movie storybook

Killian and the Storybook

I really love how they use the storybook prop to illustrate Emma’s journey throughout the CS Movie and Killian’s role in helping her along it.

Henry gives it to Hook so that he can remind her of where she comes from, remind her of the importance of home and family. Which is his function throughout the entire thing. Even helping her become apart of the book by the end.

Emma tosses it aside on the bench because at that point it’s still not important to her, she hasn’t accepted it yet. She’s not apart of it.

Hook picks it up, makes sure it’s safe and takes off after her.

Hook is the keeper of the book for their entire journey until the end. He is the one who takes it out and hands it to her in Rumple’s castle, he is the one who keeps it (the mission) safe.

After Emma comes to grip with her desire to call Storybrooke home, after she accepts her family, SHE is the one who gets the book out of his satchel (casual intimmmaaccy) and she is the one who is looking through it, showing it to her parents in the diner at the end.

Killian’s interactions with the storybook in general are actually really interesting to me. I’d have to verify but it seems like he picks it up and uses it as much as Emma and Henry, and he uses it for the same purpose as Henry, to convince Emma this is where she belongs, this is where her purpose is.

The book itself was even used as a visual cue FOR HIM in the Season 4 finale.

I dunno it’s something I will definitely start to pay attention to.