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Humans Are Weird.

I’m a little late but here’s my addition to the trend:

Aliens are super confused about the humans ability to make connections. Like, we can look at something that shows no resemblance to ourselves and say “same”. Or we have favourite movies and songs because they remind us slightly if a good memory, person, or experience. What if that trigger in our brain that goes off when we see something vaguely familiar just doesn’t happen with interglacial species?

Human: dude, look at this is so me!
Alien: that’s just a picture of a cat.
Human: but look at the cats face.

Human: I love this song! It makes me think of road trips.
Alien: this song is called “the man”, it doesn’t reference roads, cars, or trips.
Human: yeah but just listen to the tune, it has that road trip ~vibe~ ya know?
Alien: what.


Cara Delevingne - I Feel Everything

i watched up and coming theater’s heathers and i loved it wtf


Jeanne Moreau - Miles Davis - Louis Malle - Paris - 1958

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud  / Fahrstuhl zum Schafott

when i reblogged that first musical you ever saw post i forgot to include the fact that HSM is entirely a legit musical so im substituting my answer you can bet on it.