movie sleeve

sunflowers or roses? skirts or dresses? books or movies? long sleeves or short sleeves? quiet libraries or crowded coffee shops? sweet or sour? city or countryside? Nutella or peanut butter? romance or drama movies? pictures of flowers or pictures of the sky? skin care or hair care? watermelon or honey melon? horses or ponies?

employer: would you say you have any special talents
me: yeah well not to brag but I’ve gotten pretty good at sensing if books and movies are gay based on the vague language in the summaries… let me give you a hint: “close bond,” “has always been different,” “intriguing new boy/girl” “strangely drawn to”…

When you come up with scenarios while shivering in a movie theater for 2 hours..

A asks B out to the movies for a date night. B hasn’t been feeling all that great but doesn’t say anything to A because B really wants to spend time with A.

As the movie progresses, so does the low grade fever B has been running all day. B begins shivering from fever chills and A asks “cold?” B replies “yea, must be the AC.” A wraps their arm around B, frowning at the heat. A then starts to piece stuff together as B sits, leaning against them and shivering. A grabs their stuff and B’s hand and takes them out of the theater.

When they get outside, A immediately places their hand on B’s forehead. A’s eyes narrow at B. “Why didn’t you say anything?” B looks down. “I wanted to spend time with you”

A shoots B a sympathetic look before gently leading B out of the theater.