movie poster project

Alternative movie poster for Kong: Skull Island, submitted to Poster Spy Design Contest.
Digitally painted with Wacom Intuos pro. Promotional pictures used as reference and stock images for textures.
Because Kong’s always been the real hero of the story.


Tim + I had had a little Viewing Party with dear friends on Saturday to celebrate Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 dropping on Netflix. We wore our Kickstarter Backer T-shirts (because we were Backers before we even knew we’d be in/on this new season - we’re long time MSTies!) and had our chair-backs framed + the movie poster, framed, too, by my amazingly talented friend, Claire. (I had never had anything custom framed before but when your name is on a movie poster on a project that is your Ultimate Dream Come True, you get it Framed!) Takk, Claire, for making it all look so perfect!

I attempted to make egg-shaped Rice Krispie treats but they were waaay too frustrating so I only made those few but I did master this deliciously festive Easter egg shaped fruit pizza.

I love Easter. It’s my Favorite Holiday so I had to make some treats special for both occasions.

My lovely friends brought us flowers and wine and brownies and hugs and congrats and my friend, Jen, made this beautiful Gypsy card for me (my first tangible Fan Art!) and they all graciously listened to our ‘behind-the-scenes’ talk. It was a lovely day.

But, by midnight we were all tuckered out, but the Most Tuckered Out was our sweet, tiny, li'l hund who had a day filled with extra hugs and attention from friends, a bone to chew on while we were eating charcuterie in the next room and watching us watch ourselves on the television.

We are a thankful, happily worn out Fambly…

I saw a post going around suggesting Natalie Dormer for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head!! So I drew ya’ll a fake poster to go along with my other fake Marvel poster.


Cult movie poster project! May do a bit more work, but otherwise it’s in a good place~ I’m not one for cult movies or rock operas, but Phantom of the Paradise was so bizarre and campy, I liked it??

(it was refreshing to work with such fluorescent palettes!)