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Another comic done by the talented @lousyafternoon ~

Alphys doesn’t want to watch Mew Mew Kitty 2 anymore, okay Undyne? At least, that’s what I imagine from Alphys’ reaction! Haha!

I don’t normally curse, but I made an exception this time since I loved this comic the moment I saw it!~ it’s always fun to see different sides of characters, even if it’s normally out of the ordinary for them. I love how Lousyafteroon draws and writes these characters, it’s really endearing!

The original comic could be found here! :)


For anon

Y/N: Steeeeeve!

Steve: *smirks* Yes Y/N?

Y/N: Could you please have a movie night with me? This is the first time in forever since Tony hasn’t been hogging the TV.

Steve: *chuckles* He does use it a lot. *starts to leave* Maybe another time. I should really go finish my training for the day.

Y/N: *pouts* *gets an idea* We could watch the classics.

Steve: *pauses* *raises an eyebrow* I guess training could wait.

Y/N: *hugs him* Thanks Steve! I’ll go make some popcorn!

Want to Request?

Pinned up on every main billboard in the city states, a super fancy new flier can be found. Like a scene that might come out of the Haukke manor, the characters are whisked away in decadence! If you have an appreciation for those new-fangled picture-shows , then invite your friends or sweetie and grab a seat!

Who: You! If you can sit through a full length movie and RP, we would love to have you.                  
What: An in-character movie theater & social.
When: THIS Friday, November 20th (Film Roll @ 9:00PM EST).
Where: Crescent Headquarters & Theater.
Goblet::Ward 4::House 46 (brimming heart subdivision)
Refreshments: Snacks and special drinks available at our concession stand!
How to watch:

                 *   WE HAVE CHANGED OUR VIEWING PROCESS   *
                                  please read below in Q&A.

How to purchase Tickets:
Guests are politely asked to form a queue in front of Crescent’s front gate to purchase tickets.
(ALL tickets are RP money however donations to Crescent -C- are welcome!)

Moonlight Theatre Tickets: 1,000gil
VIP Lounge Tickets10,000gil

Ooc Information and Lore-support

We do hope you’ll join us in watching the 1986 Cult Classic The Labyrinth. Yes! We will be watching a real film together. Feel free to RP out your characters thoughts and comments and experience the movie through your character’s eyes!

Q & A

HOW do we watch?

To be on the safe side, we request that those participating use a paid streaming site such as netflix, hulu, amazonprime etc. We will all press play at the same time and update intermittently with movie times so that folks can be on the same scene. As of now, Labyrinth is available on Netflix.

“Theaters and film in Eorzea? Please explain!?”
While Magi-tech and Eorzea’s many great technological advancements might do well to support the idea of a simple projector/film set up, there is also an in-game canon mention! The fate “Orobon Part two: The Spawning” mentions ‘Picture shows’. However, we do understand some might not wish to participate in this sort of event and that is just fine! Crescent aims to provide a fun, thriving RP scene for those who enjoy something a little different from time to time.           

“But how do we interpret modern times into Eorzean times?!”

Creatively! Use your imagination and the provided FFXIV lore to draw interesting and unique comparisons.  If all else fails, perhaps your character experienced a whole cascade of new ideas and concepts /or/ just didn’t get the content and has something to think on and talk about.                                                                           

“I get really nervous around crowds/ I hate chatlog spam but I still want to come RP! ”
That’s fine!  We have many side private rooms you can go hang out in if you ever feel too congested or just need a break. Rooms marked with the ★ Star ★ symbol are free to RP and use during and after the event. Explore and have fun!

Have other questions? Shoot them our way!
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to Role playing with you in the future!

(Big thanks to @bittersweet-aria for making the lovely flier!! )

It is a truth universally acknowledged …

That New Year’s Eve is not complete without a marathon of the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice.

WHEN: Thursday, December 31. Starting at 1pm UTC, with a break for about two hours after the first three episodes (for a meal or fireworks/2016 welcoming depending on your time zone).

WHERE: The @inceptiversarysocial chatroom (send a message to @kate2kat  or @disastermychild  for a link and password).

Come and swoon over the Darciest Darcy to ever Darcy.

Yes! that wet shirt, those burning glances, those “fine eyes”, all that witty banter. Not to mention Mr Collins, Lady Catherine …