movie premeire

Devil in Me Part 1 II Jai/OC

Could u possible do a story were you are the girl that gets paid to pretend that they are on dates with celebs for PR during movie premeir, you happen to be set up with jai courtney, only problem you dont get along at all, you and him have to find a way to like each other in order to make it look good at the movie release. 

One of the biggest perks of your job was the clothes. It was hard for a designer to showcase their talent by producing a tux for a male celebrity to wear, it was the dresses that got everyone talking, so many were happy to settle for dressing a celebrities date. You r current piece was a stunning black and gold gown, designed to compliment your date’s black tux and golden curls. Stunning dress, check. Face of makeup, check. People’s choice nominated date, check. Now all you needed was to meet him.

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