movie theater marquee


Found on a roll of Kodak Verichrome 620. Presumably from 1939, as one image shows on Gone with the Wind on the movie theater marquee, which came out in 1939. Most of the other images show what seems to be the opening of a large department store called The Famous Dept Store in downtown Los Angeles. This building still stands today, and is being used as mixed-income housing with ground-floor retail space and a basement parking garage.

Last one before I park it for the night:  this mid-1950s Pontiac is apparently a police car in Pontiac, Michigan.  This photo is definitely from the Jalopy Journal, where reader-submitted photos are often totally devoid of descriptions or sources.  Unfortunately this image isn’t quite sharp enough to be able to read the movie theater marquee on the far left either, but it’s still a kinda fun photo.