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Actually, it’s my sort-of dream to eventually be the old lady in the neighborhood that’s like the crazy old lady, like crazy old Martha, and just have, like, messy white hair and, like, ratty clothes, and I just drive around all day dead-eyeing teenagers. It’s, like… it’s my dream. I can’t wait to be there for that.

I’m falling in love with Megamind all over again, seeing so many posts of it on my dash, and was once again hit with how truly good-looking Megamind is? Like, seriously, what a babe. 

And that led to me contemplating this little head canon…

What if some more aliens come to Metrocity - refugees or tourists, what have you - and Megamind goes out to get a feel for them, see if they’re benign or nefarious or if they just need to stock up on snacks. And they turn around and see him…

…and just start flat out swooning. Like, blushing and dreamy sighs and the whole nine yards. 

Because, surprise, the alien race Megamind is? They were/are held as the most beautiful species in all the galaxies. Like, organisms far and wide just about fell to their knees over their good looks. Epic poems were composed about them. Ballads were sung. There were fan clubs. 

And Megamind? Megamind has got to be one of the most jaw-droppingly handsome specimens they’ve ever seen. 

So now Megamind is dealing with all this starry-eyed aliens and having his world rocked by the idea that he actually is incredibly handsome, and Roxanne is torn between laughing her head off at her boyfriend’s slightly panicked attempts at fending off these creatures advances and being slightly possessive? 

Also, Metro Man? The aliens take one look at him and have to hide their shudders. Poor fellow, he must have been from that other fleshy, pink-skinned planet…

Living with Saeran Headcanon

-When you both first moved in together he was quite shy
-Even having gotten quite comfortable with you, living with you felt like it changed the rules
-He always asked before he did anything
-Though you find it endearing that even by the hundredth time he’s still asking if it’s okay to hold your hand
-He didn’t have many things of his own
-So you put away money to take him out to buy him his own stuff
-Having his own things, right down to his own toothbrush was so special to him
-After that, he’d look for any excuse to use his own mug
-Making tea all day and loving the feeling of “this is mine”
-Even cuter is how his brain seems to blank when you remind him you’re his as well
-Late nights watching movies cuddled up on the couch
-He’s always excited to have an excuse to cuddle up with you 
-If you aren’t immediately in his arms he’ll kind of fidget and whine until you finally curl up with him
-He’s always completely sucked into any movie you watch together and never takes his eyes off the screen
-His fingers tend to fidget with the hem of your shirt or your hands while he watches
-It becomes apparent he has trouble staying still so you’re glad you can offer some kind of comfort to him
-This boy loves Disney movies!!!
-He seems to be able to relate to characters with bad back stories
-And always gets caught up asking if this means he could still have a happy ending after everything he’s been through
-It’s so adorable
-Of course you kiss him and tell him you’re both already on your way to your fairy tale ending
-He loves it so much
-He also angry cries over character deaths and when they’re unfairly treated
-You have to usually pause the movie to stroke his hair and help him relax
-He probably sings in the shower too
-All he really knows is what he’s heard on tv or in the movies though
-Luckily you don’t have to imagine it, here’s Saeran singing a Whole New World
-Watching Disney movies is basically therapy, he’s obsessed.
-If they got a fairy tale ending, so can I!!!
-He’s a little dependant on you in this still very new life to him
-So he loves being around you
-Will lean on you and browse his phone while you work
-Just generally loves being near you
-One day when you guys decide to go shopping you take him into lush
-Was this a bad idea or the best idea you’ve ever had?
-He spends an hour smelling everything
-Totally loves every new scent he comes across
-He’s so confused by bath bombs, and is convinced they’ll actually explode
-You tell him to pick a scent and buy him one to show him
-When you get home he almost drags you into the bathroom
-He’s always like this when he finds something new
-You show him how to run the perfect bath and then hand him the bath bomb
-He stares at it and kinda throws it into the tub and takes a step back
-Stares at it as he watches all the colours come rushing out
-When you both get in you lean against his chest
-His hands keep waving through the water and playing with the colours
-That’s it, he’ll never take a bath without one now
-Loves helping you get ready in the morning
-He’ll brush your hair and help you pick out your clothes
-He always looks over you with a blush
-He doesn’t even have to ask before you’re telling him he’s allowed to kiss you
-Once he starts it’s hard to stop him, his arms latch around your waist and hold you as tight to him as he can
-Genuinely nervous when you go to work that you wont come home
-So you send him texts every hour and call him at lunch
-He sits around and waits and always basically jumps off the couch to get his phone
-Will tell you he loves you like 5 times before you hang up
-Also is totally waiting at the door like a puppy when you come home
-Always ready to shower you with I missed you kisses when you’re through the door
-He’s not the best with emotions, but he’s come up with a routine for when you aren’t feeling well
-He’ll make you a hot drink, pull you into his lap and tell you how important you are to him
-It’s totally adorable because he’ll start referencing his favourite movies
-He always tells you he isn’t much but he wants to be your prince charming
-Of course you tell him he’s better then any prince 
-Usually ends with him being able to cheer you up with the sheer amount of love and care he shows for you
-How can you be sad when you see someone trying so damn hard to cheer you up?
-He’ll try and cook you dinner
-He can’t do much yet but he’s gotten pretty good at frying rice
-You’d love anything he made though
-You both sleep on the couch more then in your bed
-Late night cuddle sessions while watching movies usually end with you both too happy to break the closeness 
-He’s still learning but he loves you so much
-Show this boy you care and he’ll give you the world~

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i have a buster centered prompt! maybe he gets sick on the day of one of the performances and tries his hardest not to fuckign die on stage

Buster woke up that morning feeling not so great, and it all started with a simple sneeze.

At first he didn’t think much of it. Animals sneeze all the time, so what? He ignored it and continued on with his morning routine. He couldn’t let a small sniffle get in the way of his big day! There was a lot to be done.

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10 Characters Tag

rules: tell me your favourite character from 10 fictional works (shows, movies, novels, etc.) & tag people!

tagged by @severeminx

  1. Ronan Lynch (The raven cycle books) I don’t think I’ve ever fall in love with a character the way I fell in love with Ronan. I don’t think I’ve ever read a character who loves so hard and so much and so unconditionally and yet he fights against all these feelings for so long. You’re a big softie Ronan, embrace it. And he does in the end and it’s such an amazing thing to see that boy turn into a man and into someone who is no longer ashamed to feel SO MUCH. 
  2. James “Bucky” Barnes (Marvel, Captain America) I don’t know much about comic Bucky but MOVIE BUCKY, I totally adore. I remember watching first avenger and being meh, and then winter soldier and being wellll maybe? But then after civil war, I was in so deep. And now I watch all the first movies and it hurts that I missed so much in the first times I watched them because, Bucky? Fuck! He is so strong and awesome and badass and yet he is so, so vulnerable I just… I could write a book about how much I love Bucky and I know I won’t make any sense but Bucky Barnes? Love that dude to pieces okay?
  3. Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices, Shadowhunters) Will Herondale is everything I look for in a person and more. The first line he appears it was love at first sight. Dark hair, blue eyes, he loves to read books and he acts like complete asshole when in reality, that bastard writes poetry and loves his best friend like he is his brother and is ready to fight and die for him. He loves that man so much he breaks his own heart and he lets the one and only woman he ever loved be with him.
  4. Adam Parrish (The raven cycle books) My favorite bisexual, who thinks love is a privilege he is not worthy of. Who thinks he needs to sacrifice himself to save his friend because he was told all his life he wasn’t enough. And that sacrifice turns him into such a beautiful, powerful magician, and he learns to love and that he is more than worthy to be loved in return.
  5. Damen, Prince Damianos (The captive prince books) Damen, Damen, Damen. How strong and brave do you have to be, to stand up to your enemy, to let yourself fall in love with that enemy even if the whole world is against you. How brave can you be to save his own kingdom before your own? Damen chose love above everything and for that, I love Damen so much.
  6. Lena Duchannes (Beautiful creatures books) I always was fascinated by whitches stories and magic. And I loved that girl and those books SO much. Because she has to chose between light and darkness, between her family and that silly boy she met on her first day of school with whom she fell in love so hard. And she is such a complicated character and she wrotes quotes all over her room and also I just love her wardrobe a lot lol
  7. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter books) I just love Hermione, she is clever and loyal and she is such a badass, always ready to fight for her friends and she loves them so so so much. Like, seriously if she wasn’t there I am not sure things would have end up the way they did and thank God she was there to bring Harry back to his sense more than a few times.
  8. Steve Rogers (Captain America) Again, this is more about movies than comics but, man do I love Steve Rogers. He is not an old man, he is not boring no, He is so brave and he doesn’t fight because he needs a war or becaase that’s the only thing he knows, no. Steve fights because he wants the world to be right and because he wants to fix things and people and their own safety always goes before his own and he is such a good man deep down in his heart, without even trying.
  9. Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri on ice) My precious little ice tiger. I love that boy since the first episode where he just yells at poor Yuuri in the bathroom and when he gets to Japan and just buy that nice sweater with a cat face  (like same, babe) on it and he just yells all the time and his hair his goal tbh. I just love how fierce and intense he is and how at such a young age he knows that he wants and is ready to do whatever it takes to have it.
  10. Jean Grey, Phoenix (X Men) Such an amazing, complex character, I love her so, so much. And tbh I don’t know why? Because most of the time I don’t understand her, there is so many layers to that character and she turns out to be super dangerous because her own mind turned against her and she is just so interesting? She makes me think and analyse her actions all the time and I think it’s fascinating.

Okay so, I love books A LOT as you can see and really got carried away with this, oops?

I tag @empty-altars @exyqueenday @bigbrotherlouis @blamebellamy @midnight-kfc @crescendotayuri @liempire @spacemlm

My Sassy Boy [Chen]

A/N: Thanks for your request, anon! Here’s a fluffy scenario for you. :)

Request: Soulmate AU - Chen

The words scrawled on his wrist weren’t particularly interesting. Are you going to eat those fries?

The words scrawled on your wrist were even less interesting. Yeah. I’m saving them for later.

Luckily your relationship with Chen was anything but boring. You were currently regretting that fact very much.

“It hurts,” you whined, jerking your arm away from Chen’s grasp.

“Keep still!” he snapped, grabbing your arm and moving it back toward him. “I have to wash out the tattoo so it won’t scar.”

“You looked that up on the internet. You don’t actually know how to take care of a tattoo.” You felt the tears well up as Chen dabbed delicately at the tattoo on your shoulder. “How’d you even convince me to get a tattoo anyway?”

Chen wasn’t as calm as he outwardly showed, revealed by how his fingers trembled slightly as he finished drying the tattoo. “I don’t remember. We got really drunk.”

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Injury and Rapunzel

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

- I can neither confirm nor deny that this has happened (aka we all know I’m a klutz.  This has totally happened).

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore. 

- Beauty and the Beast (the original animated version), The Little Mermaid (look, who didn’t want to be Ariel with the tail and the hair as a kid?)…and can I technically put Captain America: The Winter Soldier in here too?  Because really.

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t’challa wooing sam??? sam being painfully oblivious and rhodey having to take him aside and be like “bro… you’ve gotta prince romancing you” 

sam cooking his mamas recipes for t’challa and t’challa kissing him on the cheek

netflix and chill but it is just netflix and chill, there’s blankets and pillows and popcorn and sam falls asleep half way through the 3rd movie. (he totally drools and t’challa Does Not think it is slightly adorable)

(sam stealing t’challas clothes and walking around the house in them because he knows it gets t’challa all hot)


Andrew Garfield Can’t Stop Laughing | Marc Malkin tries hard to get the “Silence” actor to focus during an interview about his very serious new movie–and it’s totally adorable!

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What do you think lazy days with the boys would be like? :)

Okay well I think Lazy days with Niall would just be eating a bunch of junk food, not caring about the calories that you were eating, and just catching up on some of your favorite shows.

Okay a lazy day with Zayn wouldjust be a cuddly, sleepy day. You two would barely leave the comfort of your bed (unless it was absolutely necessary) and you’d just spend the day cuddled together and wrapped up in each others’ arms talking about anything that came to your minds.

Harry would probably be sitting next to you on the couch, with your legs draped over his lap, as you read a book. Harry would be scrolling through his phone, with the playing in the background, when he’d just suddenly stop, dropping his phone to rest on your legs as he turned to you with a goofy grin of his face. “Hey babe?” “Huh?” “Wanna hear about the guy who lost his whole left side?” You nodded, not really knowing where he was going with this. “Well, he alright now.” He bursted into giggles and you couldn’t help laugh at him (and his adorableness).

Liam would just want a total movie marathon. Like he’d want to make up for all the lost time by holding you extremely close to him cuddled into his warm chest as you both snacked on popcorn and he’d die of laughter when a piece feel down your shirt. You’d pout at him for his laughter claiming, “It’s not funny Li! Just watch the movie.” “Nuh uh,” He reply, pulling you onto his lap as he buried his face in your neck. “I’d much rather watch you.”

Finally, Louis would probably much rather play wii or xbox games but you’d be the one who wanted a lazy day and, after a bit of begging from you, he’d give in.  Spending the day lying together on the couch under a fluffy fluffy blanket as you watch a movie but Louis played with your hair.

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omg, I just had the thought of steven taking the gems to see inside out so they can understand human emotions better, but pearl takes it too literally and is worried that there are actually little people running around every person's head

that would be adorable. I could totally see Pearl taking movies too literally. I could also see her questioning logic and stuff, since she doesn’t seem like she’s all that great and suspending disbelief (”wait, so how do the little feelings people have feelings? Do they have even smaller feelings people within them? Do those feelings people then have even smaller feelings people within them? Just how many people are inside you, Steven?”)


Okay. I totally ship Stucky, and this movie would be adorable. ^_^