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What do you think of the movie Sweeney Todd? Also, what is your favorite movie in general?

I assume you mean the Tim Burton movie? I wish more of the cast had been better singers, but I love the look of it. In terms of the overall Tim Burton Aesthetic, it’s probably my favorite example. I want all of Mrs. Lovett’s wardrobe. ALL OF IT.

My favorite movie in general? It’s so difficult to narrow it down to just one! So I’ll name three:

  • The Addams Family
  • Interview with the Vampire
  • Crimson Peak

(No one is surprised by these choices, I know that.)
Suicide Squad Director Reteams With Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn For Gotham City Sirens Movie
The name of the long-rumored, Harley Quinn-centric DC movie will be Gotham City Sirens, THR [...]

The name of the long-rumored, Harley Quinn-centric DC movie will be Gotham City Sirens, THR revealed today.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer will return to Gotham along with Margot Robbie, who will play Harley Quinn, and a cast of female superheroes and supervillains from the DC Universe.

Gotham City Sirens the name of a comic book series that starred Harley, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy (Harley’s girlfriend). Both Catwoman and Poison Ivy have appeared in previous film incarnations, with Uma Thurman playing Ivy in Batman and Robin and Catwoman having appeared in three separate feature films – Batman Returns, where she was portrayed by Michelle Pfeifer; Catwoman, played by Halle Berry; and The Dark Knight Rises, played by Anne Hathaway.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet, whio also wrote scripts for the Tomb Raider remake and Warners’ Sherlock Holmes 3, is writing the screenplay.

The Beauty and the Beast movie press tour gonna be like

Interviewer: So when you were cast as Lumiere-

Ewan: Oh yeah *looks into the camera* I’d love to do an Obi Wan movie.

Interviewer: That’s not what I-

Ewan: Or, two, or three, or twelve.

Interviewer: I didn’t-

Ewan: I’m just waiting for your call, Disney.


 “I was only cast five weeks before we started filming the first movie, and that’s when I met Dakota for the first time… it’s been three years, [and] Dakota and I are very close. We’ve got a great sort of love and respect for each other. We’re great friends and I think that makes it easier, you know? So it’s definitely more comfortable” - Jamie Dornan on his friendship with Dakota Johnson

I think my favorite thing about the AOS cast is that you can watch the three movies and actually see the way that they grew into the role like

  • Chris going from being a little shit who wants to get a rise out of people aka the Kobiyashi Maru scene to a Captain plagued by his past and refusing to lose anyone else
  • Zach’s eyebrow raise (which is on fucking point the whole time but in Beyond it is so Leonard Nimoy it hurts)
  • Karl’s little homages to De and learning the way to hold his face/mouth to convey such Bones level exasperation
  • John doing that fucking smile when he sees his family that is literally just SUlu like he went from a quiet character in the first reboot and piloted a ship that hadn’t run in decades
  • Zoe’s glare in every single movie that could cut a man in half but also saved my life
  • Anton going from a nervous, somewhat stuttery Chekov to the navigator of the Enterprise who saves the goddamn day with Jim 
  • Simon has always been the embodiment of Scotty but the way he looks at the Enterprise like it’s the love of his life and he’s so reluctant to leave her like he was born for that role 

Idk i’m just emotional and proud of my children 

colin is so strange to me. like, personality wise he’s so sweet and humble and SO self-deprecating - literally shouting in pain when ppl try to show pics of alexander, begging a director not to cast him bc he thought he might ruin the film, relieved no one threw bottles at him when he went on stage, always correcting himself whenever he says he’s a good actor/has talent, etc… just this Chill Dad who types one finger at a time and has an aol email and loves grocery shopping and more than anything wants to be in more animated movies to impress his kids

at the same time, here’s this dude who goes out of his way to make sure that his shirt never exceeds three (3) buttons.. takes time to choose which pair of earrings to wear that day….wears fake glasses for the sake of Fashion…. he’s so special and unabashedly himself and i love him

Today’s pet peeve: when a movie or TV show does the thing where character A attempts to bring character B up to speed on what’s going on, but character B cuts them off mid-sentence with “there’s no time!!!11”, and immediate plunges the entire cast into some horrifying situation that could easily have been entirely avoided if they hadn’t been too fixated on being Dramatic™ to listen to three seconds of exposition.

Karasuno Babes At The Movies

Daichi: “okay 1…2…3, damnit stop moving I can’t get a good head count!” He’s constantly trying to get his boys in check, he gets them all a children’s ticket by stating that “they are all a child of God”

Suga: pays for everyone, doesn’t give them the shitty children’s snack box: buys everyone their own popcorn and snacks

Asahi: accidentally walked into a showing of “The Conjuring 2” and it’s been three days and no one can get him out of the house

Nishinoya: makes obscene shadow finger puppets on the movie screen

Tanaka: doesn’t have his ringer off, constantly looking up the movie cast, he spoiled the movie for himself on IMBD and now he’s in the arcade room

Hinata: he’s sitting right behind the tallest person in the world so now Kageyama has to relay the movie scene too him (turns out Kageyama was just repeating a restaurant menu over and over again)

Kageyama: half way through the movie he drops his phone so he spends the rest of the half looking for it

Tsukishima: went to the movies 2 hours early because he enjoys answering the movie trivia questions they screen before the movie

Yamaguchi: he fell asleep on tsukishimas shoulder (😍🙌🏼👌🏼)

Beauty and the Beast

THIS MOVIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s everything I wanted it to be! Luke Evans stole the show for me no matter how much of a little sour grape Gaston was!(keeping it PG) Josh Gad is perfect and I love him❤️ Dan Stevens. Dan Stevens. Dan Stevens. Oh my god he’s perfect! Emma is Belle! She is an amazing actress and she nailed this movie!! The rest of the cast were so adorable and Sir Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor were amazing!

*PLEASE STOP READING HERE IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT! THIS IS FULL OF SPOILERS* Ok so there is a scene were the towns people come to kill the beast so everyone teams up to keep them out. Madame Armoire covers three men in ribbons and two end up running away as they’ve ended up in dresses but one man stays and looks really proud in the outfit and Madame Armoire proceeds to shout “BE FREE, BE FREE!”
He is later seen dancing with Lefou and I just want to thank Disney for finally having LGBTQ character(s)!

My favourite scene was the final scene were everyone is dancing and they’re all so happy❤️



Overall this movie was AMAZING and the songs are beautiful ❤️🌹

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Stunts Part 1 - Tom Holland Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: in this part, nothing much except for mentions of stunts and stress caused by school, but next part will have mentions of anxiety and fear

Summary: Ever since Haaz and Tom left to work on the Spiderman movies, you’ve been left alone to your studies. But, the cast had grown to love you much that they give you a surprise over Winter Break.

Word Count: 1592

It was nearing Winter Break, and your best friends were nowhere near you.

“Happy first day of break, (Y/n)!”

You laughed. “You’re not on break, Tom. And neither are you, Haz” You sighed. “I’m going to guess you’re not coming to visit.”

Tom shrugged. Harrison laughed. “You could’ve come.”

“My school won’t let me take months off like you, Haz.” The three of you stared at each other with knowing eyes. At the exact same moment, you all stuttered in your best Peter Parker impression, “I got… homework.” Haz, Tom, and you sputtered and laughed. You reached out to hold onto their hands, only to find they weren’t there.Your laugh died down and turned into a sad smile. That hole in your stomach grew.

Ever since Tom left for the movie, you relied on Haz to keep your sanity. Then, Tom offered you both jobs on set. Haz took it. You… didn’t. There were too many things in your life in your home that you couldn’t leave.

You were fine with it. You had to be.

You weren’t. You had to remind yourself that this friendship was not imaginary.

“Tom, did you tell her yet?!” someone shouted from off the camera. Laura appeared on the screen. “I guess not. Hey, (Y/n).”

You smiled a little. “Hi, Laura. Tell me about what exactly?”

Laura leaned over. “Well-”

“Hey, I said I’d tell her!” Haz argued.

Tom rolled his eyes. “(Y/n), if you want, we can… bring you over during winter break?” Tom’s lips pursed into a tense smile.

You blinked a few times. “Wait a minute. To the set?”

“Yeah!” Haz exclaimed. “We can show you around, not everywhere, but a lot of places.”

“Plus, everyone wants to meet you in person,” Laura added. She pointed at your two best friends. “These two will not stop talking about you.”

You nodded. “Ok, so I need a plane tick-”

“Not needed,” Laura sang out. “It’s paid for!”

You gasped. “What?! Are you serious?” Your jaw dropped as you jumped a little in your seat. ‘That’s crazy! I’m going to see all you guys?”

“Yeah!” the three answered with bright smiles.

You laughed. “That’s amazing!” You giggled a little. “Thanks so much you guys.”

“Anything for our best friend,” Tom beamed. His eyes shined.

You were going to see them. Tom, Haz, Laura, everyone. You’d get to see, talk, and laugh with them in person and not through some screen.

A speaker crackled. “Cast, please, come to Set 21. Cast to Set 21.”

Laura clicked her tongue. “Well, that’s our cue. See you later, (Y/n).”

“Yeah, can’t wait til you’re here,” Tom added.

You smiled. “I’ll see you guys soon.”

Laura pulled Tom right off the screen.

You bit your lip and sighed. On the other side of the camera, Haz was tapping the desk repeatedly. He groaned. “Are we going to address the elephant in the room?”

You shook your head. “Nuh-uh.”

Your best friend threw back his head. “(Y/n), you need to tell him.”

“I am not telling him. It’s not like anything will come out of me telling him.”

Haz started tapping his fingers again.

You gulped. “Plus, it’s been a year. I haven’t seen Tom in a year. I haven’t seen you in six months. You all changed while you were away.”

“So have you. Even with the changes, you and Tom… you still have it. (Y/n), he talks about you. A lot. Like, way too much to be normal for a best friend.”

You held your breath. It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be. Tom like you? In that way? No. He was Tom Holland, up-and-coming rising star and the new face of Spiderman. And you? You inhaled shakily. “He just missed me is all.” You laughed a little, your heart cracking with each rumble of your chest. “I gotta finish studying.”

“See ya, (Y/n). Think about it?”

“Maybe.” You hung up.

On the other side of the screen, Haz turned around and smiled widely. “You convinced yet, Tom?”

Tom, who was still in the room but out of the camera’s view, was staring at the blank screen. His wrinkles were deeply set. His arms were crossed, and his eyes were hooded. Finally, Tom shrugged. “That could be about anything.”

Laura and Haz rolled their eyes.

“Guys, look at me. I can’t give her anything other than no privacy and stress and everything else that comes with being… an actor.” Tom sighed. “She’ll never… She doesn’t have any reason to.”

Then, you were on a plane. You had been bouncing your knee, tapping your fingers, and doing anything else that would calm down your excited stomach. Security was so skeptical of you. Another fangirl who stalked the cast. You already had your hand on your phone, ready to get photos of you and your two best friends.

“She’s with us.”

You looked up from your bag with a bright smile. “Haz!” You tackled him with a hug.

He laughed. “There’s the girl of the hour.” Haz tightened his grip on you. “I missed you so much.”

“I think I missed you more.” You laughed.

Your best friend inhaled through his teeth as he pulled you away. “I think someone else missed you more than anything.”

Your intimidating stare made Haz step back. He held up his hands in defense. “I’m just saying, (Y/n)! Either way, he is waiting.”

You shook your head. Haz grabbed your hand and sped past the buildings, tents, and people. Suddenly, you were at some trailers, and one was clearly labeled for the Tom Holland. “Do I knock?” you asked.

“See for yourself.”

Knowing Haz was up to something, you whipped around just in time to get swooped up into Tom’s big bear hug. “Hello to you!” he shouted in a the weirdest accent you ever heard.

You laughed. “Tom, I swear, put me down now or Peter Parker goes missing in the movie!”

Haz gasped. “Not the money-maker, (Y/n)!” As Tom put you down, Haz walked up behind him and pointed at Tom’s face. “I mean look at this. The world needs this.”

After a beat of silence, you three laughed.

Tom then said, “Hey, it’s nice to see you again.”

“You, too.”

Haz looked at you then Tom. He sputtered, “Well, don’t just stand there! Everyone’s been dying to meet you.”

“Really?” you gasped.

Tom laughed. “Plus, we have a great day planned.” He offered up his arm, which you take gratefully, and he led the way. Tom continued, “Visiting sets, costume department, props, and the stunts.”

“Stunts?” you asked.

Haz appeared at your other side and linked his arm with yours. “You know pixie dust? We have our own here. They’re called harnesses.”

You beamed. “I can’t wait to get started.”

“Is that (Y/n)?!”

You jumped a little.

Walking right towards you was Zendaya and Tony. You had seen them in so many video chats, but seeing them and knowing they were just a few steps away made you hop on your toes from giddiness. “Zendaya? Tony!” You let go of Tom and Haz and embraced the two actors. “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person!” You pulled away and gasped. “I mean, look at you!”

Zendaya laughed. “Look at you! You are way prettier in person.”

“Yeah, Tom made sure we knew of that,” Tony agreed.

Before you could question his statement, Tom popped out from behind you. “Guys, we have a schedule to keep.”

Zendaya scoffed. “Since when do you care about schedules?”

“When one of my best friends is here for the first time.”

You giggled. “So, what’s first?”

You met Jacob along the way to sets. He was looking for the donuts apparently. “They always get Krispy Kreme, and that’s my favorite, ok?”

You asked, “Did you find them?”

“Oh, I did.” He pulled out a small box of Krispy Kreme donuts. “You want some. According to Tom and Haz, you guys had a tradition with donuts.”

You gladly took a glazed one. “To celebrate winter break.”

The sets were larger than life or simpler than you ever could imagine. Sometimes, it was just a green screen. Next was the costume department. Many hats were tried on and reject clothing items were smashed together. Then, they were all carefully placed back in their original spots. More or less. Then, the stunts. There, Laura was waiting. She was helping the crew set up for the experience.


You sprinted to her. “Finally!” The two of you met with a hearty embrace. She laughed and beamed at you. “It’s s nice to finally see you in person. Now, I can know what those two are talking about.” Lauren rubbed your arms and pinched your cheeks.

You giggled. “Says the model-ready actress.”

A creaking sound was brought to everyone’s attention. A crane was descending and placing down another harness on the set floor. You smiled. “Is this what stunts mean?”

Haz nodded and pulled you to his side. “You need the full Spiderman experience! So, what better way to do that than have you swing through the streets of New York like Spiderman?”

You jumped with glee raising your cheeks.“Thank you!”

You, Tom, and Haz were strapped into harnesses of your own. You had one best friend on either side of you. The three of you were lifted up a few inches. You tugged on the wires. Everything seemed stable.

“Ready for lift off!” Tom yelled. “Let’s go!”

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while. Anyway, I know, bad ending, reallly bad, but I’ve got lots of math homework to do and I can’t seem to make it better….

Anyway, I don’t know when the next part will be… But, I will do some things inbetween this and the next part. That will be in the next announcement!

Anyway, long note… Wow. I miss you guys so much!!! Hopefully, I will write more in the near future. Hope you guys enjoy this part! Have a wonderful day!

EDIT: Part 2 is up!

nyphospitalThree of the cast members from the new “@SpiderMan_Homecoming” movie (@TomHolland2013, @lifeisaloha and @Zendaya) surprised patients and families at #NYP/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital last week.

Tom Holland, who made his debut as Spider-Man in “@CaptainAmerica_CivilWar,” even came dressed in character in the studio’s official Spider-Man costume.

The group spent the afternoon signing autographs, taking photos and spending time with the kids.

Thank you to @LollipopTheater for making this visit a reality for our patients. They had a blast!
Watch the Exuberant Trailer for Film Adaptation of Stephen Karam's 'Speech & Debate'
The first trailer for Speech & Debate, adapted from the play of the same name by Humans scribe Stephen Karam, is like a sugar rush for theater fans, and EW is excited to exclusively premiere it…

February 1, 2017


The cast is stacked with actors from Broadway (Roger Bart, Sarah Steele, Austin McKenzie, Skylar Astin) and the comedy world (Janeane Garofalo, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Kal Penn). Plus, there are cameos from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Darren Criss, and an original song performed by Kristin Chenoweth.

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Paul Feig Appreciation post:

  • His impeccable suits
  • The way he gets crazy silly when he poses for pics especially with his cast
  • Sony said ‘no homo’, Paul Feig said “As homo as possible”
  • He lets Melissa McCarthy swear a lot and that’s always entertaining
  • His great sense of style (see point 1)
  • Relationship goal, he’s been with his wife forever! (legit they got married three days before I was born!)
  • Freaks and Geeks!
  • That feeling you get when he likes one of your tweets
  • MOST SUPPORTIVE DIRECTOR FOR HIS CAST! (see: Paul Feig anytime Leslie Jones was in trouble)
  • Did I mention I think he’s a dope dresser?
  • Brings Kristen Wiig out of the indie movie niche she hides in to give her dope-ass funny as hell roles (to be fair, she WROTE Bridesmaids so he didn’t have to get her for that but STILL)
  • He directed the Parks and Rec Episode where Leslie marries two gaypenguins and becoms a gay icon in Pawnee
  • He aint afraid of no ghosts

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Arrow Girl and Spider -Boy (PT 1)

Tom Holland x reader

Request by: anon

Prompt: “Hi Can you do one with Tom Holland in which the reader is the newest Avenger cast member on the set and they are both the same age? And all the older cast member totally ships Tom Holland and the reader together, much to her embarrassment. The reader is really shy and she doesn’t think Tom would like her and keeps denying her feelings. She thinks his type might be Zendaya, but he likes the reader? Maybe the cast members set them up together somewhere to make them confess. Thank you!!!!”

Interest: Tom Holland

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 Buzzfeed: What Is the Hollywood Actress (Y/N) (Y/L/N) Doing On the Set of Captain America: Civil War?

Three days ago, the young and beloved actress (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was reported to be seen on the set of the third Captain America titled movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s timeline in Leipzig, Germany. Whether she was just visiting known friend Elizabeth Olsen, who has reclaimed her role as the Scarlet Witch, or a part of the cast, it’s too early to tell. Follow us for more information on CA:CW and its cast!

“You’re kidding me,” you say to Elizabeth, setting your phone down after reading the short Buzzfeed article out loud. “How did they even find out I’m here?”

Elizabeth chuckles, unbothered, “They have their ways.”

“Yeah,” you huff. “Ways being nosy cameras and ruining surprises.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Elizabeth reassures you. “They still don’t know you’re an actual part of our cast.”

“I know,” you sigh, pushing a hand through your hair.

“Olsen, (Y/L/N)! Get out here!”

“Come on,” Elizabeth says, taking your hands and pulling you up from the bed. “We’ve got work to do.”

Outside your trailer, the summer weather isn’t as bad as it was yesterday, less with the intensity of the sun and more with the warning of oncoming rain.

“(Y/L/N),” Joe Russo calls towards you, Robert Downey Jr at his side, “You’re with Holland for the fight scene.”

Elizabeth waggles her eyebrows at you, and you groan, feeling a blush rise to your face. Ever since you had met the clumsy Spider-Man actor last month, every single cast member, Team Cap, Iron Man, or not, had teased you about him seemingly every moment they got. He was definitely cute, and it was difficult to not find his company enjoyable – you would know since you spent four weeks trying to find any flaw in his personality. But, Tom Holland was a real life Peter Parker, sincere to his bones and goofy all the same, save the webs and Queens origin.

You pick up your quiver from the weapon’s rack, minding Hawkeye’s bow and Captain America’s shield as you reach for your own bow next.

“I can’t wait until everyone finds out you’re playing our Kate Bishop,” Elizabeth says as she straps the quiver to your back for you.

“If Buzzfeed ruins that surprise, I’ll shoot an arrow at their reporter,” you chuckle in response, snapping your bow as Joe walks over to you, a make-up specialist on his heels.

“You’re going to be recording part of your fight scene with Tom leaping and dodging your arrows around you,” Joe tells you as the make-up lady begins to put fake blood on your forehead. “Don’t actually shoot anything at him, even a dud. It could knock him off of his balance and do some serious damage.”

“Got you, Coach,” you reply lightheartedly.

Joe smiles, and pats your shoulder. “He’s going to have to punch you in the face though.”

Your own smile drops. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Well, he won’t be actually punching you in the face, but we’ll be recording it like he will,” Joe explains to you.

“He’s going to punch me in the face,” you reply flatly. “He’s about as coordinated as a blind owl.”

Joe chuckles and shrugs his shoulders. “You’ve got this, and he already said that if he hits you, he’ll take you out to dinner.”

“Oh!” Elizabeth squeals. “I hope he punches you in the face!”

You turn and look at her, unimpressed, and she winks.

Shaking your head after the make-up specialist moves back, you run a hand through your half-way braid, further messing it up. “Let’s just get this over with.”

Fighting with Tom is more like playing a game of whack-a-mole since he ducks and dodges every fake punch you throw at him. He’d ‘stolen’ your bow moments ago with his webbing, flinging it across the airfield towards Chris, who was running along with Sebastian in the background, and apologizing while doing it.

“Look,” Tom says his lines, throwing his hands up as he lands on top of a few piled crates. “I don’t want to hurt you, because you’re a girl and all, but I have to help Mister Stark-”

“Can you shut up?” you cut him off, and throw one of your dud arrows at him, the shaft falling short and hitting the base of the boxes. In editing, the arrow will explode, but for now Tom screams on his own and falls from the top ungracefully, landing at your feet as the boxes are pulled back by lines.

You have to admit to yourself, you sounded more like moody T’Challa than the younger and female version of Hawkeye, but it was still funny getting to talk like this.

Tom pretends to struggle getting back onto his feet, and you roll your eyes, beginning to turn away with the script having you take Captain America’s and Bucky’s backs when Barnes gives you your bow back, but before you can do that, Tom’s ‘webs’ are supposed to grab you from behind. The line that’d been attached you before filming is yanked, and Tom catches you before it pulls you into the remains of the boxes, but his footing his wrong and you crash into each other, hitting the ground within seconds.

“Way to go, Spider-Boy,” you groan, having landed on top of him.

Since his face is covered in dots and not an actual mask, you can see him blush and realize his arms are wrapped tightly around your waist.

“Sorry,” he says, and releases you from his grasp.

You stand up, offering him a hand up that he takes, and together you two face the incoming Russo brother and a few other cast members.

“Are you two okay?” Joe asks, inspecting your faces for serious damage.

“We’re okay,” you respond, rubbing your shoulder where Tom’s body didn’t protect you from the hard landing. “Tom took the brunt of it though.”

“I’m okay,” he assures Joe, holding his side. “Her belt just got me in the ribs.”

“Is that the first time?” Downey asks and Scarlett Johansson rolls her eyes at him.

“They’re kids, Robert,” Scar says to him.

“We’re nineteen,” you say in unison with Tom, and then look at him in surprise as Downey cracks up.

Joe sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Alright, Holland, (Y/L/N), I want you two to go over your lines for the rest of the film and recover from the fall, and someone find me Renner and Rudd.”

“Rudd’s sleeping,” Scar tells him, as Elizabeth steps up beside you, linking her arm in yours.

“How did his abs feel?” she asks quietly, and your jaw drops, smacking her in the shoulder as you blush.


“I’m just asking!” she laughs, and runs off, leaving you standing with a strong blush beside Tom.

“Ready to go, partner?” he asks you, oblivious to Elizabeth’s question, and beginning to walk back in the direction of the ring of trailers the cast rested in between takes.

“Not your partner,” you say, walking alongside him. Farther away, Paul Bettany, Daniel Bruhl, and Don Cheadle are arguing, dressed in their costumes and showing their phones in each other’s faces.

“That’s not in our script later on,” Tom replies, and you look over at him to see he’s still holding his side, wincing.

“I’m sorry I fell on you,” you say, and he shrugs his shoulders, smiling at you.

“I can’t help that you’re falling for me,” he replies, starting to laugh, and you face-palm.

“I’m definitely not falling for you, Web-Head.”  

Penny’s not actually a bad actress

Okay, hear me out, because this will take awhile.

Many are quick to judge Penny based on her performances in the Serial Apeist movies, but they’re hardly her best work. Penny repeatedly shows disinterest and even disgust in these films. She doesn’t care about them, and it shows in her performance. It’s not uncommon for actors to produce poorer performances in movies they are less than passionate about.

Let’s look instead at her performance in A Streetcar Named Desire. This play requires few characters, with only five female roles, two of which (a Mexican flower vendor and a black woman) would be unavailable to Penny. So, with only three parts open to her, it’s an accomplishment for her to have been cast at all (though this accomplishment is somewhat diminished by the fact that the play was cast from her acting class which is fairly limiting). And not only does she get cast, Penny pulls the lead role, and it’s not a role that’s only the female lead with a more prominent male lead, it’s the lead role. As the lead, Penny must memorize the whole play (as opposed to just her lines) because it’s on her to carry the performance. Without her, the play would fail. It’s a big responsibility. It’s a big deal. And there’s a great complexity to her character Blanche DuBois. It’s a challenging role, but it’s also a great one, and a great showcase for an actor. As Blanche DuBois, a multifaceted character, Penny would have to be a proper southern belle, a seductress, a woman desperate for a husband, a drunk, a woman consumed by grief, and a woman so irreparably damaged that she gives into delusions. Drunk people and the mentally ill are notably difficult to act, and Blanche goes through various stages of mental illness throughout the play, so Penny should be given recognition for that. Overall, the role of Blanche DuBois is a treasure trove for an actress what with the layers of the character, the challenges, and the notoriety of the role (A Streetcar Named Desire is an American Classic), so Penny playing the role well is a large feat, and it tends to go unappreciated by the fans and the characters outside of the episode. It’s significant that Sheldon appreciates her in the role, praising Penny as “remarkable.” As a huge consumer of media, Sheldon is exposed to a great deal of acting (though it’s mostly television and cinema, which is notably different than live theatre, but that’s more on the actor’s end than the spectator’s), and, for the most part, Sheldon is critical of the performances he sees. Taking into account Sheldon’s high standards, especially when he didn’t want to attend the play in the first place, this level of praise is exceptional. Sheldon never says anything remotely as positive about any of the other character’s careers. Sheldon’s claims about Penny’s acting are credible because, as mentioned before, Sheldon consumes a massive amount of media, and as shown in “The Loobenfeld Decay” and again in “The Lizard Spock Expansion” Sheldon can lie neither that readily, that comfortably, nor that convincingly. Additionally, Sheldon doesn’t allow his feelings cloud his judgement as easily as the other characters, nor does he give empty compliments to further an agenda. 

After Penny’s performance as Blanche, many characters forget about Penny’s better performances in favor of her worse performances or her lack of work. Sheldon continues to see Penny’s worth as an actress even when no one else does, a great example of this being “The Occupation Recalibration.” Though the quotation, “We’re dreamers,” has picked up momentum in the fandom, it’s primarily analyzed for the us-versus-them position Sheldon establishes between himself & Penny and Leonard (which is a completely relevant and noteworthy observation worthy of analysis), but it’s generally ignored that in this quote Sheldon puts himself and Penny on an equal playing field. Sheldon has an inflated self-image, seeing other characters as inferior and pointing this inferiority out several times throughout the series, so raising Penny to his level, especially on something he values as much as careers, is extraordinarily meaningful. Moreover, Sheldon knows the statistics of Penny becoming a successful actress, and supports her anyway. This is important because Sheldon relies on science and statistics; faith has proven to be difficult for him. Yet he believes in Penny in a way he does no one else. If Penny were a bad actress, as it is suggested to us, Sheldon wouldn’t have lauded her in the first place. In fact, he would have wanted to directly inform her of her shortcomings as he wanted to do about her singing in “The Loobenfeld Decay,” and he definitely wouldn’t have compared her to himself, even indirectly, if he didn’t 100% believe in her as an actress.