movie stars smoking


Smoking Styles at Warner Bros in the 1940′s

Bette Davis not only had the pick of all the best roles, she smoked the best cigarettes… only with Davis the cigarettes were an affectation; with Ida Lupino they were vice. When Ida smoked, you saw the streets, kids huddling in back alleys, passing a fag around… Ann Sheridan smoked like a man, her cigarette clamped between her lips, casual-like, both hands at the ready. Joan Crawford never inhaled, hers was a movie star smoke, her cigarettes came in silver engraved cases and were there to give men something to do for her, lighting them, fetching them. Bette Davis made smoking her trademark, waving cigarettes about like a baton conducting invisible emotions. It was a challenge and an assertion….” - John Kobal, People Will Talk (1985)


John Engstead :: Marlene Dietrich as Christine Helm Vole in a promotional shoot for Witness for the Prosecution, 1957 / src: Alice Japan

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