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Bruce, I would love to live with you in your castle forever, just like in a fairy tale… I just couldn’t live with myself, so don’t pretend this has a happy ending.            

How Can I Not Try

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Author’s Note - Someone asked for Auston fluff, but then I got pissed off and watched a sad movie so this happened. Sorry not sorry.

Warning - angst

Word Count - 959

Title Song - She’ll Be The One (Live) - Shawn Mendes


He didn’t know why he was doing this. Why he was causing her more pain.

He could see it in the way her hands shook when she spoke, hear it in her voice, smell her tears.

“Stop it, just stop it Auston. For fucks sake you’ve done enough.” The venom in her voice cuts into him like knives. He thought he could do it, be away from her, be without her. Instead he had been lost, been lonely, been so goddamn angry at himself for pushing her away.

“I’m sorry- bab- baby I’m so sorry.” He stepped forward, arms out, palms up pleading with her to let him get closer.

Let him breathe her in once more.

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Blanket Kisses || Donghyuck

: fluff, friends to lovers?
Summary: you share a movie, a blanket and few confessing kisses with your friend and crush, Donghyuck
Words: 880w
Warning: so soft ya might melt 

  Midway through watching a movie on your best friend - Lee Donghyuck’s couch, you start to feel the coldness of the night prick at your skin. You hug your knees closer to your chest and let out a little hiss. The boy notices and gives you a cheeky half smile, “Getting cold?”.

  You take a glance at him, looking absolutely warm and comfy with the soft blanket wrapped around himself, the blanket that you said had too strong of a smell. In fact, it just really smells like him and it makes you flustered. “Yeah” you answer, lowkey embarrassed but that’s what he makes you feel every time.

    You’ve been friends for a long time but it’s only a few months back since you’ve started developing feelings for him. In no time, you realize you have a big fat crush on your own friend but you’re too scared to convey it to him.

   Donghyuck opens one side of the blanket to invite you in, “Get in, then”. Your lips stretch out into a smile as you scoot over to him, your side pressed against his. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and drapes the blanket around you. You hear him giggle as you cuddle close to his comfortable warmth but keep your eyes at the tv screen to calm yourself down.

    You take a deep breath and ignore the butterflies in your stomach. “Um…My back is still exposed though, give me more” You say with a little frown. But you know he’ll give you hell of a time for rejecting the blanket from the beginning. “I don’t know, I feel like too much would clog your nose. Since it stinks so much apparently” he says, looking away from you in a teasing voice.

  You grip the corner of the blanket and pull it more towards you, but to no valid since Donghyuck was tightly gripping onto the other end, keeping it in place.

  “Oh come on, Hyuck. Don’t be so petty” You say as the male fails to bite back his smile, watching you struggle to take the blanket from him. And it soon turns into a tugging war as you fight for the little bit of the warmth while Donghyuck refuses to back down either.

   You decide to use your leg as well, stretching it forward to push him back. But in the process, your grip on the blanket slips and your hand comes flying with the force, straight onto Donghyuck’s face. Only then did he let go of the blanket but by then, you already did too.

  Your eyes widen as Donghyuck covers his face in his palms and groans in pain. Your hands, that were cover your agape mouth slowly move to hold his face on both sides while saying, “oh my god, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”.

   “Ugh” is all he replies to you and you tilt your head to take a closer look at him but with his hands on his face, you couldn’t see. “Let me see, babe. Did I hit you too hard?” you ask in concern, genuinely feeling sorry for accidentally hitting him square in the face.

   You manage to remove his hands from his face and tilt his face up to take a closer look, to see if he’s hurt anywhere. The minute Donghyuck’s eyes meet yours, you gulp a little. His hands then return to his face, holding the bridge of his nose.

  He’s looking at you with these puppy eyes, mouth in a small pout. “I’m so sorry, Hyuck. Does it hurt?” Your own hand moves to his nose, finger gently touching the bridge, scared you might hurt him more than you already have.

  Donghyuck watches you quietly as you keep looking at his nose in concern, finger moving up and down his nose bridge to sooth the pain. A chuckle leaves his lips and you stop, “Why are you laughing? Doesn’t it hurt?” you ask, still feeling like shit because you made him look like a hurt puppy.

  “Kiss me and I might forgive you” he says out of nowhere and your eyes go wide. Your breath hitches and your heart feels like it skipped a beat. “W-What? No!” you say, actually feeling flutters inside your tummy. Donghyuck’s smile then fades away and then returns the puppy eyes, “Please?”.

   You hesitantly lean forward, letting your lips gently graze against the tip of his nose for a short second before you pull back with a “B-Better?”.

  Donghyuck shakes his head with a small grin, “Not on the nose, dummy”. You know full well what he means by that. But the nervousness in you refuses to let you think about kissing him on the lips. Because if that’s what it means, does that also mean Donghyuck likes you?

   Seeing as you’re quiet, Donghyuck adjusts the blanket, removing it from around himself and throwing it around your shoulders. While you are confused as to why he suddenly went with your own pettiness, he chuckles.

     “I can’t wait for you to take the hint anymore, so-” Donghyuck suddenly pulls the blanket edges on your sides forward, causing you to lean forward also.

   And before a gasp of surprise could leave your lips, Donghyuck places his soft and warm lips against your in a chaste kiss. You feel his lips slowly move against your own, driving you to the edge and surely, you find yourself willingly wrap your hands around his neck as his snake around your waist.

   The movie in the background is long forgotten, so is the blanket pulled around your legs and so is the pain on his nose. You both drown in the moment, sighing in content as you share kisses warmer than the cold cold night. And without words, you both know, the feeling is mutual.

♥️  Mark - Renjun - Jeno - Donghyuck - Jaemin - Chenle - Jisung  ♥️

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(omg, I got so many Lukanette asks asdfasjfsa)

who’s the cuddler: Marinette! Luka gives the warmest cuddles, she loves it.

who makes the bed: Depends.

who wakes up first: I bet they are both not early birds, when they have a chance, they just lie in the bed as much as possible, enjoying each other’s company. But Luka is more responsible to wake up early when he has to. 

who has the weird taste in music: No one. 

who is more protective: Did you see Silencer? They both will beat your ass.

who sings in the shower: I would say both, but after hearing Luka’s voice, Marinette is shy to be heard despite his words that she sings lovely.

who cries during movies: Marinette.

who spends the most while out shopping: I would say no one, but if its about Marinette’s fabrics or new guitar for Luka, they can get insane a bit.

who kisses more roughly: Marinette.

who is more dominate: ………… Depends.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 100/10. I bet show wont treat Lukanette well in future, but they are in my heart forever.

Send me a ship uwu

Here’s Why || Venom

(In which Eddie finds out the truth)

Eddie’s apartment stands quiet and still in the early hours of the night, nothing but the soft sounds of his fingers hitting his keyboard echoing in his small dining table.

He takes a sip of his coffee.

Should he? Should he not? He’s been debating this for almost an hour and a half now, readying himself. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Eddie types a few more words into his laptop before leaning back into his chair and stretching.

“Hey, V?” He calls into the small space of his apartment.

The symbiote’s voice echoes inside his head. “Yes, Eddie?”

“There’s something that’s been on my mind lately.”

“We are inside your mind, Eddie.”

Eddie rolls his eyes and shifts in his chair, “Not what I meant. As in, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

He hesitates for a moment.

“So… you’ve said before that a host needs to match its symbiote so they can both live, right?”


“And there can be multiple people who match, right?”

“Only people who do not die.”

“Yeah, exactly, except… we match…”

“Yes, we do.”

“And other people match with you too.”

Venom paused. “…Yes.”

“Then,” Eddie swallowed. “Back when you were still trying to take over the world and kill all living things in it and stuff. When we first met… you said you wouldn’t get rid off me when I mentioned you killing me. ‘Said we were too good of a match.”

He felt Venom shifting inside his head, though whether that was a good thing or not, he didn’t know.

“We are.”

“But there are better matches out there than me.”

“Perhaps.” Venom didn’t like to dwell in the idea.

“Then why stay? Why not discard me once you used me for escaping the lab and finding a better match? Why settle for me?” Eddie fiddled with the sleeves of his black shirt, who also happened to be his symbiote. “Why me?”

He was answered with silence. The ticking of his watch now filled the empty room, marking the seconds of hesitation between Venom and Eddie’s question.

Eddie took another sip of his coffee and shut his laptop closed, patiently waiting for his response.

“Love?” He called.


“You know you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“I want to.” Venom’s small head materialized from Eddie’s shoulder, a few of his tendrils already wrapping themselves around his arm. They paused for three more seconds before speaking. “It was my former host.”

Eddie’s eyebrow arched. “Former host?” He tacked his brain. “You mean Maria?”

Venom nodded.

“What about her?”

The little black blob sank down onto Eddie’s hand and rested there, humming. “She had known you well,” They said. “Before you met us, we already knew you.”

Eddie let this sink in. “Wait, you mean—“

“We saw you and Anne within the other dirty humans, giving us food. We saw you looking our way and meeting us. We saw you passing by our sidewalk everyday, engaging on light conversation, we saw you gifting us with… money.” Venom’s voice carried a light weight, as if lost in thought. He continued. “We saw you laughing at our jokes and smiling. We saw you getting newspaper from us and paying us even when you were not obligated too. Even when it cost you a meal.”

Eddie sat frozen, letting Venom’s words settle into his brain. A shy laugh left him, “Is… Is this you talking or— or something else?”

“Not us. Host.”

“Right, María.”

“But then…”


“We wanted it to be us.” The black tendrils snuck downwards and wrapped themselves around Eddie’s fingers instead. “We were interested in you.”

Eddie rubbed his symbiote‘s now materialized hand with his thumb. “And?”

“And then it was all we knew. Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock. Just a memory. Just a thought. But when we heard a noise inside our capsule and lifted our head to look—“

“There I was.”


Another silence.

“Eddie opened the door and our host had jumped for help. She was already dying so—“

“You were killing her.” Eddie corrected, holding his coffee mug up to his lips again.

“We were.” Venom agreed. “But we never finished the job because—“

“You left her and went inside my body.”

The little blob nodded its head.

“So, Maria—“

“Was killed off by the humans in that place.”

“And you—“

“We,” Venom raised their head at eye level with Eddie. “Are here now.”

The answer hung in the air, all the questions Eddie had before flew out the window, leaving just him and his symbiote. His symbiote.

Eddie raised one of his hands and scratched at Venom’s head. “Yeah. Okay.”

They closed their eyes in contempt and tilted their head, “We did not want the Earth to be destroyed, Eddie. We did not want everyone to suffer.” They moved closer to Eddie until they booped against his lips. “We wanted you.”

A small smile stretched on Eddie’s lips, laughing shyly. “Yeah.”

“That is why we didn’t leave.”


“Is that alright?”

Eddie kissed the top of their head, “Yeah, it’s alright.”

He picked up his coffee mug and stood up, “How ‘bout a refill?”

Venom’s head piped up, “Tater tots?”

Eddie nodded, on his way to the kitchen. “Tater tots.”

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Okay since I don't have a Tumblr and I can't actually post it, I'mma tell you about it: There's a movie that Michael Sheen was in, called Far From the Maddening Crowd, and there's a song that he shares a duet with (Carey Mulligan), called Let No Man Steal Your Thyme, and ALL I CAN THINK OF IS JUST BEELZEBUB AND AZIRAPHALE SINGING ABOUT GABRIEL AND CROWLEY. IT IS SUCH A SWEET AND PRETTY SONG, MICHAEL'S VOICE DOES IT JUSTICE - Ramble over, have a nice day~

LMAO oh my god what a weird and unexpected friendship aziraphale and beezelbub would be. this gave made me smile just to think of them singing it together about their loves

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its been like the shittiest weekend of my life so when i saw this i got rlly happy anyway my prompt is just books or blankets or both? i hope youve had a good day!!

aw, i’m sorry to hear you had a lousy weekend. it was an okay day! i was cranky for no reason ;p

“I don’t read,” Clint says and Tony scoffs so hard he starts coughing.

“Tony,” Steve says, voice thick with exasperation.

“You’re full of shit,” Tony says when he can speak again. “You love that—what is it, Petey Jackson?”



“There aremovies.”

“Please argue about stupid things quieter,” Natasha complains from where she’s curled up in Steve’s lap, her head resting on his chest. She claimed the only thing plusher was Tony’s ass. They’ve only been given one tiny blanket for the six of them, so, being the smallest, Natasha’s been given that and the rest of them are squeezed together against the wall between Steve and Thor to get as much body heat as they can. Steve has blanket-burrito Nat in his lap because the cold air in the cell had been giving him a pinched, hollow look. “And you love those books, Clint.”

Clint gives her a betrayed look and Bruce smiles.

“We know you can read, Clint.”

“Who’s Clint?”

“That didn’t even work in the movie, whywould it work here?” Tony demands.

“How would I know, I’m an idiot.”

Natasha snakes a hand out of the blanket and reaches across Bruce to smack Clint. “Yes. You are. But not because you can’t read.”

Anyway,can we go back to my question? What are you guys reading?”

“A Brief History of Time,” Thor says, and everyone other than Natasha turns to look at him. He grins the way he does right before he says something that nearly makes Tony’s head explode. “It is quaint.”

“Oh my god,” Tony says.

Bruce covers his smile with one hand.

“I’ve been reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

“Okay, yes!”

Natasha settles in a little more against Steve’s chest and he squeezes her, reassured by her weight and warmth.

Getting captured is never going to be at the top of his list of “fun things to do”, but he has to admit, being stuck in places like this together has led to a lot of conversations they might not have otherwise had.

“Did you finally stop being a hipster and read Harry Potter?” Clint asks and Tony groans.

“Yes,” he finally admits.


“I liked it, dammit.”

Steve smiles and settles in. “Does that mean I read Harry Potter before you, Tony?”

“As have I,” Thor chimes in.

“Everyone in the world has,” Clint says.

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the sads have hit BIG TIME and i’m needing some soft tom ideasssss

aw i’m sorry bub :( imma just spurt out some stuff because we all need a soft bf tom sometimes

  • him bringing you your favourite comfort items, whether that’s a particular snack, a movie, a hoodie of his, you name it it’s yours
  • late night talks in his car uwu
  • hOldiNG HaNDs. that’s it that’s the concept. i just wanna hold his hand
  • just like, doing your own thing but together. like doing some work or drawing or reading or something while he’s playing playstation or sending emails or something but you’re both in the living room and just ~around each other~~ u no 
  • watching movies together when you’re apart!!!! calling to sync up to press play at the same time and then texting your reactions as you watch ((bonus if one of you is spamming the other with reactions and getting no response and then just “…you’re asleep aren’t you”))
  • kissing the other’s knuckles/the palm of their hand gjrstiojerite oejiwt
  • having in jokes that become condensed over time so eventually you can just say something really innocuous like “tangerines” and you both crack up and everyone else is just like “….ok then.”

idk gimme a boyfriend!tom pls and thanks 

Ever Wending Home

For day 1 of Steggy Week: Endgame. I posted part of this story back after I’d just seen the movie, and it became my most popular post on this website. So, no pressure on me to deliver with this one, LOL. Here goes:

Ever Wending Home

Bucky sits in on the meeting at Steve’s request. Afterwards, they walk back to the lake and stand on the dock, Steve skipping stones with little flair and expert aim. It’s peaceful, meditative. Steve finds Bucky’s solid, quiet presence comforting, now that he’s used to it. Before, Bucky had been the talker.

“You sure you’re up for this?”

His voice is pitched low and gravelly, another difference between this Bucky and the Bucky he’d known before.

Steve gives a curt, decisive nod. “It has to be done.”

Bucky moves closer so that their shoulders touch as they look out onto the water. “‘S not what I asked.” He nudges Steve with his elbow, just barely. “You could let someone else clean up the mess.”

Steve sighs and let himself sag a bit against his friend. The silence creeps back.

After a while, as the sun starts to sink behind the nearest mountain, Steve turns back and sits on the bench. Bucky hesitates at the end of the dock, watching as a bird wheels lazily over the water.

Eventually Bucky joins Steve on the bench. “You could let the Wasp do it. Scott would fuck it up but Hope would hardly break a sweat.”

“It’s gotta be me, Buck.” Steve ticks off on his fingers as he goes through the list. “Bruce, Nebula or Rocket would draw too much attention, Clint just wants to be back with his family, Carol’s got another intergalactic emergency on her hands, Thor has enough he’s not dealing with right now, Rhodey wants to be here for Pepper.” He sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. “And the rest of you were only very recently dust.”

Bucky hunches his shoulders and nods. “I figured you’d say that.” He looks at Steve. “But after this mission, if you wanted. You could take a break. Get some rest.”

Steve nods back. “I could take a break.”

“You could at least try.”

Steve looks back out over the lake, gone orange with the sunset. “I could try.” He hears an echo, faint in the back of his head. “Allow him the dignity of his choice.” Steve thinks Peggy would approve of this choice. He thinks she’d choose the same, in his shoes.

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(*kisses anon’s forehead*)

who’s the cuddler: Kim. Max is happy to get hugs from him any time, but just shy to ask for it when he wants some cuddles.

who makes the bed: Max ofc.

who wakes up first: Kim. Max goes to bed pretty late very often because of his researches, uni studies, then work, so its not so easy for him to wake up before 12 pm.

who has the weird taste in music: Kim ofc.

who is more protective: Hm, they both are dangerous, if Kim will beat you up, Max can verbally humiliate you in the worst way.

who sings in the shower: Kim.

who cries during movies: Kim, but he tries to hide it from Max when he can.

who spends the most while out shopping: Kim, so Max prefers to go on every shopping with him to control all his actions,

who kisses more roughly: Kim. Save poor shy boi Max.

who is more dominate: *sweats* They are still trying to figure it out.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 169/10, too underrated but too powerful ship, so many people just are too weak get how good these two are.

thinking about how in the goodbye yellow brick road dinner scene (bernie and elton part) when you look at it really neither one of them is listening to each other in the moment and it feels like two separate conversations, each from a different perspective of the same situation

elton is saying what he needs bernie to hear and bernie is saying what he thinks elton needs to hear, but elton is in a worse state and very obviously out of it which is why hes just spilling his guts nonsensically and bernie is talking about recovery

but then the passion switches to bernie as he takes over and sings his heart out, and now were hearing his perspective fully and emotionally for the first time, complete with elton yelling at him in the background, assuming that bernie is just running away

all in all its such a good portrayal of a low moment between them and the escalation of it, and it showed how each party felt in the moment so well because depending on who you focus on in the scene its a totally different story, bernie is heartbroken and tired, he just wants elton to recover and elton is overwhelmed by the confro and assumes that everyone now including bernie is against him

[5:26] You hang up the call and took a deep breath. You called Felix and told him about how stressed you were these days, and how you were scared that you were gonna fail your finals. 10 minutes later you opened your door to see Felix with a bunch of stuff. Your favorite flowers, candies, chocolates, stuffed animals, and movies to watch. “I didn’t know what to get, so I just got everything,” he explained putting the stuff down, and wipes the sweat off his forehead from all the running he did.

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“Are you tired? Rest your head on my lap.” + Park Jisung please💗

You let out a yawn, trying to stay as quiet as possible as the movie played before you two. You tried to keep your head up but it kept falling forward and Jisung noticed. Jisung, before he could think it through- because he knew if he thought a little more he wouldnt speak up, spoke. “Are you tired? Rest your head on my lap.” Your eyes widened at his offer and he suddenly got nervous, “I-I mean, uh, you don’t have to- obviously! But, I just- you, uhm….” You giggled and repositioned yourself so your head was now laying on his lap, he was now tense, uneasy.

“Ji…can you play with my hair?” You asked quietly, tired. He began to gently run his fingers through your hair and he calmed down himself.

“Hm? Oh, hey, the movie is over-” The soft snores of you could be heard and Jisung sighed, deciding he’d stay there until you woke- the next morning you and Jisung woke up to the sound of a camera click and then Chenle’s dolphin laugh.

Headcanons for Izuku!

It’s his birthday, so what better way to celebrate than to write some fluffy relationship headcanons!

  • I feel like Izuku is the type of person to try to give you personal space, despite really just trying to stick close to you
  • I also know that if you were to ask him to cuddle, he would melt
  • Likes being the big spoon, it makes him feel like he can protect you from anything
  • Although he doesn’t mind being the little spoon, either
  • Late night movie marathons while cuddling in a pillow fort are a must
  • Kiss him on the forehead or nose and he’s putty in your hands
  • He will ask all kinds of questions about your quirk, how it functions, special conditions, drawbacks, all that jazz, and record it in his notebook
  • He’s like 5’ 5", so kinda short, so if you are tall he might have to strain his neck a little
  • But realistically speaking this boi is 99% pure muscle and will find a way to climb you like a jungle gym
  • If you’re short, congrats, you have a new bodyguard
  • He will stick by you everywhere, he’s like a lost puppy
  • When he’s not stalking hanging out with you, he’s thinking of fun little things to do with you when you next see each-other
  • Sweet daily good morning texts to put you in a good mood
  • Sometimes he falls asleep while at your place and
  • He’s adorable
  • Must protect the precious boi

I would do more, but I’m hungry and I don’t feel like writing a novel, thanks

Going Down

Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Y/n has her friends over and Tom and her play a little game. Later, a small, harmless confession leads to more.

Warnings: SMUT, cursing (??)

lol this sucks, but it was fun to write!!

“And then she just kicked him square in the nuts!”, you choked out, as another round of laughter filled the room. You had invited your friends, Harrison, Tony, Zendaya, Jacob, Harry and Tom over, because you hadn’t done anything together in the longest time. Tom was here, because he had to go back on the set of his latest movie and Harry was visiting one of his friends.

You held your stomach, the deep red coloured wine splashing on the wooden floor as your hand, that was holding the glass, was shaking uncontrollably. You’re sober-self would’ve probably sprinted to the kitchen to get a napkin, but you just muttered a small “Oh shit”, while still laughing hard.

You were just telling everyone the story of how Tom got turned down by this girl at a bar a few weeks ago. The story wasn’t even that funny, but the amount of alcohol in your system made it sound like the funniest thing you ever heard.

“Well, if you women just can’t appreciate the effort of a desperate, yet cool dude, trying to make conversation, then I can’t help you.” ,Tom stated proudly, shrugging before raising his drink to his lips. He was acting all chill, but deep down you knew he was mad at you for bringing the story up.

For you, Tom had always been a little more than just a very good friend. Everytime you saw him walk towards you, your heart skipped a beat. When you talked to him, you tried to be yourself, but there was something about him that just made you act differently. But you learned how to be more you in front of him over time. The both of you also went out pretty often… Just as best friends though. You kept telling yourself that it was just crush, but it had been going on for the past two years, so you didn’t know if the word ‘crush’ was still appropriate in this situation.

“I honestly understand this girl! Your pickup lines are, like, the worst I have ever heard. Sorry not sorry, man.”, you confessed taking another sip of your drink.

“That’s not even true! I’m not that bad at talking to girls!”, he argued and another ripple of laughter ran through the group, started by Z and Harrison, who were holding their stomachs at this point.

“Good one, mate.”, Haz got out.

“Wha- Alright, but it’s not like y/n is better than me at flirting.”, he said, crossing his arms.

“Excuse me? At least I don’t end up getting kicked out of the place!”, you replied chuckling and hearing everyone else burst into laughter again.

“Dude, what could you possibly have done? ”,Jacob asked.

“Alright, before we keep making fun of my inabilty to pick up girls, you tell me your best lines and I tell you mine, darling.”, Tom challenged you. And you were very much up for It.

“You go first.”, you said.

“Are you a cake? Because I want a piece of that.”, he said confidently.

“That.. was.. .”, you began.

“Eh.”,Z said.

“You wanna go bowling? I’ll give you a chance to pin me.”, you winked at him.

“Nice one.”, Harry remarked.

“Thank you.”

“I hope you know CPR, because you’re taking my breath away.”

“You can do better than that, man!”, Haz criticized.

“Do you want to go to In-and-Out for burgers or just in-and-out of me?”

You earned a roar of laughter for this one.

“Ohoho, so we’re gonna go down that road?”, Tom asked, chuckling,“Babe, are you an elevator? Because I wanna go down on you.”

“Tell me your name so I know what to scream tonight.”

“I like every bone in your body, especially mine.”

“Boy, are you a trampoline? Cuz I wanna bounce on you.”

“You know what would look good on you? Me.”

“Ugh, so basic.” Tony said, rolling his eyes at Tom.

“I think we heard enough. Judges?”, Harrison said, getting up from the floor and turning to the others.

They all whispered something to each other and then nodded, before Harry rose from the couch and opened his arms. “We were all quick to agree on who won this thing. Congrats, y/n!” ,he announced.

“HA! What’d I tell you?”, you said, triumphantly.

“Oh, that doesn’t prove anything.”,he moaned, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Whatever, man. I won..”, you mocked, taking another sip from your glass.

The rest of the night was spent with the boys discussing the latest episode of 'Love Island" ,you and Z talking about guys and dating in general and your plans for the future. After a few hours everyone left, one after one.

Tom was the last one. He said he wasn’t in a rush to get back to his hotel and you gladly invited him to spend the night at your place, because it was already pretty late (and because you hoped something would happen between the two of you..).

He helped you clean the mess you all had made in your living room. While gathering half empty glasses and stacking up plates, you both shared a few laughs remembering times when the whole group went out together and some of when just both of you went out together. Finally, you recalled the events of the night.

“Tonight was really fun. Congrats on winning, by the way. Even tho mine were better, but ya know..”, he mumbled the last part under his breath and the sarcasm in his voice made you laugh.

“I really liked the one with the going down.” ,you admitted, chuckling.

“Really?”, he asked, looking at you while drying the glasses you gave him.

“Haha yeah.”

You looked up and just now realized how close your faces actually were. You started into each other’s eyes for a moment, before he suddenly put his lips to yours. It took you a second to realize what was happening, but before you could kiss him back, he pulled away.

“I’m sorry for just doing this.”, he said out of breath, “It’s just that.. I have liked you for a really, really long time now and I-” , without letting him finish his sentence, you put your hands on his neck and attached your lips to his again. He eagerly kissed you back and used his hands to roam your body, which was curving into his.

You began moving around the kitchen, not seeing where you were going. He pushed you against the counter and your hands found his hair, tugging at it lightly. He had his on your waist and was now moving the both of you towards the living room, accidentally stumbling over the stool you used to reach the top shelves. After a short laugh, you continued to get to the couch, still kissing desperately. You felt the couch against your leg and lied down with Tom on top of you.

He stopped, breathing heavily.

“So.. you liked the one where I was talking about going down on you?”

You bit your lip and nodded, looking up at him.

He sat up on and spread your legs, still holding your gaze. You watched him slowly pull up your black dress and carefully strip down your damp lace panties, thanking god that you chose to wear them tonight. He threw them on the floor and put his hands on either of your thigh, lightly spreading your legs wider.

“Look at this. So pretty.”, he said, licking his lips, which only made you hornier.

His face disappeared between your legs and the only thing you could see now was his hair. Grabbing it lightly, you were getting ready for what he was going to do to you.

The sensation caused by his tongue running down your wet folds, made you close your eyes and whimper in pleasure. Your free hand grabbed the side of the couch, fingers buring into the soft cushion. He moved deeper into you and tilted his head, before putting your leg up on the couch to get a new angle.

The things he did to you made you repeativly moan his name and arch your back, signing him to keep going.

After a few seconds of telling him that what he was doing felt so good, he also began using a finger on your clit, bringing you to the edge.

“Tom, I’m-I’m so close.. shit! ”, you screamed out. He kept going, until you finally reached your climax and your body began to tremble.

Tom ran his warm tongue through your folds again, before pulling away. He sat up and both of you were heavingly breathing.

“You, uh, wanna go to the bedroom for round two?”, he asked, looking down at you and running a hand through his messy hair.

You also got the hair out of your face, which was sticking to your sweaty forehead, before sitting up on your elbows. You intentionally didn’t close your legs to let him have another look at what was awaiting him.

“If you want to.” ,you answered, trying to sound innocent.

He picked you up and walked you over to your bedroom, before putting you down on your bed. You looked him up and down, before pulling your dress over your head and lying on your bed with only your bra on. He didn’t take his eyes off your body, while impatiently taking off his shirt, pants and finally his boxers, revealing his erection.

He joined you on the bed, as he began kissing you passionately, but you broke the kiss a few seconds later.

“Lie down. It’s your turn now.” ,you told him, smirking.

He obeyed and you kept admiring all of him.

“Where do you keep-”

“In the drawer.”

You watched him lean over, get one out, rip the package open and roll it onto himself. Then he lied down and waited for you to take control of him. You climbed onto him, legs on either side of his hips, before bringing your hands to your back to quickly unclasp your bra. You threw it to the side, before running your hands over his stomach and lowering yourself onto his large member. You immediatley threw your head back and both of you moaned at the feeling of him filling you up so perfectly.

You started to slowly move up and down on his cock. His eyes were shut, while his mouth was wide open, your name repetitively leaving his lips. You switched to rocking your hips back and forth, earning more moans from Tom.

The sensation of him inside you had you rolling your eyes back, as Tom was watching you and telling you how gorgeous you looked.

You picked the pace up a little bit, your hands now resting behind you on his legs.

You looked down at him again and saw him keeping his eyes on where your bodies met.

“Fuck, y/n, seeing my dick disappear inside you like this is so fucking hot, keep going.”

You began moving up and down again, but faster now, your breasts bouncing on your chest. Tom’s eyes were glued to them, as he started to message them firmly.

“You feel so good around me, y/n, fuck. Don’t stop, princess.”, he breathed out.

Hearing him call you 'princess’ turned you on even more and you changed from moving up and down to circulating your hips.

His hands left your breasts and were now on your hips, guiding you.

“Fuck, you’re so big, Tom.”

You felt goosebumps all over your skin, when you felt his index finger rubbing your sensitive clit, bringing you closer to your second orgasm.

“Tom, I’m gonna-”

“Yeah, me too.”

He continued rubbing circles on your clit and after a few seconds you screamed out in pleasure, feeling your walls and breasts swell and Tom cum inside the condom.

You stayed in the position for a while, loud breathing from both of you replacing the moans from just moments ago. Finally rolling off of his sweaty body, you pulled the covers up, still trying to catch your breath. Tom quickly disposed the condom in the bin next to your bedside table, before climbing in next to you.

“That was amazing, love.”, he said, putting an arm around you.

“You have no idea how long I have dreamed of this to happen.”, you replied, resting your head on his chest and grinning.

far too young to die (4/???)

a/n: another part for you guys!! we dive right into season 3 content here, but i am trying to spice it up a bit, and make it unique. i don’t just want to rewrite scenes and pop the reader in there, i want to make it more dynamic, like you were made to be in it. i hope you guys enjoy!

relationship: steve harrington x reader

word count: 931

summary: you just wanted to keep your job at the starcourt mall movie theater. all you had to do was find out how these kids were sneaking into the movies without coming in the front door. your small little movie theater conspiracy ends up pulling you into something a lot bigger, and a lot scarier.

part one / part two / part three

chapter four: need to know

That was it, you were done. You thought that maybe, just maybe, he was done letting them in. But no, of course not. He had to sneak them into Day of the Dead. Your manager had said that the movie was going to be the biggest seller yet for the theater, and the kids had gotten in, again. And you hadn’t spotted them until they were on their way out.


It was your turn to clean the theater, according the coin flip you and Jen had done earlier. You waited as everyone piled out of the theater, when you spotted them. They walked past you, but you reached your hand out, grabbing the tallest boy’s arm. “Hey!”

“Shit,” he muttered, giving you a glare.

“You need to stop doing what you’re doing, alright? If I see you assholes sneak in again, I’ll ban you for the rest of your existence.”

“Yeah, sure.” God, you hated kids. You reluctantly let go of his arm, catching eyes of the rest of the group.

“That goes for all of you!” They all ran out of the theater laughing, and you rolled your eyes.


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Only You

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Can you come pick me up? 

Those six words were enough to get Jongin out of his pajamas and driving to see you. You’d told him that you had a girls’ night out planned, dinner, movie but also clubbing was included. You weren’t too excited but you weren’t about to say no to your best friends either. He knew that you weren’t a big fan but you were too kind to decline. 

He thanked his lucky stars when he saw you standing outside the club. His heart leapt at seeing you, looking just a little bit sad and there by yourself. You brightened as soon as you saw his car and immediately jumped in. 

“Oh my gosh, thank you, Jongin,” you muttered, immediately putting on your seatbelt. 

Jongin glanced over at you. He wanted to hold your hand, to give you a jacket he didn’t have. He wanted to do something but he couldn’t when he was driving. So, he just drove you both home. It was easy, anyway, when you both live in the same apartment building. 

“You should’ve just gone home when you wanted to, Y/N,” said Jongin as soon as you were both out of the car and walking towards the elevator. 

“I know,” you sighed, your shoulders falling. “It’s just… all the girls found someone to dance with and..” 

Jongin immediately saw red. “Did someone – “ 

“No! No, it’s just… I only really wanted to dance with you. I didn’t want to dance with anyone else.” 

Jongin gaped at you momentarily. “Well, uh…” 

You blinked. “Sorry, that was – “ 

“Me too,” he smiled, reaching for your hand. “Thinking of you with anyone else would’ve drove me insane.” 

You smiled shyly, looking down at your feet. “Hey, so, I’m not sleepy yet. Want to, uh, hang out?” 

Jongin nodded too quickly causing you both to laugh. “Yes, definitely.” 

Hey guys? I have some really bad news. There’s a movie in production that’s insanely transphobic, lesbophobic, and just downright creepy. Please discourage people from watching it where possible, and observe the triggers I’ll cover now if you do choose to do so. This movie is called Adam (not to be mistaken with a 2009 film of the same name). It’s about a cis het minor who lies about his age and identity, saying he is an adult pre-op trans man to romance (read: sexually assault) a lesbian. He does things such as claim he is using a strap-on while in fact having his dick inside a woman without her knowledge or permission. That’s fucked up, and will help no one’s impression of the trans and lesbian communities.

If you’re interested in social media spreading, #boycottadam is the current tag. As a full disclosure, I have not read the book the movie is based on, but I have heard this going around in some trans communities and it sounds like people inside the communities who have had access to production/pre-screenings are incredibly revolted. Please be aware of this mess and stay safe. Thanks for reading.

maybeifitalk  asked:


Ah, yes, them teachers

who’s the cuddler: Mic is definitely the touchy one

who makes the bed: Aizawa just sleeps in his sleeping bag, I bet, and Mic is just… too busy being Mic to make beds

who wakes up first: While Aizawa is always sleeping, the reason for that is cus he is actually up at ungodly hours, I bet, so really, does he wake up first, or does he just not sleep at night at all. Time is a construct, one might argue that they both wake up first depending on how you look at it xD

who has the weird taste in music: I mean…. Mic

who is more protective: That would be Aizawa, Mic is just another one of his children he needs to take care of lol

who sings in the shower: Mic! hahahaha

who cries during movies: MIC!

who spends the most while out shopping: MICCCCCCCCC


who is more dominate: Aizawa. He doesn’t take anyone’s shit

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10, Aizawa tapes Mic’s mouth shut to get some peace and quiet