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The last thing which would make POTC5 - the last “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie in the long franchise a perfect movie for me now……..besides our Lizzie returning……is to have our beloved Commodore James Norrington in it!!

I gotta tell you folks, I am REALLY missing James. I did in potc4 and I am really missing him a lot now - especially since this is quite literally the ‘Swan Song’ of POTC which is being sung  here in “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” I mean I am seriously missing Norry Baby Big Time…..Come on Disney, is there no way to ‘resurrect’ James like you did with Jack, Will, and Barbossa? I mean even the damned monkey got a second life! Doesn’t James deserve it too? That handsome visage, tall stance, green eyes, and that deep-toned and sexy voice……..ahhhhhh……I really want to see him in the last POTC movie. That would truly make it a perfect finale for me.

So, if they don’t cut him a break and put him in @apirateslifeforme123 - I am sure we all will be depending on you and expecting a Norribeth Fanfic masterpiece about James to help satisfy our ‘achy-brakey’ hearts? Pretty please???? Will you???

Norry Baby would be pleased!  :)


“Falling in love doesn’t happen on paper. Sometimes you love a person because of all the reasons they’re not like you. And sometimes you love a person just because they feel like home.”


get to know me meme: [1/7] favorite movies ↠  kill your darlings (2013) 

“be careful, you are not in wonderland. i’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul, in your isolation. but you are fortunate in your ignorance. you who have suffered, find where love hides. give, share, lose, lest we die un-bloomed.”

Which old skool Mettlllica member r u most like (with advice)

If u agree with 6+ shiets then ur mostly like that fuken cunt*

Jaymz Ricefield:

- popular af
- chix luv u
- guyz luv u
- ppl always listen to u
- lowkey bully
- funny af tho
- strong independant woman
- luvs black
- sexay voice
- worst enemy: acne
- likes to kick doges
- beer iz love
- tries 2 look manly, is actually gayer than existence

advice 4 u: learn to say “no” once in a while

Liars Uldick:

- smol
- highkey asshole
- enjoys shouting at ppl
- gets pissd off easily
- bully
- worst enemy: double bass drum, ppl dat share money
- money b4 hoes
- gay af
- you lead ppl 2 doom
- smoller than a fuck

advice 2 u : cunt

Krik Mahttem: 

- nerd af
- fucken geek
- luvs horror movies
- sweet
- rarely gets furious
- luvs peace
- gay af
- gr8 skin
- is even cute when angry
- worst enemy: nobody ur pretty chill
- obsessed with dis girl calld wah pedal
- soft voice that cures hemorroids

advice 4 ur ass : if u dont use wah pedal on ur next solo, lars will suck ur deek trust

Jasan Bulliedsted:

- sweetiepie
- cute af
- cute voice
- gr8 curls
- ppl underrate u
- likes painting
- lowkey gay
- bad jokes
- kinda awkward
- ppl bully u 4 no reason like wtf
- worst enemy: gay bandmates n pies
- interrupted by ppl often
- chix h8 you 4 being so cute, guyz h8 you cuz they can

fuckin advice : turn up ur bass next time, and dont let ppl touch ur buns

Dav Mustin:

- highkey asshol
- resentful af
- bitchy af
- fucken liar
- gay af
- nice hair asshol
- ppl like u anyways
- doesnt take any shit tho
- hates other ppl
- hates curly haired lead guitarists
- likes punching bandmates
- enjoys peeing on basses
- worst enemy: krik wahpedalmett, urself, ppl dat kick ur doges

gay advice : dont headbang 2 hard or ull get artroses, arthoszis, arhtrietis, man fuck that word

Cleff Burtin:

- cool
- angel
- cultured
- funny af
- smart
- likes reading
- tru 2 urself
- gr8 friend
- ded
- worst enemy: ppl dat critize evrything like stfu
- witty
- pure
- jean jackets 4 laif

advice : nothing ur cool keep it up

Ronald Mcdonald:

- ppl forgot abt u
- u pay 4 evrybodys shiet
- ppl think u did nothing, prbly tru
- used by those that were ur frends
- nice
- donkey
- ppl pee on ur bass
- done with mustins bullshiet
- worst enemy : (ex) frends 

- Who r u 

- U scare lil kids

advice 4 ur soul bby: b more greedy

*(check your sun, moon, horoscope, blood pressure, and your last dump for more accuracy)