed as I am?
  • I’m still sitting in the theater crying during the credits of a tragic love story and I thought I was the only one left in here until I spotted you crying in the back
  • Someone in this theater has the most adorable laugh I must find you
  • Excuse me can you not fall asleep on me while I’m trying to watch this movie that I’ve waited all year to see oh wait you’re cute sorry carry on

this started out with me thinkin about shiro as some kind of generic greaseball street thug and as i went along my train of thought went: hmm greasers….. greaser boyfriends…. grease is the word…..


Grease AU

  1. Grease AU

G R E A S E!!! AU!!!


  • matt goes from his garrison nerd form to Hot Stuff???
  • the black lion as grease lightning???
  • klance as kenickie/rizzo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)???
  • the dances

…i know it’s silly but i had a lot of fun thinking about it.  and i’m just sayin, we need that voltron musical episode…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯