movie meltdown

  • as the tdm movie gets closer my Brain associates everything with the story line
  • Me sees I hop: omg that's like the pancake place that the BlACk BeTTy GANg went to and ruby was very protective of liam and Chubs and ruby had a understanding bonding moment!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!
  • Everyone: omg chill

Acid Witch - Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown

Just Talk To Me (Jimin)

Requested: Yeah once again @rapmontrashqueen has requested this filth. so go thank her for her Jimin thirst. 
Genre: Fluff// Angst// Some crying
Word Count; 2,001


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person in show/movie: has minor meltdown

other person: what are you fucking psychotic

me: you wanna see psychotic bitch you wanna see psychotic come over have some cereal ill take your knees first AND THEN SOME