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NCT DREAM Reacting to their S/O wanting to watch Disney Princess movies

NCT Dream reacts to you making them watch Disney Princess Movies with them c:

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“I guess”

Mark wouldn’t really want to watch, but he’d try to hide his disapproval. He would think you would feel bad if he didn’t say yes. He ended up kind of enjoying it though.


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“Why that movie?”

Haechan would really question the chosen film, especially at your age. He would pretend to not like your choice just to get you annoyed, but as you explained how it was your favorite childhood movie, he would think its really cute.


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“Whatever you’ll watch, I’ll watch.”

Jeno wouldn’t mind at all, just seeing you happy throughout the movie was enough (bless his soul)


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“Of course!”

Chenle would be 100 percent down. Throughout the movie he’s gonna be a legit critique, telling who he ships a character with and saying if a scene was good or not.


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“Sure thing.”

He’d agree, but while watching the movie get bored and start to cutely annoy you. (His reaction to the kissing part is the gif) 


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“Sounds cool!”

Renjun would probably be kind of interested in the movie once you gave a small summary of the movie. I think nce it ends, he would want to watch another one


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“Interesting choice.”

Jisung would expect a different movie from you based on your personality. Either way, he enjoys the look of happiness from your face when he said yes.

Frat Night

Marvel | Alex Summers x Reader

(not requested by inspired by this)

A/N: Frat Boy AU. I have no experience with fraternities or sororities and my knowledge is based on movies so if this is inaccurate in any way, that’s why. Also, we’re going to follow the movies so Alex is older than Scott but a lot of the characters are OOC (or Out Of Character, meaning they don’t act the way their characters do) to help with the story.

“Jean, are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked my best friend since childhood.

“It’s just a party!” she laughed.

“Yeah, Y/N. It’ll be fun!” Jubilee chimed in.

“Jean’s only here because she’s meeting up with Scott so you better not ditch me,” I reminded her.

She placed a hand on her chest as she feigned offense, “Me? Ditch you? I would never!”

Her dramatics sent us all laughing. We reached the frat house at 10PM and the party was already in full swing. Once we were through the door, Jean told us she was going to look for Scott and whispered to me, “His brother’s here, too.” And left with a wink.

Jean’s been trying to push me towards the older Summers for the past month and every time, I rolled my eyes in response. Yes, Jean, because I want a frat boy who cares about parties, hazing, and getting girls in bed. The music was loud, the lights were low and people were wearing glow in the dark accessories. We passed by a beer pong table with a glow in the dark ball.

“I think we missed a memo,” I called out to Jubilee.

“Stay here,” she said and wandered off.

In less than three minutes, she returned with some glow in the dark accessories for the both of us. I smiled as I gently cracked the middle of a necklace and bracelet then shook it. I placed the bracelet around the middle of my bicep and the necklace around my neck. Jubilee mirrored my placement. I hooked my arm in hers and we walked to the bar as we were both not about to go near the kegs since apparently keg stands were mandatory.

We saw one of our classmates, Hank. He already looked buzzed and we could see he was preparing for another shot. Hank tipped the rum into his mouth and held it there while his friend used a lighter to quickly flick a flame to the liquid. Hank swallowed and we swear we saw a quick puff of smoke exit his mouth.

“Well, that’s one way to take a flaming shot,” I commented.

“My favorite way,” Hank smirked.

Jubilee and I walked behind the bar and crouched, looking for a drink.

“Uh, Y/N, I think you’re wanted outside,” Hank said.

I stood up and asked, “What makes you say that?”

He simply gestured with his thumb, pointing back. I followed the line of vision and found Jean and Scott who were waving me over.

“Don’t leave Jubilee, Hank. Or else,” I demanded.

“Or else what?” he taunted.

“You don’t want to find out,” I made sure to sound intimidating because it was true.

“All right,” he simply stated before shooting back another shot.

“I’ll be right back,” I told Jubilee and walked across the room which was currently a makeshift dance floor, weaving between grinding bodies as quickly as I possibly could.

“The show’s about to start,” Scott said. Through the music, I could vaguely hear Alex speaking to a few other boys who were lined up. I rolled my eyes. “Come on,” Scott grabbed my arm and Jean’s, forcing us to follow his lead closer to whatever was going on. It being crowded, I ended up really close to one of the “initiates” as Alex called them. I didn’t know if they were initiates or pledges but honestly, I didn’t care.

Alex’s eyes found me and he quickly put on that cocky smirk I hated so much. In seconds, more of Alex’s “brothers” lined up next to him, one across each initiate and each of them with a red solo cup in their hands. They spit into the cups at the same time. Gee, I wonder how long it took them to organize that, I thought to myself and tried my hardest not to roll my eyes yet again. Then, the older boys put their arms out to the initiates.

“Drink,” Alex commanded, his deep voice intimidating them.

The younger boys tentatively grabbed the cups. Some sniffed the liquid, some frowned. I looked into the cup of the initiate next to me and knew it was bad. 

“What’s in this?” one of the initiates asked.

“Doesn’t matter, drink up,” Alex answered.

The boys put the cups to their lips and started drinking. After that, it happened so fast. The older boys quickly pushed the initiates into the pool and the one closest to me reached out and caught my shirt, dragging me down with him. The water was cold and the second I broke through the surface, I saw the initiate staring at me.

I couldn’t help the look on my face. Eyes dark and threatening, jaw clenching and unclenching. Before either of us could say anything, someone helped me out of the pool and placed me facing their chest. I didn’t look up at my savior because I had a solid guess as to who it was. I also kept my head down because I was in no mood to talk civilly towards the initiate.

“Get a towel!” I heard Alex’s voice shout. “You, initiate, consider yourself declined and banned!”

“But I-” the other boy who was still in the pool started.

I don’t care. Leave!” Alex’s voice sounded threatening. One of his brothers came back with a towel and Alex wrapped it around me. “Come on,” he whispered to me, placed me by his side, and walked me towards the house. He guided me upstairs and into one of the bathrooms, locking the door behind us.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I started to dry myself off.

“What was that?” I could hear the smirk on his face.

I sighed and looked at him directly, “Don’t expect me to say it again especially since it’s your fault I ended up in the water.”

“MY fault? How was that my fault?”

“You and your brothers pushed the initiates.”

“I didn’t force him to grab onto you!” Alex exclaimed. “Whatever, I’ll be back. Stay here.” With that, he walked out of the bathroom.

I dried myself as best I could and sat on the edge of the tub, I started thinking to myself about tonight’s events and how it lead here. My thoughts were cut short when Alex walked back in.

“Here’s a shirt, it should be long on you,” he closed the door and offered me one of his shirts.

“I’m good,” I quickly replied.

He scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Just take the shirt, Y/N.”

“Why? So, people can think you took me to bed?”

“No. So that when I walk you home, you don’t get a cold.”

“Walk me home? Did you get some chlorine in you when you helped me out of the pool?”

He ran his hand down his face, “You know what? I’m not just some frat guy who thinks this is what real life is. I may seem that way, but I’m not. I happen to have a 4.0 GPA and have already looked into jobs for after grad. Look, Y/N, I like you. I have since we met, thanks to my brother and Jean. I care about you. I’m not letting you walk home without me and I’m not letting you leave this bathroom without changing. Now, take the shirt.” 

“It’s gonna take more than words to convince me, Summers. But I’ll take the shirt for now,” I said, standing and taking the shirt from him. “Go face the corner, no peeking. I mean it.” He turned around and I quickly changed into his shirt which ended up landing at mid thigh. I told him it was okay to turn around now. He bent down and got a plastic bag from the cabinet below the sink.

“Put your wet clothes in this. Since it’s going to take more than words, how about we have breakfast tomorrow morning?” he asked with a genuine smile on his face, a rare sight to me. I folded my wet clothes and placed them in the bag.

“What about the party, Mr. Man?” I asked.

“Ah, my brothers will be fine, they got it,” he replied.

“How about this then? You keep a good conversation on the way home and I’ll have breakfast with you,” I smiled back at him.

“I’ll take it,” he agreed and we headed downstairs. Jean and Scott were now with Hank and Jubilee. We saw them and quickly told them we were leaving. 

“Hey, maybe you should reconsider the initiate since you two seem to be getting along!” Scott shouted above the music a little too loudly. I was sure I wasn’t meant to hear it.

“We’ll see,” Alex said before placing one of his arms over my shoulder then we walked out of the frat house and headed to the dorms.

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three little birds [bucky barnes]

anonymous requested: Can you do 44 and 45 from the prompt list with Bucky? I love your blog and it’s totally okay if you can’t! 💖

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warnings: mentions of torture, some angst, pining, fluff

additional notes: so i don’t know about you guys, but shark tale was a huge part of my childhood, and i love that movie to death. gender-neutral reader. the prompts are taken from this list.

44. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”

45. “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

you can listen to the end song here. it is titled “three little birds” by bob marley and is featured in shark tale.

Despite joining the Avengers five years ago, you were still a deep sleeper. You had yet to master the “get up and go” technique of jolting awake at the slightest sounds of danger. It often took several alarms and a friendly but authoritative shake from Steve to get you out of bed in the morning, especially for early training sessions. And once your day was over, you would retreat to your room and were lucky to even shower before you passed out.

That evening, after dinner, you hung out with Bucky in the media room for a brief movie marathon. Tonight’s pick had been animated films; you had chosen Robin Hood, and Bucky had chosen Shark Tale. “The fish look cool,” he’d said defensively when you laughed at his decision. You had spent most of your time half-draped across Bucky’s lap, his arm around your shoulder while you curled up against him, feeling the thrum of his heart beneath your cheek. His chest was a good pillow, you decided, as firm as it was with muscle. As the first movie began, you had remarked teasingly about how Robin Hood had been your childhood cartoon crush. Bucky had made comments once in a while, too: quips about how odd it was for you to find the anthropomorphic fox attractive and, when Shark Tale began, “Why does the fish sound like that Smith guy you like so much?” You had laughed and shushed him while you fought back uncontrollable giggles.

Afterward, the two of you had retreated to your rooms, with yours on the floor below Bucky’s. He’d ridden the elevator down with you and insisted on walking you to your door, ensuring you were safe and sound. You had hugged him goodnight, he had kissed your forehead fondly, and you had burst into a fit of giddy laughter as soon as you shut the door behind him. You had been friends with Bucky for three years, but lately both of you had been acting bolder than usual, making more suggestive comments and subtle gestures that implied there was something else between you two other than friendship. It wasn’t all physical either; in fact, the emotional connection between you two was infinite times stronger than the physical one. And you wanted that: you wanted to have more with Bucky, but neither of you would make the first move. Steve had elected to stay out of the predicament, but when you came to him with your feelings, he had insisted that you give each other time to warm up to each other even more, to take it slow and give Bucky time to feel absolutely comfortable around you. It was a sluggish process, but with the amount of time you were spending together, it was completely worth it.

One quick, lukewarm shower later and you were in bed, sleeping soundly. You’d been asleep for three hours when you felt a hand on your shoulder, shaking you gently. Someone was calling out your name. You opened your eyes at four in the morning to see Bucky bent over you.

“Hey,” you greeted him tiredly, slowly sitting up. You recognized the look on his face: the owlish, panicked look that made his eyes look more stormy gray than their usual piercing blue. “What’s up, Buck, what’s going on?”

There was a silent plea in his gaze. You scooted over, giving him room to sit beside you. He did, and immediately wrapped his arms around you, pulling you practically into his lap. He was breathing hard; you could feel his heart beating a mile a minute in his chest. His T-shirt was damp with sweat. It wasn’t like you hadn’t hugged Bucky before, but this embrace was different. It was desperate, charged with more emotion than any contact you’d ever had with him. “Bucky?” you murmured into his neck, tentatively hugging him back.

“I had a nightmare about you,” he replied, his voice breaking as he spoke. You felt him swallow before he added almost inaudibly, “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

You closed your eyes, letting his explanation soak in. You knew how terrible his nightmares were, filled with broken memories and torture from Hydra—but you had never been a part of them. You comforted him from time to time—when Steve wasn’t there—but never had Bucky told you about what he’d seen, what he’d felt, whom he’d lost in his dreams. You figured he hadn’t wanted to burden you with whatever twisted vision his mind generated. It hurt to know you could cause him so much panic, even if it was indirectly. You knew that, right after waking, Bucky had trouble telling dreams from reality, so you decided to reassure him. “I’m right here, Buck,” you said softly. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here. I promise. I’m real.”

Bucky laughed, but it was harsh and came out more as a grunt. You heard him sniffle, and he loosened his grip on you enough for you to pull back and look at him. His eyes were wet. He sniffed loudly again and smiled bitterly. “I don’t know why I’m crying,” he admitted, his eyes staring unfocused at the wall behind your head before fixating on you. He brought one hand to your cheek, and it wasn’t until he wiped a tear away from your skin that you realized you were crying, too. “I don’t wanna lose you,” he breathed, his eyes beseeching yours. “I can’t lose you, doll. Never.”

Your mouth fell open at his confession. He hadn’t strictly said “the words,” but you felt the sentiment all the same. You saw it conveyed in his eyes, in the way he beheld you like you were the answer to all his problems, in the way he framed your cheek with his metal palm, in the way his hand rested protectively on your hip. “You’re not going to,” you promised, leaning forward until your foreheads were touching. He hung his head, closing his eyes, while you watched him take deep breaths, his lips slightly parted. “Not me. Not ever.”

The right side of his mouth hooked upward into a lopsided grin, the one that sent warmth blooming from your chest and outward, the one that never ceased to make you smile back—which you did, right before he lifted his chin to press his lips against yours.

The kiss was soft and slow, and so were your caresses, as you rubbed Bucky’s back in slow circles, hoping to relieve some of the tension in his muscles. Gradually, he grew lax against you, his hands falling to grasp your waist and tug you even closer to him. He hummed into your mouth as your tongue met his in languid strokes, and you clutched at the back of his shoulders for dear life. He tipped your head back to deepen the kiss for just a moment, drawing a surprised gasp out of you, before he ended it, slowly pulling away from you. You tried not to stare at his lips, but all you could think about was how nice they had felt against yours, and how desperately you wanted to feel them again.

“Can I stay here, doll?” he intoned, his fingers slipping beneath the hem of your sleepshirt and dancing across the small of your back. “Please?”

You nodded, smiling up at him earnestly. “Always, Buck, always.”

He grinned again and lowered you to the mattress on your back, moving to lie down facing you. His arms encircled your waist on instinct, while his legs tangled with yours. On impulse, your own arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers combing through his long brown tresses at a lackadaisical pace. It felt natural to lie with him nestled against you like this: his head resting near the scoop of your neck, his breaths coming in warm puffs against your skin, your hands in his hair, quietly existing in the close company of each other. You got comfortable against your pillow and started humming, improvising the rhythm as you went. After a few seconds of humming, you decided to sing.

“Don’t worry,” you crooned, “about a thing… ’Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

Bucky chuckled, and you paused, glancing down at him. “Keep going, doll,” he mumbled, nuzzling his face further into your neck, his stubble tickling your skin. “You sound cute.”

You beamed, carding your fingers idly through his hair. “Rise up this mornin’,” you continued, “smiled with the risin’ sun… Three little birds pitch by my doorstep…” Bucky dropped his hand to your bare hip where your shirt had ridden up, thumb-rubbing your skin as sleep began to overtake him. You kissed his forehead, feeling him go limp against you with a deep, breathy sigh of contentment. “Singin’ sweet songs of melodies pure and true… Sayin’, ‘This is my message to you’…”