movie psychopaths

Me watching LOGAN
  • Laura: (*Literally chopped a person's head off*)
  • Also Laura: (*Used her claws to gouge a person's eyes*)
  • Me: (*Wiped my tears*) I'm so proud of her.

Girl at my school: “I just don’t think a girl would be with someone who kills people.”

Me: “surenotpffT thAT wouLD bE craZY”


“Brooding screenwriter’s manic pixie boyfriend thinks chatting up some psychopaths for inspirational purposes is a good idea” is such a great movie, and I will never be over it

[Marty Faranan (played by Colin Farrell) & Billy Bickle (played by Sam Rockwell) from the movie “7 Psychopaths”. How does a dark comedy with a bromance between my favorite actors exist? I am blessed]

(click here for the lineart)

EDIT April 23rd: My screen settings were all screwed up, and I didn’t even notice! Updated to fix color issues.