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IT kids as things that happened at my school

Eddie: A kid in my english class gave the teacher his water bottled and she took a sip and then THREw IT ACROSS THE ROOM because she was scared about getting mono

Richie: Went up during a senior assembly and asked if he could bring multiple prom dates, proceeded to describe how he couldn’t pick one chick before being kicked out

Beverly: gym teacher yelled at a student, student does picture perfect Pirouette turn, yells ‘Suck a dick!’, and storms out of the gym

Mike: history teacher got in trouble for bringing up a student to duel with him using real swords

Stan: Jew Club has pizza on fridays. all jews are revered on this day in the hopes of being invited and getting pizza.

Ben: White van parked fully on the sidewalk, when student was asked why, he said there weren’t any spots and he was going to be late to class

Bill: a bike was suspended at least six feet in the air on flag pole. people still debate how it was achieved to this day.

Bonus!- Pennywise: Just a chicken??? loose in the boys bathroom??? this literally happened.

inspired by @therealpennywise


Director Gareth Edwards at the Rogue One premiere in Japan