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@cr3v replied to your post: look i will give Spider Man Homecoming so much…

:y Won’t be an MCU movie without making Tony the ultimate MCU villain. When will they just let him rest?!

when he stops bringing it actual truck loads of cash, i suppose


power rangers movie? more like
Be With Me For Evermore - Chapter 4 - quicksiluers - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

The servants of the castle turn back into their true selves and celebrate, while Maurice finds his way back to the castle and is in for a surprise.

Another one-shot! This one has the castle’s staff and has some extra bits of Lumiere/Plumette that some people asked fir a few days ago! Enjoy! :)

Ode To Beauty And The Beast

I’ve loved Beauty and the Beast since I was 5. Belle was & still is my favorite Disney princess. Like Emma, this heroine (& in turn this story & it’s lessons) has shaped me into the person I am today. I watched this film on almost a constant loop. “With a dreamy far off look, & her nose stuck in a book” describes me to a T. I would tell people to ‘Be Our Guest” when they would walk in our door; or any door for that matter. When I was 7 I named my new puppy Beauty. Do I need to go on?

I believe it was around the release of Maleficent that I began to hear whispers of a live action BATB. My heart leapt out of my chest in anticipation & trepidation. Leading up to the films release I tried my damndest to keep my expectations in check. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say my inner child wasn’t full to bursting. I knew that even if the film was mediocre I would at least enjoy the music & visuals, like I did w/ the live action Cinderella. But, oh was this retelling better than anything I could’ve hoped for. 

THE CAST IS PERFECT!! I don’t care what anyone says Emma Watson is an amazing Belle. She put so much into this role, and it shows beautifully. Dan Stevens deserves an award for being able to flawlessly, not only act, dance, but sing through all the crazy accoutrement that made him into the Beast/Prince we all know & love. Luke Evan’s Gaston is as dastardly as ever. I loved the slow build of his evilness; & I left the film cursing him more than when I arrived. Which I didn’t think was possible but damn! Lefou was an absolute joy & such a great surprise. By the end I was whisper shouting at him “C’mon Lefou, you see Gaston’s evil, STOP HIM!” Wow Josh Gad; SO GOOD!! Ewan Mcgregor as Lumiere was fantastic; Kevin Kline, Ian Mckellen, Emma Thompson… I can go on & on!! 

THE NEW SONGS ARE AMAZING!! I do not want to see the day when “Evermore” doesn’t make me choke up or bring me to racking sobs. With that song there is no inbetween. “Days in the Sun” was a perfect new take on “Human Again”; & in some ways it’s almost better than it’s predecessor. Seeing “Be Our Guest” be brought to life was truly something amazing to behold; as was “Beauty & The Beast.”. Which by that point my cheeks were wet with tears.

THE VISUALS WERE BREATHTAKING, THOSE COSTUMES ARE TO DIE FOR!! I need Belle’s wedding dress in my life NOW!! And honestly that yellow dress isn’t even that bad. Everyone needs to get off their high horse & shut it. This film expanded on things that needed expanding, added things that I didn’t even think needed to be there. ANSWERS QUESTIONS THAT I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR FOREVER (how do the villagers not know about the castle/why were the servants cursed along w/ The Prince, etc.) I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop praising this film. I’ve seen it twice now & there’s nothing I would change. Except for maybe an extra bit of backstory to when The Prince was young. But that’s just me being nitpicky. I was smiling from ear to ear from the moment the first notes of “Belle” began; to crying tears of joy when “Beauty and the Beast (Finale)” was playing. This film made me feel like a kid again; & I fell back in love with one of my favorite fairy tales. 

Beauty & The Beast (2017) is sooo good & I’m sooo happy it’s soo good!

I was tagged in a meme by @louiscyphre to list a favorite movie for each year you were born 

  • 1991: Terminator 2
  • 1992: Aladdin
  • 1993: Homeward Bound
  • 1994: The Lion Ling
  • 1995: Babe
  • 1996: Matilda
  • 1997: Con Air
  • 1998: Godzilla
  • 1999: Iron Giant
  • 2000: Battle Royale
  • 2001: Fellowship of the Ring
  • 2002: Lilo and Stitch
  • 2003: Secondhand Lions
  • 2004: Van Helsing
  • 2005: King Kong
  • 2006: 300
  • 2007: Sweeney Todd
  • 2008: Cloverfield
  • 2009: Zombieland
  • 2010: Shutter Island
  • 2011: The Adventures of Tintin
  • 2012: Les Mis
  • 2013: Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug
  • 2014: Lego Movie
  • 2015: Mad MAx
  • 2016: Zootoopia

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Relationship status: Firework & I have been together for about 6 years now.

Favorite color: Merlot/burgundy.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I also prefer tinted chapsticks or lip glosses over straight up lipstick.

Last song I listened to: I’m listening to this calming Pokemon playlist by @enecoo right now and just finished the second song, from my favorite generation/set of Pokemon games (2nd gen/silver & gold). I’m a little stressed and have a lot to do this week so my risk for a migraine is up. The playlist helps a lot.

Last movie I watched: Logan…………………………..

Top three tv shows: Uh… gosh… Shameless (US), Brooklyn 99, and… I dunno… probably Ghost in the Shell, if I had to pick an anime, which.. I maybe watch a lot of. (no i will not be seeing the movie but my copy of Catcher in the Rye is littered with page flags for all the references GitS makes to it) (i have had a long-standing, diehard obsession with the cyberpunk genre)

Top three characters: I’ma just pick one from each. Shameless is pretty hard to pick, but I’ll go with Lip Gallagher for now, Ian as a close second. For B99, probably Amy Santiago now that I’ve fully accepted that I am her. The Major is of course my fav character in GitS. Unless Tachikomas count, then them.

Top three ships: I don’t do a lot of shipping at all. I definitely shipped Ian & Mickey in Shameless, but as the series has progressed, I’ve let that go. I had a couple for The 100 but it got kind of dumb as a series in the second season so I stopped watching. I dunno~!

Books I’m currently reading: War Against the Wolf: America’s Campaign to Exterminate the Wolf and Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters.

Name: Zoe (Zo-ee, not Zo)
Nickname(s): nobody’s ever used real nicknames for me, but there’s been Zo, Zoaster the Toaster, Zombomafo, whatever other ridiculous things… and 90 pounds of thunder, but that’s really my stagehand title, bestowed upon me by our terrifying stage designer after i over-tightened a machine-tightened nut, which eventually turned into MadameThunder, which i use for a lot of online gaming handles
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 4′11.75″ wanna fight

Orientation: I have a shirt that says, “Am I bi? That’s none of your bismuth” with a picture of bismuth on it. (But I am bi.)

Favorite Animal: This is actually impossible to answer. I can pick a fav fantasy animal, though, which would be the jackalope.

Average Sleep Hours: I try to get 8 but it’s usually 7-7.5. I do very poorly on less than 8, especially consecutively. I’m an extremely light sleeper so I need more hours to make up for the times I inevitably stir in the middle of the night and disrupt my REM cycles.

Cat or Dog Person: ok look mate this, this question messes me up and will mess me up forever and ever. I grew up with cats so everybody just ASSUMED I was a cat person but I have always answered the question with “i’m AN ALL ANIMAL person i lOVE ALL OF THEM” like do you understand how many animals i have had? in my life, i’ve had a total of 6 cats, 2 lovebirds, 2 cockatiels, a sun conure, a bunch of aquarium creatures that were mostly my dad’s, 2 rats, several mice, a chinchilla, and 2 dogs. i fuckin love animals ok and have never had a preference. …………………..i mean, until now. until i got dogs. now i am a dog person, obviously.

Favorite Fictional Character: like ever??? I have no idea.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: I insist on a duvet/doona, then we also have a light blanket or quilt on top.

Dream Trip: Also dogs, mountains, hiking, camping/staying in a cabin, bacon.

Blog Created: I made this one a year ago. My main, wynesthesia, is about 6 years old.

Number of Followers – 400 something, quickly approaching the amount I have on my main, hahaha.

I think everybody’s been tagged in this already but I kind of missed it since I was busy this weekend? Umm. So if you haven’t yet, consider yourself tagged~!

6 movies I can watch anytime, tagged by my love @skamforfaen thank you so much <3<3 

So I am a person that kinda can’t watch movies a lot of times (anything really idk why (skam is an exception)) but some I could and have watched many times are:

  • The Proposal
  • Crazy Stupid Love
  • Raise Your Voice (omg does anyone remember???? it was my fave)
  • Step Up (but the first one)
  • Divergent
  • Bad Moms

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So a lot of the fans of the original Power Ranger series like to think that Tommy is of Native American decent

And I just really want this movie to be successful and give is an actual Native American actress to play “Tomi” to shut up all the Tommy stans and add even more diversity to the cast. After all the credits scene only has the name being called out and a glare at a green jacket hung over a chair.

(Id settle for a Native man too, but since we already have a female render of the outfit it would be so cool for another woman to be the green ranger)


I’ve almost bought an Apple Watch like four times over the last few months, just always find a reason not to, really want one too.

Time to start planning some trips for this year. Already done Florida, haven’t been out west in a long time so maybe it’s time.

Still enjoying mass Effect Andromeda, trying to make an effort to complete all the objectives which is making it seem longer.

Never got around to watching Rogue One, have a whole lot of movies to catch up on not to mention what’s coming out in theaters.

Going to use this week to work on some projects, got one thing done over the weekend which was one item on my checklist, week already off to a good start.

Never understood negativity, much easier to be kind.

Really want some seafood, that’s one objective for this week.

Bonus—Hope you all had relaxing Sunday and a great week.

Small things I love about Moana
  • There is no talk of finding Moana a husband. SHE is going to be chief of her village. No one can take that from her.
  • How Moana is a competent leader before she even sets out on her journey.
  • The village seems to have more or less a hereditary monarchy that disregards gender and the matriarchal influence is clear: Moana is mostly inspired by her grandmother and the major deity in this movie is a Mother Goddess.
  • “Crazy” does not mean worthy of ridicule.
  • The central questions: “Do you know who you are? How do you know who you are?” Those cut deep.
  • The sibling relationship between Moana and Maui.
  • The vision about the ancient wayfinders. And “Know the Way,” which makes the entire sequence a million times more emotional.
  • This might be a Disney Princess movie, but it is also solidly an action movie.
  • Moana doesn’t like being called “princess”.
  • The goddamn gold-plated glow-in-the-dark giant crab. Who sings well.
  • Forehead touches. Between a human girl and a goddess.
  • The fact that Heihei manages to do ONE USEFUL THING in the entire movie.
  • Moana is so sturdily built. She managed to clock Maui, of all people.
  • Nature has agency.
  • How Gramma Tala’s passing is quietly understated. Her last words to Moana are those of sincere encouragement and her death is not explicitly shown. But you see the huge luminous manta ray a couple minutes later and you just know.
  • The entire sequence at the beginning that depicts island life. And Chris Jackson’s singing. Everyone’s singing, really.
  • Moana gulping deep lungfuls of air the first time her canoe overturned is so realistic, I could feel myself choking on ocean water.
  • The coconut pirates. They are VICIOUS little fuckers.
  • Moana earning a place among Maui’s tattoos.
  • Gramma Tala’s spirit is solid enough to hug. No more “LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF SIMBA” from the clouds.
  • Disney smashing the fourth wall and throwing shade at their own Princess story formula.
  • Romance is never ever ever even hinted at. Because Moana is all of 16 years old and she has bigger things on her mind.
  • All the songs. ALL OF THEM. They hit just the right emotional cues.
  • How culturally rich Disney managed to make this movie.
  • The sheer vividness of the animation. The wealth of expression on the faces of these characters. The colors.

“My aunt used to live in Paris.  I remember, she used to come home and tell us stories about being abroad.  And I remember that she told us she jumped in the river once, barefoot.  She smiled, leapt without looking, and tumbled into the Seine.  The water was freezing - she spent a month sneezing - but she said she would do it again.”  

la la land (2016), dir. by damien chazelle