movie pun

So I was watching Bee Movie on netflix (because I’m garbage) and I noticed something…

See that lady bee behind Barry? 

Yeah, all the lady bees look like that. 

every female bee essentially has the same design- all centering around the hair do. Which got me thinking…

Why would all the female bees have the same hairdo??

It’s just…bad character design. Until I realized. 

That bump they all have in their hair??? The weird sort of 50′s-esque style?


i hate this fucking movie so much

New York, more like Newt York amirite?


Happy Valentines's day?





Robbie Rotten:



red vegeta vs saltsuke 

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU

Dating Stiles Stilinski would Include..

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  • Him telling you how cute you are.
  • Always receiving surprise hugs from behind.
  • Cuddling, always.
  • Playing video games together and beating his ass.
  • Stiles complaining about how amazing and perfect you are.
  • Watching marathons of Star Wars and Marvel movies together.
  • Fighting over which superhero is better.
  • Being on different teams in Civil War.
  • Going on food dates all the time.
  • Eating Nandos and McDonalds together.
  • Watching Disney movies.
  • Making puns and corny jokes and laughing about them.
  • Always playing activities and games.
  • Snuggling and spooning when sleeping together.
  • Him always snuggling into the crook of your neck.
  • “I love you, gorgeous.” “I love you too, Stiles.”
  • Singing crappy top hit songs.
  • Receiving constant texts from Stiles.
  • Netflix and Chill, no seriously – Netflix and chill.
  • Pillow fights.
  • His failed attempts of trying to cook food for you and then end up ordering some pizza.
  • Play fights, a lot of them.
  • Him apologizing whenever he makes a minor mistake or forgets something.
  • Cursing under his breath everytime he gets frustrated. Sexually frustrated ;)
  • Him giving you rides to school and places in his jeep.
  • “Scott, don’t sit there!” “What?” “That’s Y/N seat!”
  • Him being very overprotective of you.
  • Always jealous whenever he sees you with other boys.
  • He’s your best friend.
  • Telling each other secrets and facts.
  • Updating him with the gossip.
  • Long hugs – him not letting go when you think it’s been too long.
  • Missing his warmth and touch and he lets you go.
  • Passionate kisses.
  • You always making the first move.
  • Pecks and light kisses in public.
  • Him wrapping his arm around you in public.
  • Showing you off to his friends.
  • Stiles licks his finger and touches your skin, making a sizzling noise. “Ooh! You’re hot!”
  • Him believing you’re too good for him.
  • You assuring him that his just as good.
  • Loving each other endlessly.
  • “Hey bitch!”
  • Sharing clothes.
  • Stealing his flannels and jumpers.
  • Supporting him in his lacrosse games, wearing his jersey.
  • Piggy back rides.
  • Holding hands.
  • Jamming to songs in his car.
  • Running your hands in his hair constantly.
  • Dealing with his sarcasm.
  • Him always mimicking what you say when he gets annoyed or roasted by you.
  • Comebacks, always using comebacks whenever you guys have silly fights.
  • Sudden and surprise dates.
  • Giving each other sass and attitude.
  • “Who do you think you are?!” “Your girlfriend!”
  • Him always scoffing when you’re right.
  • Wrapping your arms around him whenever you want to.
  • Him wrapping his arms around you whenever he wants to.
  • Sleepovers.
  • Your parents approving of Stiles.
  • Becoming part of the pack.
  • Constant staring competitions.
  • When fighting you both always find a way to compliment each other.
  • “You’re such a hot, freaking, adorable piece of shit!” “Fuck you too, babe!”
  • Your sarcasm level is just like his.
  • High fiving each other when defending each other in arguments against others. 
  • Pranks.
  • Him slapping your ass whenever he pleases, “Stiles!” “What?” “Not at school!”
  • Him over the moon knowing that you’re his.
  • Growling during hot, steamy makeouts.
  • Hickies – “Shit, my dad’s gonna see this!”
  • Him telling you how stunning you are everytime he sees you.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • “I’ll take good care of her, Sir.” “You better, Son.” “Dad!”