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Meet Your New Co-worker

Characters: Tom Holland - Y/N

Request: “Make one when Tom is away filming and you go and surprise him and visit him telling him that you’re playing the female role in a romantic movie.” - anon

Notes: I was confused with the whole ‘female role’ part so I hope I wrote it the way the person who requested it, thought about it.


“Excuse me? Could you tell me where Tom Holland might be?”

“Could be in his trailer. Just keep going straight and then turn left. You shouldn’t miss it.”

You thank the guy for helping you and start to walk in the direction he guided you to. You don’t know why you’re suddenly feeling nervous. Tom has been your friend since childhood but you guess that the thing you’re worried most about is what his reaction will be once he sees you and you give him the news.

Tom has been in LA for several days now, preparing to start filming in a new romantic comedy and you thought that surprising him would be the best way to give him the news.

You turn left just like the guy said and immediately spot a trailer with the words “TOM HOLLAND” plastered on the small door. You knock three times and bite your lip nervously.

The door opens and a shirtless Tom becomes your view. You can’t help but look down at his toned stomach but you quickly shake your head and look up at him.

“Surprise!” You throw your hands up, laughing.

“What? Oh my God, Y/N, what are you doing here?” He immediately pulls you in and hugs you tightly, holding you against his chest.

You hug him back, smiling as you guys sway side to side. He lets go and closes the door after you before turning to face you. There’s a huge smile on his face and it makes you so happy that he’s glad you’re here.

His hair is a complete mess but the kind of mess that makes you love it even more. He runs his fingers through it as if he just read your mind.

“I missed you and I wanted to surprise you!” You tell him as you sit down on the small couch.

He follows you and sits next to you, one arm lying on top of the couch. “I missed you too but,” he narrows his eyes at you. You feel heat creep up to your cheeks, giving you away. “I know you, Y/N. I believe that you’re here because you miss me but there’s something else… now spill it.”

You roll your eyes but decide that now might as well be the perfect time. “Are you guys still looking for a female lead?”

He nods, his eyebrows furrowing. “Yeah. We’ve gotten some auditions but I haven’t gotten around to watching them. Why?”

You bite your lip again and look down at your lap before glancing up at him.

“Spill it out already!” He chuckles, nudging your shoulder.

“I got it! I got the lead!” You shout at him.

He stares at you with a blank stare. You wave your hand in front of his face, “Hello? You there?”

He grabs your wrist and holds it, still staring at you. You begin to worry and try to pull back your hand but he tightens his grip on it.

“You’re not happy,” you state, disappointed.

“No,” he simply says. “I’m fucking excited! That means we can rehearse lines together and help each other out and stuff! Oh, man, it’s going to be lots of fun.”

You noticed that he was still holding your hand. “I’m really happy that you’re excited. I was nervous that you wouldn’t want me here or-”

“Oh, shut up. Why wouldn’t I want you here?”

You shrug and laugh, him joining along with you. He suddenly turns serious and he stands, running his fingers through his hair. “Have you read the script already?”

You nod. “I read the beginning on the flight here.”

He gives you a small smile. “Um, there’s this part. In the movie. Where the main characters- that’s you and me- have to… you know…”

He’s acting shy around you which is not normal. “Have to what? Oh my God, please don’t tell me we have to see each other naked!” Although, you wouldn’t mind seeing that but you didn’t say that out loud.

“No, no!” He laughs, “We just have a kissing scene, that’s all.”

“Oh. Well, that shouldn’t be too bad, right?”

“I mean I won’t make it awkward, if you don’t make it awkward,” he promised.

You shrug and wave it off, “No, of course not!” Even though for some reason, your heart is beating a mile a minute and your palms have begun to sweat.

“I was going to suggest- as a sort of, like… I just think,” Tom stutters up a storm and you just stare, wondering what the hell he’s trying to say. “We should probably practice, right?”

Your eyes go wide as you seem to have lost your voice.

Did he just-?

“Like, right now?” You look around, making sure this isn’t a prank.

Tom chuckles and sits back down, this time much closer than before so that your knees touch. “Might as well start now so we can nail it when it comes time to film it, right?”

You nod even though you could barely comprehend what he said. His closeness and the way his voice got deeper is fogging up your mind. You watch him as he gives you a reassuring smile and he begins to lean forward. His hand has come up to hold your cheek and you feel his burning touch on your cheek.

“I hope you’ve brushed your teeth,” you comment, smirking at him.

He laughs softly and licks his lips. “Don’t worry, I did.”

He keeps leaning closer and closer until his breath washes over your face. You take a deep breath and slowly close your eyes and then your lips meet his. They’re soft and gentle but you somehow want more.

You scoot closer to him, holding his arms, and press your lips on his just a bit harder. He seems to catch on to what you’re doing and so he opens his mouth and continues to kiss you, both of your mouths moving to a rhythm they seemed to have known forever.

When you begin to feel lightheaded, you pull back reluctantly to catch your breath. He’s still holding your face and you lean into his hands before you muster the courage and look at him.

He’s smiling the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen and you can’t help but blush.

“Yeah, that was pretty good. Still think we should practice some more, though,” he comments. You roll your eyes and push him back onto the couch, causing him to laugh loudly.

You didn’t tell him but you couldn’t wait until you got to practice again.


I really hope this was okay. I added more stuff and made it my own so whoever requested, I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted! I tried!

three little birds [bucky barnes]

anonymous requested: Can you do 44 and 45 from the prompt list with Bucky? I love your blog and it’s totally okay if you can’t! 💖

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warnings: mentions of torture, some angst, pining, fluff

additional notes: so i don’t know about you guys, but shark tale was a huge part of my childhood, and i love that movie to death. gender-neutral reader. the prompts are taken from this list.

44. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

45. “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

you can listen to the end song here. it is titled “three little birds” by bob marley and is featured in shark tale.

Despite joining the Avengers five years ago, you were still a deep sleeper. You had yet to master the “get up and go” technique of jolting awake at the slightest sounds of danger. It often took several alarms and a friendly but authoritative shake from Steve to get you out of bed in the morning, especially for early training sessions. And once your day was over, you would retreat to your room and were lucky to even shower before you passed out.

That evening, after dinner, you hung out with Bucky in the media room for a brief movie marathon. Tonight’s pick had been animated films; you had chosen Robin Hood, and Bucky had chosen Shark Tale. “The fish look cool,” he’d said defensively when you laughed at his decision. You had spent most of your time half-draped across Bucky’s lap, his arm around your shoulder while you curled up against him, feeling the thrum of his heart beneath your cheek. His chest was a good pillow, you decided, as firm as it was with muscle. As the first movie began, you had remarked teasingly about how Robin Hood had been your childhood cartoon crush. Bucky had made comments once in a while, too: quips about how odd it was for you to find the anthropomorphic fox attractive and, when Shark Tale began, “Why does the fish sound like that Smith guy you like so much?” You had laughed and shushed him while you fought back uncontrollable giggles.

Afterward, the two of you had retreated to your rooms, with yours on the floor below Bucky’s. He’d ridden the elevator down with you and insisted on walking you to your door, ensuring you were safe and sound. You had hugged him goodnight, he had kissed your forehead fondly, and you had burst into a fit of giddy laughter as soon as you shut the door behind him. You had been friends with Bucky for three years, but lately both of you had been acting bolder than usual, making more suggestive comments and subtle gestures that implied there was something else between you two other than friendship. It wasn’t all physical either; in fact, the emotional connection between you two was infinite times stronger than the physical one. And you wanted that: you wanted to have more with Bucky, but neither of you would make the first move. Steve had elected to stay out of the predicament, but when you came to him with your feelings, he had insisted that you give each other time to warm up to each other even more, to take it slow and give Bucky time to feel absolutely comfortable around you. It was a sluggish process, but with the amount of time you were spending together, it was completely worth it.

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ok but imagine having twins, one boy and one girl, with Luke and you’re hella short and he’s obviously a fucking tree so seeing how tall the twins would be was a huge deal. You would even measure the twins at least twice a year against their doorframe like a cliché movie. And eventually, it became a sort of competition for the twins. All throughout their childhood the boy was taller. Until your daughter had her growth spurt and started growing like crazy. By the end of puberty, she was a good 4-5 inches taller than her brother and it would drive him crazy even though he was still tall, taller than his mom. “Dad, why am I not tall like you?” and “No, I don’t want you to get the stupid glass for me.” And eventually all family portraits had to be taken sitting down, per the request of your son. He’d be up late at night googling how to get taller and he’d be up early stretching his legs, trying to beat his twin. Eventually, you and Luke would have to sit him down and explain to your 17 year old son that there was no way to make himself taller and that he shouldn’t see it as a big deal. He’d just puff out his cheeks and bite his lower lip before rolling his eyes and stomping away muttering, “I was born 7 minutes earlier than she was and I couldn’t just be 7 inches taller than her, too?”