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AAA Mobile contents:

  1. Blog (members’ blog, movie blog, staff blog)
  2. Photo Reports
  3. Photo Gallery (standby image, standby calendar)
  4. DecoMail (it’s a form of email sent between mobile phones in Japan that uses animated text, images, and colors.)
  5. Limited Sale of Goods
  6. Birthday Mail
  7. Mail delivery of the latest information 
  8. Special Corners offered for a limited time

Note: This is very similar (almost the same) with AAAPARTYWORLD. The main differences are that AAA mobile is on time with the updates (blogs, reports, news, etc.) and has all the older posts (like from 2014 and earlier).

Membership Fee: 324 yen per month

How to join AAA mobile:

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As unexpected as it is, Larry’s best friend in the whole world is a Republic Trooper named McCoy.

Hailing from farm country and with a proud family military tradition dating back hundreds of years, McCoy’s favourite things are following the rules, baseball and bland, inoffensive jokes. He also loves patriotism and coming of age boy’s own adventure movies. 

*The photo here washes him out, he’s basically a tanned Ken Doll in reality

“Ghostbusters (2016) is not for this guy. He already has 2 great movies, a theme song, multiple toys, comics and props and 173 episodes of a hit cartoon show.

Ghostbusters (2016) is for this awesome little lady. She needs heroes too.”