movie vest


“How you turn my world

You precious thing.

You starve and near exhaust me.”

Custom Labyrinth hand-painted pleather vest, with hand stitched beading. Picture of a (rather adorable) movie outtake from the Jim Henson Archive. 


Posting just the vest since the first photo set did so well. It needs work and it’s not finished, but I’m still pretty happy with where it’s at. The central theme here is horror, with the first patches I ever got being the ones from my job where the whole vampire gimmick comes from, and I just built around it with spooky & eerie band & Halloween/horror movie patches alike.


that moment when you realize that chunky ripped off grugs old pair of underwear and not just the back of his vest.


A full view of my “killer” vest. Added a sorta hidden figures, while zipped up you’d never know the killer underneath. Also a sorta “guess what, there’s more patches on this already awesome vest”.
Eventually I want to make a vest just for horror movies. And hell, a vest just for cats! Endless possibilities for punk vests!!


“For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great.

You have no power over me.”

DIY forever; vest, headband, and necklace all hand made by me. Dress is a Goodwill find.